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Recommended Safety En Route to Honduras

I hadn’t planned on coming to Honduras, however looking back on it now it is a funny sequence of events. Many would think it’s due to Honduras’ reputation for danger. that didn’t bother me at the time and I can assure you safety is not any more of an issue here than anywhere else in the world. I went to Mexico after living with many Mexicans while at University in Scotland. My idea was to run away from my job working for a designer. Although learning in a fast-paced environment was great and this paid for my studies, fashion was never for me. I’ve always hated shoes and even flip flops hurt my feet. My plan was to wear shoes as little as possible while learning Spanish which would be funded by teaching English. While I was in Mexico taking an English teaching certificate course, I met a couple who worked as dive instructors in the Bay Islands. They told me I should come and check out the island and try scuba diving for my first time. Considering I was desperate to get off the beaten tourist track and away from English speakers and really immerse myself in a new culture, the holiday destination island didn’t appeal to me. Unfortunately, I realized that due to the tourism boom in Mexico I would have made more progress learning Spanish if I had stayed in my house share in Scotland so I swiftly moved on to Guatemala where I signed up for an intense and very effective course for cheap. A couple of months later after living in a house as a vegetarian with a Guatemalan family, I quite literally had my fill of rice, tortilla and not a vegetable in sight. I won’t go into too much detail here but you can imagine the lack of vegetarian options and my craving for a salad. Mix a salad with some parasites on a chicken bus and boom you find yourself on a new path you hadn’t planned, at a border with a doctor and suddenly that touristy English speaking – salad friendly island sounds like a treat. So please don’t fear your safety, fear your salads.   Relax, don’t fear Honduras, fear only salads Best of the Bay Islands The Bay Islands are situated on the Caribbean coast of Honduras. The main islands are Roatan (the biggest), Utila and slightly harder to reach but well worth a visit is Guanaja. Apart from that, there are a collection of small islands called Cayos Cochinos easily accessible on a day trip from Roatan as well as Pigeon Cay which is literally that small deserted island you have seen in the media, the typical picture of paradise. My shoestring salary tendency for hippy and misleading travel guide had me aching to on the ferry to Utila instead of the upper-class deck of the Roatan departure from La Ceiba, the closest small city on the mainland of Honduras. Roatan v’s Utila After arriving to Roatan I promptly realised,  you can […]

The Top 7 Cafes in Tegucigalpa

In a city that is arguably quite small, there are cafes tucked in every nook and cranny of Tegucigalpa, Honduras (or Tegus as it is affectionately known). For a young professional like me who has the luxury of working outside of the office some days, it has made the city even more appealing. Little by little and latte by latte, I have been able to explore the city. Cafes are an integral part of the culture of Tegus, so it only makes sense to try to visit as many cafes as possible when you visit. From my experiences, I have made my list of the top 7 cafes to visit in Tegucigalpa. Be sure to look for my favorite orders at each cafe! 1. Copa Cafe This cafe is arguably one of my favorites for its view of the city on a clear day and the view of the city lights against the night sky is timeless. Staying to see the view is a good excuse to transition to cocktails once the clock strikes 5 pm. I recommend the tequillini – it's a bellini with a splash of tequila! Copa Cafe is located in a shopping center called La Galería filled with other great restaurants and high-end shops, so it can easily be worked into part of a day exploring the city. If you enjoy people watching, it's a great cafe to settle in with crossword or Sudoku puzzle and relax for a while. Don't miss out on this staple cafe in Tegus! My order: green detox smoothie with shrimp tacos 2. Café Nativo Located in Metropolis on Boulevard Suyapa, Café Nativo has such a welcoming yet retro environment. On any given day the music is better than any personal playlist of mine, and the coffee is heavenly. Café Nativo has both V60 and Chemex pour-overs, as well as two of their own blends. My favorite is the Caturra de San Andres, Lempira. After the coffee, my favorite thing about Café Nativo is talking with the staff each time I stop in! If you are in the area and in need of a caffeinated pick-me-up, it's definitely worth a quick detour. My order: latte with a slice of lemon bread 3. Sigua Coffee Though Sigua Coffee originated in Siguatepeque in 2013, there is something special about going to Sigua Coffe in the city. My favorite is in Nova Centro where the café is built in a modern boxcar. The environment is very rustic, the coffee is delicious, and everyone is always smiling. There is another location in Metropolis, but the ambiance just isn't quite the same since it's in a shopping center. It's an affordable choice for a cup of coffee, and if you're catching a bus to Valle de Angeles or Santa Lucia, you should definitely stop in and get a cup for the ride! My order: chai latte with a slice of chocolate cheesecake 4. Cafetano This cafe was the first I visited after moving to Tegucigalpa, and for […]

Utila, Honduras: A heavenly place in the Caribbean

Where is Utila? There is a paradise in the Caribbean of Honduras, located in the Bay Islands, about 45 minutes from land, the smallest of the three islands is called Utila. To get there is just enough to take a ferry if you're in La Ceiba, or a plane from Roatan, San Pedro Sula, and La Ceiba, also! Hotels In this island, there is no international hotel chain, in fact, there are no hotels in the area, which I think is one of the fascinating facts I can share. Though, there are hostels with a varying change of fees from each one, for example, $ 7 per person up to $ 350 per night for many people. Of course, there are also more luxurious accommodations to be found, it is really up to you. Overall, there is a very famous saying of the island: “In Utila, you don’t sleep …” Ha ha ha ha. Checked! After having settled in the room that is probably wooden walls and floors, a great adventure awaits us out there… Food Restaurants are all spectacular! I especially love their freshly caught seafood, baleadas, “pollo chuco” (which belongs to the Honduran cuisine). Most will say that the general cuisine of this place would contain a mixture of the island itself, the world and Honduras. The Lempira is the currency of Honduras, so the price of the average dish is 150 Lempiras ($ 6.5), sodas and beer 30 Lempiras ($ 1.5). These are prices that tourists find very comfortable; this is another one of the main reasons why the place in Utila is a favorite establishment for any traveler in the world. The vibe and the adventures You can feel the peace while walking through the streets, it is an indescribable feeling. Such is this feeling that you question yourself about your current lifestyle or decisions that led up to this point in your life. One of the questions I frequently asked myself was “Why can’t I live here?”. There are no cars, people walk barefoot while being super nice. Like I said, it is a really peaceful place. All over the island, you can encounter local bars, restaurants, shops, diving schools and one of the most common attractions is on the main street, where you can buy wristbands made by well-known hippies. The nightlife of Utila is wild and amazing, an environment that’s provided from Monday to Saturday, usually by students from all over the world that come just to learn how to dive or simply have a good time. There are no police or security guards. In fact, police and security are not necessary because we are undoubtedly in the safest place in Honduras. Street that leads to cinnamon rolls Chepe's Beach     The cinnamon rolls As you can imagine the perfect life continues in the morning in this paradise. Cinnamon rolls are a must have for breakfast; they are quite famous around the […]
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