10 Reasons why you should visit Vancouver at least once

It’s no secret Canada is one of the favorite destinations for all kinds of travellers. From east to west, you’ll find all kinds of wonders. Mountains, great cities, people from all around the world, amazing architecture, delicious food. Just name it! There’s no doubt Canadians have it all, but most importantly they love sharing with not just locals, but with thousands of tourists coming every day to get to experience a bit of the “True North”. On the east side, Vancouver stands out for its weather, diversity and charm. Here are 10 reasons why you should come visit at least once in your life.

Stunning views – perfect for a #NoFilterNeeded material on Instagram

Besides all the natural landscapes, the architecture in Vancouver is just as beautiful, and the perfect frame for every photography lover. Take your time and go walking across downtown. Some great places to do a little strolling are the Stanley Park and Coal Harbour Seawall, and the Sunset Beach to English Bay walk. If you’re in the mood for some shopping and getting snacks, Robson street is where you’d like to be. From coffee shops to a big mall -Pacific Centre- you’ll surely find whatever you’re looking for.

Beautiful people, from everywhere in the World

One of the best things about Canada is its cultural diversity. Because of all the tourism, English students and Canadians with different backgrounds, it becomes practically the world in a nutshell. Actually, sometimes Vancouver feels like home. It doesn’t matter where are you from, at one point you’ll realize how much this place can create within you. Of course, the kindness of its people is one of those things we all know about. But definitely, just by living the experience, it all makes sense.

All those hiking trails around

From Lighthouse Park to Deep Cove there’s always a place to go for a Hike. You’d better prepare with some good sneakers, a big bottle of water, some snacks, sportswear if possible and lots and lots of energy. Probably the hardest one is the Gouse Grind at Grouse Mountain. Don’t forget to check the opening seasons and the schedule. It might be closed due to winter time or heavy rain, mostly cause it gets really slippery. But otherwise, just make sure you’ll keep on going for around 2 hours hiking. Don’t worry a lot, you can always stop to rest a little bit and once you get to the top, it’ll all be worth it. The best part, there’s a Skyride right on The Peak waiting for you to get you to the ground, sweet ground.

Road trips to Alberta and Vancouver Island

Banff, the Rocky Mountains and great places in between

Grom Vancouver heading to Banff, there are so many amazing spots. The Jofree Lakes Park, Squamish and Whistler are some of the main attractions within a 2-3 hours trip. But the ultimate road trip is to the Rocky Mountains. For this one, you’ll need at 3-5 days so you really get to enjoy what it seems to be paradise. Some of the best places to visit:
  • Lake Louise
  • Jasper National Park
  • Banff
  • Icefield Parkways
  • Maligne Canyon Ice Walks
  • Canmore

Victoria and the Vancouver Island

Tofino, Nanaimo, Victoria and more places to visit. The best way to get to Victoria is taking the Skytrain all the way to the Tsawwassen Station. Then, take the bus to the Ferry Terminal and you’ll be all set to a 4-hour trip. Enjoy the view and feel free to explore on aboard. Once you get to the Island, take a bus to downtown and start the tour. You’ll immediately fall in love with the Parliament Buildings, the Harbour views, and all the beautiful Gardens. Go Castle hunting and don’t forget visiting X-Man Mansion aka the Hatley Castle. You’ll probably be hungry and the perfect place to go chill a bit with a delicious lunch is the Fisherman’s Wharf. Is not a bad idea to stay for a night or two, just to have more time to cover all the attractions like going Whale Watching.

Clubs and some serious Night-Time Life

From Latin to Rock music clubs, you’ll never get bored. There’s a place for everyone. Grab a couple of beers with friends at Craft Beer Market or go dancing to Studio Lounge in Granville Street, there you’ll find a whole bunch of different options to take a not-so-short pause to all the rush. Actually, right there in the middle of the street, you may find some crazy guys playing music and dancing. At a certain hour, police officers close the road to transit, so people walk freely from one Club to another. How amazing is that!?

Great food in every corner

Yes, food is expensive in Vancouver, but you won’t regret going to a Restaurant to taste greatness. From Korean to Mexican food, feel free to google the best options for you. If you’d like to try something outside downtown, Commercial Drive and Metrotown are awesome choices for you. But, if you’re in the mood for more attractions, Granville Island is the place you’d want to be. Here you’ll find quite a big market with a food court area and great views.

Nice weather –at least the best one in Canada

Even winter time is not as tough in this side of the Country. For that reason, Vancouver gets a good amount of immigrants every year. Of course, that’s part of its richness and beauty. But if you’re used to hot temperatures, for sure you’ll find it chilly even in spring. It’s always better to check the weather forecast to make sure you won’t be underdressed.

Transit is (mostly) great

It’ll be a lie saying there are no troubles with transit, but sometimes you’ll need to wait longer for the Skytrain or even busses cause they’re not on time. It’s not something usual, but it happens. A great thing to do while in the city is to download the Translink app and follow all Transit’s schedules, that way you’ll know the number of the bus is coming your way or if there’s a delay and it’ll get 100 times easier to plan your daily tours. Best thing: you’ll be able to get everywhere in Metro Vancouver by transit.

Local Businesses

One thing to appreciate is to have local options for food, coffee, souvenirs and clothing. Sometimes is the best choice one can make to really know the traditions and customs of the place. Talking to your barista, waiter or people on the streets is a good way to get involved with the culture and understand a little bit the way of living.

Freedom, that’s Vancouver in a word

No matter if you’re a boy, a girl, black, white, purple. Or if you dress like an alien, this city embarrasses all styles and all ways of thinking. That’s why Freedom is the perfect word to describe Vancouver. Not only you’ll feel safe, but also there’ll be no pretenders around. Just real people living real lives. now you have no excuses to stop you from coming and see all these wonders by yourself. Don’t forget to check out the seasonal activities, summertime is great if you’d like to see all the festivals around, like the Celebration of Light –which is one of the biggest Firework shows here. And from Paradies to no-car-days you’re guaranteed to have a blast!

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