3 unusual things to do in Los Angeles, USA

Hollywood, Santa Monica, Venice Beach… I am sure all these places ring a bell. Either you’ve already visited Los Angeles, or you are planning a trip to the USA and will stop in the city of Angels, but you’ve definitely already heard about these iconic spots or know people who’ve been there. Well… As much as I love those, I think the city is much more than its famous locations. Los Angeles is full of secrets and sweet spots you’ve never heard of. If you want to experience the dreamiest city of the United States in a different way, here are three unusual, but really cool, things to do in LA!

Chase the painted walls of Los Angeles

Paul Smith pink wall - Los Angeles Street art is one of Los Angeles’ strong suits and you will find a lot of awesome murals signed by wonderful artists all over the city! Some of them are famous (think pink wall and made in L.A) and are definitely a must-do, but there are more to see while wandering through the city. Planning a trip to Los Angeles and chasing its street art murals is a really fun way to visit the city. And for the ‘grammers’, it does assure you some pretty wild pictures! Depending on your style of planning, you can either look them up before or decide to wander around a neighborhood and just stumble upon one. Some of them are located on Melrose Avenue, some in Downtown while others are in smaller neighborhoods. My favorite, California Dreaming, is on La Cienega Blvd. Don’t forget to look down also, because you might found some masterpiece on the sidewalks of Los Angeles, who knows?

Discover Los Angeles through secret stairs

You’ll quickly see that Los Angeles is built on several hills which makes it perfect for short hikes to move around and get to know the city better. To move faster in those neighborhoods, you’ll find « secret stairs » to get to the highest streets. While some of them don’t really lead anywhere, it is still a pretty fun way to wander around hip neighborhoods and admire some fancy houses. They usually are full of street art too. But some of these stairs will lead you to beautiful hikes and astonishing views of Los Angeles. My favorite is the Berendo Stairs. First, you’ll hike up the stairs and visit a cute neighborhood, but then you’ll follow a trail in the Griffith Park that will lead you to the Griffith Observatory. Make sure to stop along the way and enjoy the pretty views of the city! Secret stairs of Los Angeles - Griffith Observatory

Visit Skyspace LA and admire the view

Head to Skyspace LA for a rooftop offering a 360° view of the city. The entry costs around $25 to $45 but I can assure it is worth your money as you’ll never forget the awesome view of the city up there. It is the perfect spot to end a long day of visit and admire the pretty sunsets of California. There’s even more as you will find one of the famous angel wings of Colette Miller on the window of the rooftop. And for the ones feeling brave, you can take a ride on the highest glass slide of the world. Yeah, you read me right, a glass slide. Like in the air! Heart walls in Los Angeles - Venice Beach There are plenty of other cool and unusual things to do in Los Angeles but I’m all about enjoying the sun and wandering around. These three activities offer you great art, easy exercise, and stunning views. What else?


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