January 1, 1970

by Wanderlusterandlover

My boyfriend and I Iove California. His whole life wish was to celebrate his birthday, the 4th of july in California, United States. Yes, Independence day. So this year we decided to go to LA (for the second time together) to make it happen! And yes, wishes do come true if you wish really hard. It also helped that my best friend lives there, where the magic happens.


So we began our trip in Los Angeles city. A basic tour enjoying the beach and doing some romantic but not so easy tándem bike at Santa Monica Pier. We made a stop at muscle beach and watch some crazy talented people skating at the bowl in Venice Beach and some others catching waves with their boards in the cold waters of the West Coast. We drank a cup of coffee at Laurel Canyon’s Country Store, best coffee spot in LA, for us at least; the smell, the streets, the iconic Jim Morrison’s house, the covert Hollywood stars hanging out at the corner, everything is so pleasant. And for last but not least, we went walking through luxurious Beverly Hills streets. We parked our car close to Farmers Market (which we did not visit because we have been there before) and walked in direction to Beverly Center, a shopping center with the best brand’s shops. Of course we enjoyed the half an hour walk while we were looking at the many restaurants that were on Third Street & La Cienega Boulevard. They went from liquor stores to the ones that compete for the most fancy and stylish: pizza, organic juices, ice creams, meat, sea food, anything you want to eat, you find it here. On the other side is the price of course, people were very dressed up so they might be a little bit expensive.


After this mini LA tour we went back to our airbnb at Pasadena, a very quiet and safe place, far from LA traffic but not far from downtown and with everything you need around (supermarkets, restaurants, shopping centres, etc.). Beautiful Pasadena!

We planned to spend the 4th of july at San Francisco, specifically at Pier 39. Enjoying the Fireworks, which by the way, I think “San Fran” is the only place in California that allows to fire them. So we did a road trip all through the Pacific Coast Highway 1, from Santa Monica Pier to San Francisco, with no detours to another highway, enjoying the views and the curves and the cold and the sea. Unfortunately, I have to keep this other part of the trip for another entry so…

After we spent the most wonderful birthday at San Francisco, we headed back to Los Angeles through interstate 5. A very long, straight, dry and boring highway. It took us the longest seven hours of our lives to get back. Between stops to grab some snacks, coffee, or fill up gas we arrived to Los Angeles.

We arrived kind of early in the afternoon, as the sun is going down at 8 pm this time of the year, so we decided to make some things right and went straight to the car wash. Full wipe, thank you very much. And then to California Pizza Kitchen, the best restaurant ever! Our goal is to order everything on that delicious menu, never the less, everytime we go we order the same appetizer: Bianco, which is bread with a lot of cheese and oregano on the top and the most refreshing delicious cooler strawberry beverage we have ever tried. Although it might be a franchise and is located in many states in USA, we have this strange tradition to go to this restaurant only if we are in California. It might sound a little foolish but we really enjoy it this way!


The next day we did something we wanted to do the last time we were in LA but we could not. So this time we planned it with every detail and we went to Six Flags Magic Mountain. I have been to Disney and you just can not compare. They are focused to a very different audience. First of all, the rides. You just do not see shows or theaters or none of these things of entertaining. It is just full of RIDES, ROLLER COASTERS, MACHINES. The thrilling levels go from medium to maximum. There are rides for kids, but there are in a specific area of the park along with the funfair with the prizes and the teddy bears, superheroes in this case.


The Price oscillates between $50 and $60, unlike Disney you can not get into the park with a backpack full of lunch and snacks. The lines are bearable. Unless there is a new a ride and the wait won’t be less than 2 to 3 hours. In my case, there was this new ride called The New Revolution, which was the last ride we went on. It was epic. It is a normal roller coaster but with this new virtual gear from Samsung attached to your face, scening a war against a spaceship and the city is on fire and you are on a broken helicopter; it was another level. Sorry if I spoiled it but you really need to try it. Most of the rides belong to a superhero or a Looney Tunes character. There were really surprising. I had never been in a so complex and well thought roller coaster, they really leave you breathless. Each one has a special surprise that leaves you unbelieving. It was awesome, it was a great theme park. You will love it if you love roller coasters. Highly recommended as you may see.


And for the last stop of the LA tour, without planning, we visited THE DOWNTOWN. I thought we were not going to find anything nice but I was wrong. It may have lost some people inflow but it definitely keeps it’s vibes. In Downtown LA, you can find many buildings. Besides being the highest in LA, these buildings are the head quarters of many big transnationals. Some welcome you in the lobby. In others you have to pay to go to the rooftop and enjoy the view. Some are ancient and you just observe their architecture, while others have incorporated attractions to bring back the downtown to life; for example, the OUE Skyspace which is the round building that you can see from almost anywhere. They have installed a short glass slide where you can slide and see a great part of the city from the heights! As I was saying before, they charge you to go up and charge you again to use the slide. It is not that expensive but in my opinion I do not think is worth it, because of the short  length of the slide. You can also find an underground mall which leads you back to another building’s lobby. Then you have the big public library, you can get lost inside! It is huge and very complete. A lot of people in there. You have got the MOCA: Museum of Contemporary Art, and La Phil with its beautiful gardens and relax spots and their famous staircase. You can also visit art expositions for free just making a 2 hours line! Now, if you want lunch, you have many options, needless to mention. You can eat international food either on a food truck parked on the sidewalk or in a fancy restaurant or cafe. There are many places you can park your car and walk, the distances are not very long and you can distract the eye with the beautiful LA!


Thank you for reading, see you in my next post.

Tons of affection,

Lianna L


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