Honduras Travel Guides for Backpackers

Recommended Safety En Route to Honduras

I hadn’t planned on coming to Honduras, however looking back on it now it is a funny sequence of events. Many would think it’s due to Honduras’ reputation for danger. that didn’t bother me at the time and I can assure you safety is not any more of an issue here than anywhere else in the world. I went to Mexico after living with many Mexicans while at University in Scotland. My idea was to run away from my job working for a designer. Although learning in a fast-paced environment was great and this paid for my studies, fashion was never […]
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The Top 7 Cafes in Tegucigalpa

In a city that is arguably quite small, there are cafes tucked in every nook and cranny of Tegucigalpa, Honduras (or Tegus as it is affectionately known). For a young professional like me who has the luxury of working outside of the office some days, it has made the city even more appealing. Little by little and latte by latte, I have been able to explore the city. Cafes are an integral part of the culture of Tegus, so it only makes sense to try to visit as many cafes as possible when you visit. From my experiences, I have made […]
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Utila, Honduras: A heavenly place in the Caribbean

Where is Utila? There is a paradise in the Caribbean of Honduras, located in the Bay Islands, about 45 minutes from land, the smallest of the three islands is called Utila. To get there is just enough to take a ferry if you're in La Ceiba, or a plane from Roatan, San Pedro Sula, and La Ceiba, also! Hotels In this island, there is no international hotel chain, in fact, there are no hotels in the area, which I think is one of the fascinating facts I can share. Though, there are hostels with a varying change of fees from […]
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