The Top 7 Cafes in Tegucigalpa

January 1, 1970

by Maddison Staszkiewicz

In a city that is arguably quite small, there are cafes tucked in every nook and cranny of Tegucigalpa, Honduras (or Tegus as it is affectionately known). For a young professional like me who has the luxury of working outside of the office some days, it has made the city even more appealing. Little by little and latte by latte, I have been able to explore the city. Cafes are an integral part of the culture of Tegus, so it only makes sense to try to visit as many cafes as possible when you visit. From my experiences, I have made my list of the top 7 cafes to visit in Tegucigalpa. Be sure to look for my favorite orders at each cafe!

1. Copa Cafe

This cafe is arguably one of my favorites for its view of the city on a clear day and the view of the city lights against the night sky is timeless. Staying to see the view is a good excuse to transition to cocktails once the clock strikes 5 pm. I recommend the tequillini – it’s a bellini with a splash of tequila! Copa Cafe is located in a shopping center called La Galería filled with other great restaurants and high-end shops, so it can easily be worked into part of a day exploring the city. If you enjoy people watching, it’s a great cafe to settle in with crossword or Sudoku puzzle and relax for a while. Don’t miss out on this staple cafe in Tegus!

My order: green detox smoothie with shrimp tacos

2. Café Nativo

Located in Metropolis on Boulevard Suyapa, Café Nativo has such a welcoming yet retro environment. On any given day the music is better than any personal playlist of mine, and the coffee is heavenly. Café Nativo has both V60 and Chemex pour-overs, as well as two of their own blends. My favorite is the Caturra de San Andres, Lempira. After the coffee, my favorite thing about Café Nativo is talking with the staff each time I stop in! If you are in the area and in need of a caffeinated pick-me-up, it’s definitely worth a quick detour.

My order: latte with a slice of lemon bread

3. Sigua Coffee

Though Sigua Coffee originated in Siguatepeque in 2013, there is something special about going to Sigua Coffe in the city. My favorite is in Nova Centro where the café is built in a modern boxcar. The environment is very rustic, the coffee is delicious, and everyone is always smiling. There is another location in Metropolis, but the ambiance just isn’t quite the same since it’s in a shopping center. It’s an affordable choice for a cup of coffee, and if you’re catching a bus to Valle de Angeles or Santa Lucia, you should definitely stop in and get a cup for the ride!

My order: chai latte with a slice of chocolate cheesecake

4. Cafetano

This cafe was the first I visited after moving to Tegucigalpa, and for that, it will always be special to me. With Chemex and v60 brewers as well as in-house roasting, Cafetano is a cafe to visit when you are truly looking for the full coffee experience. They also offer courses from time to time on topics such as coffee tasting for the coffee connoisseurs in the area. Whether an individual or a large group, Cafetano is the perfect place to relax with a newspaper or hold a meeting.

My order: V60 pour over coffee with the Caprese Panini

5. Galeano

Galeano offers a cozy environment with great food and three high-quality brewing methods: Chemex, v60, and Aeropress. Combine these with Galeano’s own variety of coffee from the Department of El Paraíso, Honduras, and needless to say, the coffee is superb. With a large breakfast menu and lunch specials, there is never a bad time of day to visit Galeano.

My order: Aeropress Americano with the Nutella and strawberry crêpe

6. Librería Casa Sol

Technically a bookstore with a small cafe and restaurant inside, Librería Casa Sol is my favorite place to spend a Saturday morning. Surrounded by books and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, I could quickly waste the day away. Located across the street from Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Honduras (UNAH), the crowd is mixed depending on the day. On a nice day, the tables outside are filled with groups of families and friends, but on cooler days, you can find me between rows of books. I highly recommend stopping in if only to get sip on one of their many teas and select a travel book about Honduras, because there sure are plenty!

My order: coffee bomb with a vegetarian bagel

7. Espresso Americano

Even though some might not consider it one of the top cafés to visit in Tegucigalpa, I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy spending my time in Espresso Americanos. Espresso Americano is a coffee chain on seemingly every corner, including two within walking distance of my house. I love stopping in to get a quick granita or frozen coffee, and hearing the jingle on the radio in taxis usually gives me a craving.

My order: granita with guayaba cookies

Outside of the City

I hope that when you visit Tegucigalpa you take a little bit of time to explore the coffee and cafe culture in the city. While the real coffee growing lies outside of the capital, there is something to be said about spending an afternoon with a book (or catching up on some work) from one of the many beautiful cafés! Depending on your desires, Tegus has the perfect cafe for you if you’re willing to do a little bit of research. My last word of advice: check out the cafe on Facebook before you go to clarify their hours!

I also hope your cafe adventures inspire you to get outside of the city and explore all that the coffee culture of Honduras has to offer, especially the coffee plantations. The cafes in Tegucigalpa source their coffee from many different locations within Honduras, so talk to the owners if you find something you like. It may be a lot easier than you think to visit a coffee plantation to really understand the process.

Enjoy the coffee of Tegucigalpa, and drink up!

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