10 Fun Things to Do in the Magic City of Miami, Florida

January 1, 1970

by Ale Florez

The magic city of Miami, as it is popularly called, has so much in store for its visitors. Young or old, male or female, single or married, you would definitely fall in love and find lots to do besides lounge on the beach or walk on white sand. With an all year round sunny weather, Miami is definitely a place that all tourists should visit once and if not over and over again. Planning a trip to the magic city of Miami? Here are a few things to consider and some places you should definitely visit.

Visit South Beach

Known for the art deco district, multiple museums, beaches and parks, nightlife and high-class malls, boutiques and hotels, you can never be bored for a second. South beach is definitely a place to be as it has something for everyone. Wondering what you can do on south beach? You can visit the World Erotic Museum, have fun at their dusk-till-dawn clubs, visit Café Nikki or parent beach club Nikki Beach and dine at Prime 112.

South Beach

Shop at Lincoln Road Mall

Interested in shopping in luxury boutiques? Lincoln road mall is definitely the place to be. Places to visit include the Nepresso Boutique and Alchemist. The fantastic thing about shopping at Lincoln road mall is that there are fun places you can visit and cheap and fancy restaurants you can dine in depending on your preferences.


Visit The Art Deco on Ocean Drive

Are you a lover of art, anything beautiful or anything fascinating? If yes, the Art Deco is a great choice for you. Known for its tall and captivating buildings, the art deco is definitely a place to be. It has over 800 buildings dating from as far back as the 1920s. The structures are unique and distinct and will leave you feeling super impressed.

Visit The Forge

Planning a surprise birthday or anniversary dinner The Forge is definitely the place for you. With meals that are to die for and a beautiful organization, you and your loved ones would definitely love it there. Their steak and fish dishes such as the bone-in filet mignon and the Forge rub, are great options to try if you are clueless on what to eat at the Forge.

Swim In The Venetian Pool

Ready for the time of your life? Visit the Venetian pool. With water falls and two loggias, it is no news that the Venetian pool is definitely one of the most beautiful (if not the most beautiful pool) in the world. This is one of the reasons why the place is always loaded with tourists and other people. If you like a quieter or a less busy pool, Miami is packed with pools for you and your family, friends and loved ones, whether they are young or old, single or married. One great thing about Miami is that there are always beautiful options, so you never have to settle for what you do not absolutely love.

Visit the Vizcaya Museum & Gardens.

Wondering when the best time to go there is? The answer is at midnight as the view is nothing short of amazing. Packed with 16th to 19th century antiques and decorative works, people liken Vizcaya museum to a paradise on planet earth and it is definitely a place you should visit more than once in your life time. It is also suitable for birthdays, weddings and other major life events.

Visit Key Biscayne

Interested in having some privacy and seclusion? Planning a little get away with the love of your life? Key Biscayne is definitely the place to be. From perfect picnic spots to waterfront parks, barbecue spots and pristine beaches, Key Biscayne is definitely a perfect getaway spot for love birds, friends and families. It also provides visitors with a gorgeous view of the city of Miami.

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Eat out the Latin way.

Of all activities to try out, there’s one that always stands out and is always present. This is ”eating”. One thing you must try out in Miami is the Latin food. Want a taste of real Latin cuisine? ElCielo is definitely the place to be. Want a delicious lighter alternative? The Pisco bar containing Peruvian eatery called Coya is the place to visit.

Enjoy the nightlife.

Wondering which hang out spots are great to hang out in? We have compiled a list here for you. For south beach, LIV is definitely a place to visit and so is Mynt. Interested in spending the night dancing till dawn, clubs like Space, Bardot and Grand Central are excellent choices. For a taste of North America and the Latino life, visit Yuca, LA Covacha and Hoy Como Ayer. South beach is also a great place packed with cool bar clubs. Nightlife in Miami is definitely something you want to witness once so get your dancing shoes, put them on and hit the roads.

Attend a festival.

When it comes to festivities and celebration, Miami is high up on the chart as there’s almost always a festival happening at one time or the other. From food festivals to wine festivals, musical festivals, art festivals and so much more, you can bet one is happening as you read this. There are also annual events and carnivals celebrated at different times of the year.

Wondering where to spend your first or next vacation? Wondering which new place to add to your bucket list? Interested in getting a taste of fun, excitement, beauty and art, visit Miami. What should be your first stop? Definitely, one of its beautiful beaches followed by one of the restaurants listed above. From dusk till dawn, the little heaven called Miami is loaded with fun activities to keep you busy and satisfied. Regardless of whether you prefer a quiet stay or whether you want to groove and gyrate the loud way, there is a place for you.

Welcome to the home of beauty and fun. Welcome to Miami, the city of Magic.



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