Best Places for Backpackers in Reading, England.

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The best backpackers destinations & accommodation in Reading, England.

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Top 2 hostels in Reading, England.

These are the 2 most awesome hostels and budget places to stay in Reading, England.

Crescent Hotel

89 /100

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Crescent Hotel

Having its own car park for all hotel guests, Crescent Hotel is your ideal stop over in Reading. Ideal location in Reading Town Center. For business or pleasure, your home away from home. Seeing Crescent Hotel Hotel was built in 1890 and still holds its preserved Victorian features, we ensure that a...
Crescent Hotel is a hotel in Reading. Check Hostelworld for prices.


Hillingdon Prince

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Hillingdon Prince

Stay with us for clean comfortable rooms at affordable prices. Our rooms offer microwaves and fridges and some with mini kitchens. Ideal for the cost conscious traveller as you are the able to cater for yourself. We can also arrange free delivery and discounts at our local restaurants. We offer f...
Hillingdon Prince is a hotel in Reading. Check Hostelworld for prices.


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Document Essentials

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Lauren Bean


Usually when people think of Philadelphia, their mind automatically goes to the famous Philadelphia cheesesteak.  However, Philadelphia has so much more to offer when it comes to its food scene!  Take for example Reading Terminal Market, located right in the heart of the city right near the Convention Center.  An indoor foodie’s oasis, Reading Terminal Market boasts the freshest locally grown and sourced produce, meats, cheeses and breads as well as local Pennsylvania Dutch baked goods as well as a wide variety of ethnic foods.  Also a number of celebrity chefs have put up shop in Philadelphia and never fail to amaze the public’s tastebuds.  Whether you try out the modern Israeli fare at Zahav or the innovative vegan cuisine at Vedge, you are bound to be amazed by the food that makes Philly, well, Philly.  Most restaurants located in the Center City area will be bound to please, but don’t be afraid to go outside your comfort zone — go check out the amazing restaurant scene popping up on East Passyunk Avenue (pronounced Pash-shunk) and in the eccentric Fishtown neighborhood.  Also, if you’re not into the whole cheesesteak thing, I DEFINITELY recommend you try out a roast pork sandwich at either John’s Roast Pork in South Philly or Tommy DiNic’s in Reading Terminal Market (you won’t regret it!).

Lily Hoffman

In conclusion

Jamaica is truly a wonderful island but I know where most readers will want to go after reading this, but it means that the special people will go to Kingston and find a place there that they never thought they would find, and meet people who are so kind-hearted it makes you sick to your stomach at all the privileges that has been thrown at you; but it will be worth it.

Abena Malcolm

Do what you want.

You are on holiday, you don’t have duties or a time table, do what you feel. We always have something to do, someone to please, tasks to perform, stop. And when we want to go against the “rules” (which rules?? Why do I have to do what they tell me?) we feel scared and don’t know what to do. Rome teached me how to enjoy little moments and appreciate beauty in everything. That’s what I mean with “Be brave”: find the courage to reconquer your freedom and your right to be astonished in front of the world. If you feel like your are put in a cage, if you are reading this and telling “Yes, I feel like this and I want to relax”, the only thing you have to do is booking a flight, doing the luggage and come to Italy.

Alice D\\

6 types of people you will find in every dorm

Most of the time the average age in a dorm lies somewhere between 20 and 30. However, sometimes there is one person far older than everyone else in the room. This person usually has the most amazing life story to tell so it’s definitely worth starting a conversation. Most of them are either unemployed academics, spiritually motivated newborns or people having a mid-life crisis. They are more than happy to talk about anything while nursing a glass of wine, however they prefer the dorm to be quiet after 11pm and they don’t hesitate a second to tell you that in the most polite and friendliest way. They can be obviously identified with their elderly appearance and you can be sure there is a certain glow of wisdom surrounding them – I swear! They can be found reading in their bed or in the common area. But mostly reading, yes.

Marnie Hensler

Where is the welcome Party?

The first thing I heard on the main island was how lucky I was to be placed and living on Namdrik.  It was known for its beauty, both natural and its people (Everyone was correct).  As with most small pacific islands I had heard wonderful stories about the welcome parties they give to new visitors.  Once that plane door was opened I realized my reality was quite different.  I felt like an alien stepping foot onto an unknown planet.  No one spoke, just stares of surprised faces as everyone loaded up all the gear and people into the only truck on the entire island and we all watched the plane take off and disappear back into the sky across the blue of the ocean.  Apparently I had taken an earlier flight than was expected and none of the school teachers or mayor had arrived back yet from their voyage on the supply ship (only three times a year) back from the main island.  Surprise! Not a word was spoken as the truck bounced up and down dirt path that cut through the lush jungle of the island.  I could not believe where I was, the entire drive I could see water on both side at almost all times through the trees.  After what seemed like forever, after many stops at tiny houses and huts where people and goods were unloaded, the truck pulled over in a grass field next to a cement building that had a sign reading “Community Center” and when my bags were unloaded for me I knew I had found my stop.  A small room, on a tiny island, in the middle of the ocean.  (My welcome party came later when everyone else arrived back from summer break)

Paul Mandala

  2. Heart and Soul Organic Chai Cafe- Address: 6/17 Gerrale St, Cronulla

One for the health nuts out there! This cafe is known for their fresh range of food from smoothies and juices, to salads and acai bowls! I can definitely say that my favourite dish from Heart and Soul is the acai bowl! For anyone reading this wondering what an acai bowl is, it is basically a smoothie served in a bowl topped with coconut flakes, muesli, berries and honey. It’s goodness served in a bowl! The coffee served here is organic and is a very smooth, tasty blend. Be sure to try their in store made cakes and slices which are made from fresh, organic ingredients and often not too bad for you with no added sugar, which is always a plus!


John Rylands Library

If it’s your first day in Manchester and you’re walking down Deansgate, one of the city’s main roads running through the centre, you are sure to come across John Rylands Library, a neo-Gothic architectural masterpiece, standing statuesque and proud, right in the middle of the city’s hustle bustle. Whether you’re into books, history, architecture, or are simply on the lookout for a brilliant new experience, John Rylands Library will satisfy you on all counts. Entry to the library is free and everyone is warmly welcomed. From the little café as soon as you enter to the Historic Reading Room, to the washrooms that are centuries old, everything about this library is steeped in history, knowledge and grandeur. Visiting the website before you visit the library itself is recommended so that you don’t miss out on some of the interesting exhibitions on display inside. With over a million items, including manuscripts, maps and books in store, once you step into John Rylands Library, it might well be a few hours or even a day before you step out!


You’ve bought your ticket, now what?

If you’re like me, you spend your time procrastinating at work or at university by researching travel. I love it. I take great pride in reading up on the best off-the-beaten-track things to do in a new city and compile documents with tips from locals, street art to browse, shops I want to explore and dishes I NEED to eat. Yes, you may call me anal-retentive. But I can tell you that once I hit the ground in a new country, I am completely stress-free in the knowledge that I don’t have to waste a second wondering where I’ll go or thinking about what I should be seeing (and worrying about what I’m missing out on).

Gretel Maltabarow

Backpacker Starting Line

For those who love gardens, the Botanical Gardens offer bright greens, floral scents, various birds and quiet reading benches. It’s beauty makes it an ideal place for everyone in the family.


an unknown Mexican beach

If you want to know a little bit more about Mexican beaches, you’re reading the right post, I’m going to introduce you a beach that is not as famous as Cancun, Los Cabos, Playa del Carmen or Cozumel, but you can find the same amount of beauty in this place.

Mexican Around The World

Slovakia - The Little Big Country

Have you ever wondered what Slovakia is like? Does it have an ocean? Does it have nice mountains? What are the people like? Is it safe to travel there? Keep on reading and soon you will know more about the “Little Big Country” as the Slovak national tourism office has called it. I was born and grew up there so I will tell you more about it.


Clovelly - a pretty village, a charmed life and not a single vehicle!

A quaint little village that is as pretty as its name, Clovelly is all those things that you read about in books or the faraway places that you dream up in your head. Our tour guide Jana Edwards, is THE authority on all things Clovelly and her narrative as we explored the area added that much more colour and depth to an already captivating place. If you can, it’s worthwhile reading up on some history about how this village in the United Kingdom came to exist, and how it continues the way it does.


Where to go for spring? Top travel destinations near and far

Are you one of those lucky Southern hemisphere people who are sitting right now on their balcony with a drink enjoying the sun? Or even one of those impossible guys sitting on a beach drinking some fresh coconut all year round? Well then stop reading, this is not for you! Or better, continue reading to actually understand how lucky you are ?

Janni from Travel Without Ends

The Not So Documented Side of Travelling

I started keeping a separate journal after the first 2 months of my trip. I started jotting down how I feel at the present moment, briefly what I’ve done and sticking in all of my receipts(a joke from a few months ago that my stubbornness preceded.) Reading back on my journal entries- my ‘private blog’ so to speak it’s made me realise that even though I have climbed some incredible mountains with the most scenic views, swam with turtles, seen Burmese pagodas by sunrise, met some truly inspirational locals and made some really great (and hopefully long term) friends there is still an awful lot of negativity that has come from my experience so far. I’m sure all you travellers have read numerous blogs on solo travel, best places to visit in ___ and such and such, but few people really talk about the downsides of travelling, especially when dealing with various emotional conditions- such as anxiety and depression. I hope people don’t think of this as attention seeking because believe me, that is the opposite of what I am trying to achieve. It’s just been something that has been on my mind for a while now, and I’m fed up of writing about how amazing everything is. What you all need, is a little bit of truth.

Daisy Mullins

Frolic in Frankfurt!

Often known as the financial capital of Europe, Frankfurt is not typically on your to-do list whilst on a Europe tour. Well, it should be! And I say that not after seeing the “things to do in Frankfurt” on Google or reading a travel agency brochure. I say it from experience. There is much more to the city than what initially meets the eye. And this is coming from a girl who had much the same picture of Frankfurt painted in her mind as you do. But one week into my now six month stay at Frankfurt, and I stood corrected.

Aishwarrya Deore

Journey Around Lisbon

Imagine you are now sitting at a beach – better yet, you are lying down – on a comfortable towel placed in soft, warm sand, reading a book and drinking a fabulous wine named Something-You-Find-Hard-To-Pronounce. Go ahead, close your eyes for some seconds so you can feel like you are at this attractive and still imaginary location. I’ll go and grab a glass of wine myself and when you open your eyes, I’ll be here again.


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