Bahamas Travel Guides for Backpackers

An All-Inclusive Bahamas Vacation: Paradise Island

In order to get to paradise, you must first figure out where it is! It’s a tricky question really: What continent is the Bahamas part of? Is it in North America or the Caribbean? Like many of us, things are a little bit complicated: the islands lie perfectly between the United States […]
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Da Nang: City of lights and beautiful beaches

Whenever people think of spending their vacation in a beautiful place, they end up traveling to Bahamas or Bali. Unfortunately, there is a beautiful and affordable option that most of the travelers miss. Da Nang is the wonderful city in the central part of the historic Vietnam that has many […]
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Hotelier's off duty adventure: Samal-Talikud Island Hopping

Hoteliers are known to be soldiers in the hospitality industry. The demand of work makes us almost impossible to enjoy our social lives. Fellow employees became our family, and when time allows us to take a break, we pack our bags and go straight to the beach! We usually enjoy […]
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