6 Best Dessert Cafe and Restaurant in Dublin, Ireland

When we go travel, our top bucket list apart of the tourist spot must be the cheap place to eat. However, this does not apply to travellers too, but also for a student like me. You ought to know that Dublin, Ireland is a very vibrant and multicultural city. You can find a lot of restaurants that sell other foods than Irish cuisine such as Chinese foods and the Middle Eastern. It doesn’t matter where are you from, in this article, I will share to you a few recommended places to satisfy your taste bud (since some of us could not eat ethnic cuisine). Dublin has a lot of places to dine, but these are the best I could give you (because they are cheap). They are easy to find since all of them are in the city, you could type them up on Google Maps, and all are within walking distance between each other. They are all halal for Muslim travellers too.

1.Butler’s Chocolate Cafe (Dessert)

Butler’s Chocolate Cafe is famously known for its Butler’s Hot Chocolate. What it tastes like? I could say, it tastes literally like melted chocolate, poured in your cup. Sipping around while walking along the Grafton Street would be a perfect duo. A cup is only €3.50, and you will get a free chocolate appetiser where you can choose from various mouth-watering flavours. And of course, there is a lot more kind of chocolate drinks you can pick too apart from the famous Butler’s Hot Chocolate. This cafe is scattering around Dublin, and you just need to keep your eyes on them.

2. Wok In Noodle Bar (Chinese Cuisine)

This place would be a favourite spot for those who love foods with these criteria: big portion, worthy, tasty. Students love this food bar so much because of its price and its location which is right in the city centre hence, easy to get here. You can choose any noodles that you like, and they would fill it up into a big paper cup. Therefore, you can choose to dine in or take away (the bar is usually crowded; hence, chances are, you have to take it away). The noodles could make a perfect lunch, and you can drop here if you have a packed shopping schedule since it is near to a lot of shopping outlets. This noodle bar is highly recommended to those who love loves South-East Asia cuisine because it serves satay (which is hard to find).

3. Chicken Hut (Eastern Cuisine)

Chicken Hut is known for its tasty fried chicken. Perhaps, it could substitute KFC, at least that is what most students say. Other than that, it also sells fish and chips, and you can get them with only €5.50. In fact, I have a nice experience with the hospitality had offered me even though it is a small restaurant. I once bought fried fish, and when I was about to pay, my wallet had lost. The waiter told me to just come another day to pay. What a very kind-hearted worker they have! (But then my friend lend me his money, I would never have the guts to owe any restaurants though).

4. Zaytoon Restaurant (Persian/Middle Eastern Cuisine)

Worth your every cent. Middle Eastern would love this place. With only €10.00, you can already have a significant portion of Persian food along with carbonated drinks you can choose (you can share it with one more person). Even if you did not eat ethnic cuisine, you have to go here first, and you can feel the difference. I am that kind of person too, who did not feel fond of Middle Eastern foods that are well-known for its rich in spices but this restaurant changes that. Apart from that, if you are looking for an Instagramable place, then you should walk in into this restaurant. It has the most beautiful interior design (from my experience of going into different restaurants here in Dublin) and very Middle Eastern. If you never went to the Middle East before, perhaps this restaurant can give you a glimpse of it. Your friend might think that you travel to Dublin and the Middle East at the same time if you take your picture here!

5. Gino’s Gelato (Dessert)

Who doesn’t like ice-cream, the tastiest dessert on planet earth? Plus, stop drooling over beautiful ice-cream shops when you come across them in your Instagram because you could just come to this place!  The smallest tub/cone of ice-cream costs €4.30, but the portion is so big, you can share it with your friends. Sometimes when I bought them, I can’t finish them. Apart from ice creams, you can also get hot chocolate and coffee drinks here at a very low price. Gino’s Gelatos are also scattered around Dublin city; you can walk around 5 minutes in Grafton Street and find another one. They have a nicely designed interior too, I would suggest you come here at the night because it would be colourful and full of lights.

6. Kopitiam (South-East Asian Cuisine)

For those who are looking for Malaysian/Singaporean foods, this place is for you. It has literally a wide range of foods you could choose, and you would take the time to browse through the foods you want to try. The best food you could try is any of the fish dishes since they are cooked tenderly and fresh. You could have free rice refill too. I would like to tell you the most important point here, you would never find any other restaurants that serve south-east Asian food like this restaurant; it would be hard and you would have to cook it yourself. You can make your reservations at kopitiam.ie if you want to bring your family and friends along. The atmosphere of this restaurant is based on Chinese architecture, hence a sweet spot to take pictures with the oriental-like background. So what are you waiting for? Put these places on your bucket list and definitely, your wallet will love the idea too!

Dayang Anis

A medical student in Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and a Malaysian. She loves the topics revolving around history and nature. A lone wolf and independent young lady.