Barbados Travel Guides for Backpackers

Barbados: Exploring The Sea Cave In Saint Lucy

When I was a child, I used to hear a lot of scary stories about the Animal Flower Cave in North Point, St. Lucy, Barbados which is the only tourist attraction Sea Cave on the Island. Many older folks said that the flowers were alive and when people attempted to touch them, the flowers would close in on their hand and pull them into the water. The older folks said most of these people were children and they drowned in the water. My parents banned me from visiting the cave as a child. However, it didn't stop me from being intrigued […]
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10 Reasons to Vacation in Barbados

10 Reasons to Vacation in Barbados Across the world there is a plethora of sights, sounds, cultures and climates waiting to be explored, experienced and enjoyed. Within the islands of the Caribbean there is a small gem with a big culture nestled to the east of the Caribbean island chain. On this gem you are sure to discover much to see, do, learn and love! This little island is called Barbados and is the perfect haven for visitors whether they are seeking a romantic getaway, the ultimate exciting family vacation or even the simplicity of solitude for rest, relaxation and […]
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Barbados: A Little Piece of Heaven

So you’ve just landed in Barbados, the home of Sir Garfield Sobers, Rihanna and Mount Gay rum. The tourist season starts in November and continues until April, it is also dry season and it is slightly cooler than in the summer months (but not by much). From June to October is considered the rainy season, but don’t let that turn you off, there is still plenty of sunshine to get that awesome tan and when it does rain there are so many amazing restaurants you can check out that you can’t possibly get bored. South Coast Our airport is located […]
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