10 Reasons to Vacation in Barbados

10 Reasons to Vacation in Barbados

Across the world there is a plethora of sights, sounds, cultures and climates waiting to be explored, experienced and enjoyed. Within the islands of the Caribbean there is a small gem with a big culture nestled to the east of the Caribbean island chain. On this gem you are sure to discover much to see, do, learn and love! This little island is called Barbados and is the perfect haven for visitors whether they are seeking a romantic getaway, the ultimate exciting family vacation or even the simplicity of solitude for rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. This tropical paradise should be your next vacation oasis for these ten reasons.  
  1. Barbados is breathtakingly beautiful!

With its bright blue skies, white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, Barbados is simply beautiful. The clouds sit in the sky like fluffy cotton wool balls against a picturesque blue backdrop. Stunning views of the coastline can be seen from many different points across Barbados’ small landmass. Though Barbados is relatively flat, there are a few high points in the central and eastern areas of the islands which add to the natural beauty of Barbados.  At the island's northern pique, one can also take in a scene so magnificent, it usually leaves both visitors and locals alike, speechless.
Animal Flower Cave Barbados

The view at Animal Flower Cave Barbados.

  1. The tropical weather lasts year round!

Seasons change and with that, the weather as well; one day may be warm and relaxing while the next day the temperatures may drop so drastically that it becomes bitingly cold. However, this sharp change to cold weather is never a problem in Barbados. The tropical climate lasts year round. There is always warm sunshine with the occasional bursts of rain to help keep you cool!
Weather in Barbados

A beautiful day in Barbados.

  1. The accommodations are luxurious!

Whether you want to stay at an all-inclusive 5-star hotel or a home style guest house, the accommodations in Barbados are luxurious. Located primarily on the south coast and west coast of the island, most hotels, guest houses and resorts in Barbados have the ocean is their front yard; and even if your accommodation is not directly on the waterfront, the beach is never very far away. Therefore you always have the opportunity to get out on the water and enjoy the many water sports available.
Luxury Hotel Barbados

The luxurious Crane Resort Barbados.

  1. Barbados is perfect for sightseeing with its many historical and unique attractions!

November 30th, 2016 marks the 50th Anniversary of Independence for this small island whose capital Bridgetown is over 375 years old. Over the years, the various triumphs and struggles of Barbados have been documented and are portrayed in a number of historical attractions across the island such as The Barbados Museum. You can also visit the home where the late US President George Washington stayed on his visit to Barbados or you can take a tour of a traditional Plantation House such as the Sunbury Great House. This limestone island also has many natural caves, thus a tour of Harrison’s Cave in the heart of Barbados is an absolute must!
The Altar Harrison's Cave Barbados

A natural stalagmite formation in Harrison's Cave Barbados.

  1. There is fun on land or fun in the ocean!

If you are all about fun however, you have countless choices of exciting activities in Barbados. Zip-lining, horseback riding, ATV adventures and the 4-wheel drive Island Safari Tours are just a few of the choices for land based activities. For those who love the ocean, you can bask in the glorious sunshine while on a Catamaran tour or have the time of your life while jet-skiing, kayaking and paddle boarding in Barbados. Snorkelling with the turtles, diving to the reef and exploring the shipwrecks are also options for the more adventurous but if you prefer not to get wet, then the Atlantis Submarine and Glass Bottom Boat tours are perfect for you!
Atlantis Submarine Barbados

A glimpse of Barbados' beautiful reef .

  1. Barbados has delicious local and traditional food and drinks!

Have you ever tasted cou-cou and flying fish? What about pudding and souse? If you haven’t then Barbados is the perfect place to expose your taste buds to a new and exciting array of culinary delights. The plethora of local creative delicacies, including macaroni pie, fish cakes and bakes and pumpkin fritters, are sure to leave you wanting for more. Local drinks include soursop punch, golden apple juice and a very unique drink with a bittersweet taste called mauby. Oh and did I mention that Barbados is the home of rum?
Pie and Chicken Barbados

Macaroni Pie and Baked Chicken

  1. The music, dancing and festivities never end!

Do you love to party? If you do, you will be in the right company when you arrive in Barbados. The infectious beat of the local calypso and soca music are sure to get you on your feet and keep you moving. Even as you stroll through the nation’s capital Bridgetown, music can be heard ‘pumping’ from various stores and restaurants infusing the streets with a lively atmosphere. The biggest summer festival, Crop Over takes places annually and is a hive of activity for many months with several parties on land and aboard party ships. The Crop Over festival culminates with a big costume street festival called Kadooment, which attracts celebrities like Rihanna each year.
Crop Over Kadooment Costumes

Colourful Costumes for the Crop Over Festival.

  1. Barbados is small and easy to get around!

The entire island is only 166 square miles. On most maps, Barbados is represented by a very small dot. In the past, some less accurate maps did not even include Barbados at all. However Google Maps has not excluded Barbados and is always on hand to guide you! With the island being so small, navigating is simple and the many road signs are always there to guide you. If you prefer public transport, the signs for the bus stop clearly indicate whether you are headed to Bridgetown or away from the town. Barbados' inexpensive transit system is always a colourful experience.
Transport Board Bus Barbados

A bus in Barbados headed to Bridgetown.

  1. The people are friendly, welcoming and super helpful!

As you walk along the street, step onto a bus or even enter a store you are sure to hear Barbadians say, “Good morning”, “Good day”, “Hello” or even give a friendly nod. They are always ready to lend a helping hand and some are very willing go the extra mile to assist you. This community spirit pervades the landscape and is sure to make any visitor feel right at home!
Atlantic Ocean Barbados

The Atlantic East Coast of Barbados.

  1. There’s no rush! Everyone operates on island time!

Life can be fast paced. With demanding jobs and deadlines, frequent meetings and conferences, some people never have the chance to just breathe. However from the time you arrive in Barbados this rush slows down to an easy breezy relaxed pace. There is never any great rush which makes it the perfect place for a relaxing vacation.
Oistins Town

Oistins Barbados…well known for it's fishing village.

  So what are you waiting for? Book you flight and pack your bags because this island paradise awaits you. But be warned, you may never ever want to leave this beautiful little island called Barbados.

Katrina Francis-Worrell

Born and raised in Bridgetown Barbados, Katrina loves her country and its culture. She is always willing to teach others about it and invite them to bask in the little paradise which she calls home. A passion for life and a love for learning inspires this young freelance writer to explore new territories and experience new cultures. To this end she has started on her quest to visit each of the neighbouring Caribbean islands but her dream is to travel to every continent on the globe!