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Barbados: Exploring The Sea Cave In Saint Lucy

When I was a child, I used to hear a lot of scary stories about the Animal Flower Cave in North Point, St. Lucy, Barbados which is the only tourist attraction Sea Cave on the Island. Many older folks said that the flowers were alive and when people attempted to touch them, the flowers would close in on their hand and pull them into the water. The older folks said most of these people were children and they drowned in the water. My parents banned me from visiting the cave as a child. However, it didn't stop me from being intrigued by the place as an adult. Where I am from, that place would be forbidden to visit if innocent people died that way. However, the cave is one of the biggest tourist attractions on the island. So I waited until I was an adult to visit the cave to see what all the fuss was. The Outside The exterior of the cave was relaxing and breathtaking. The air was clean and country. The atmosphere sounds were peaceful and therapeutic as the waves violently slap the rocks out of excitement. There were plenty of benches to sit on while watching the scenery.  Rocks were everywhere with different forms and shapes; the majority was huge. The strangest thing about this beach is that it has no sand. The place is the perfect picnic spot if you don't mind picnicking on a cliff.   Warning, don’t go swimming there. Outside of the Animal Flower Cave wouldn’t be a wise place for anyone to take a dive from the cliffs unless they want to meet death. It’s one of those places that is nice to look at but dangerous to swim in. Within the water at that beach is very rocky. There are many other activities to do besides picnicking such as: The Play Park- This section is only for children, but it can be a great view for the adults. Bar- Before you go inside the cave, there is a bar that you can relax and choose from a wide selection of drinks. Also, this is where visitors are required to pay the entrance fee for the tour inside the cave. The Restaurant- I didn't get the opportunity to take a bite of what they had to offer. Honestly, I wasn't expecting to find a restaurant there. I thought they just had a cave.  They have a variety of things on the menu. Mostly fishy things, so if you’re a seafood lover, you’ll love what they are cooking. Shops- There are shops that you can purchase local jewelry and souvenirs. Inside the Cave The Inside of the Animal Flower Cave is wet and jaw-dropping. The atmosphere is the perfect place to hang out on a hot sunny day with a room temperature coconut. The place isn’t chilly, and it’s impossible to be hot. The view of the vicious sea in the cave is extraordinary due to the formation of the rocks. The tour […]

10 Reasons to Vacation in Barbados

10 Reasons to Vacation in Barbados Across the world there is a plethora of sights, sounds, cultures and climates waiting to be explored, experienced and enjoyed. Within the islands of the Caribbean there is a small gem with a big culture nestled to the east of the Caribbean island chain. On this gem you are sure to discover much to see, do, learn and love! This little island is called Barbados and is the perfect haven for visitors whether they are seeking a romantic getaway, the ultimate exciting family vacation or even the simplicity of solitude for rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. This tropical paradise should be your next vacation oasis for these ten reasons.   Barbados is breathtakingly beautiful! With its bright blue skies, white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, Barbados is simply beautiful. The clouds sit in the sky like fluffy cotton wool balls against a picturesque blue backdrop. Stunning views of the coastline can be seen from many different points across Barbados’ small landmass. Though Barbados is relatively flat, there are a few high points in the central and eastern areas of the islands which add to the natural beauty of Barbados.  At the island's northern pique, one can also take in a scene so magnificent, it usually leaves both visitors and locals alike, speechless. The view at Animal Flower Cave Barbados. The tropical weather lasts year round! Seasons change and with that, the weather as well; one day may be warm and relaxing while the next day the temperatures may drop so drastically that it becomes bitingly cold. However, this sharp change to cold weather is never a problem in Barbados. The tropical climate lasts year round. There is always warm sunshine with the occasional bursts of rain to help keep you cool! A beautiful day in Barbados. The accommodations are luxurious! Whether you want to stay at an all-inclusive 5-star hotel or a home style guest house, the accommodations in Barbados are luxurious. Located primarily on the south coast and west coast of the island, most hotels, guest houses and resorts in Barbados have the ocean is their front yard; and even if your accommodation is not directly on the waterfront, the beach is never very far away. Therefore you always have the opportunity to get out on the water and enjoy the many water sports available. The luxurious Crane Resort Barbados. Barbados is perfect for sightseeing with its many historical and unique attractions! November 30th, 2016 marks the 50th Anniversary of Independence for this small island whose capital Bridgetown is over 375 years old. Over the years, the various triumphs and struggles of Barbados have been documented and are portrayed in a number of historical attractions across the island such as The Barbados Museum. You can also visit the home where the late US President George Washington stayed on his visit to Barbados or you can take a tour of a traditional Plantation House such as […]

Barbados: A Little Piece of Heaven

So you’ve just landed in Barbados, the home of Sir Garfield Sobers, Rihanna and Mount Gay rum. The tourist season starts in November and continues until April, it is also dry season and it is slightly cooler than in the summer months (but not by much). From June to October is considered the rainy season, but don’t let that turn you off, there is still plenty of sunshine to get that awesome tan and when it does rain there are so many amazing restaurants you can check out that you can’t possibly get bored. South Coast Our airport is located on the south of the island so we will start our guide on the South Coast. This part of the island is much busier than most other areas, it is great for tourists because there is so much happening and most things are within walking distance. Beaches One of the most popular beaches on the south coast is Accra beach. There is so much happening around here, lots of places to eat and drink and beach chairs to rent. Another great beach to check out is Pebbles Beach, you pass this beautiful beach on the way to Hilton. Pebbles beach has so many activities, you can surf, paddle board, kayak, sail, dive and snorkel and I’m pretty sure I missed a few other beach activities. You can rent whatever you need from Paddle Barbados just by the Cruising Club. A bit further south you can find more beaches and surf spots, Freights Bay is probably where you will go to have your first surf lesson, and Silver Sands is popular for its kite surfing and wind surfing and even if you are not up for those then just go and check out the beach, it's beautiful and there is plenty of entertainment. Accra Beach   Restaurants If you are looking for a quick bite to eat there is the Barbadian fast food chain, Chefette. This is a must before you leave the island! Try out one of their rotis, they are amazing but if that is not your thing then the chicken sandwiches are pretty great too. If you have eaten too much Chefette by the time you visit Accra then you can head over to Quayside center which has plenty of other options. Just Grillin’ is delicious too, jerk chicken is my favourite and any of the side dishes are fantastic. If you are looking for something a bit healthier there is a fresh juice bar called Raw Juice which does a lot of vegan dishes and fresh cold pressed juices and smoothies. If you are looking for somewhere sexy to grab a meal in the evening make a reservation at Champers or Tapas, you can’t go wrong with either of them, both located on the beach front with amazing views on either end of Accra beach. If you are looking for a more local vibe then check out the Oistins Fish Fry, this happens […]
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