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An All-Inclusive Bahamas Vacation: Paradise Island

In order to get to paradise, you must first figure out where it is! It’s a tricky question really: What continent is the Bahamas part of? Is it in North America or the Caribbean? Like many of us, things are a little bit complicated: the islands lie perfectly between the United States and the Caribbean.  On the world map, The Bahamas is located within the continent of North America, south-east of the United States and north of Cuba. So the short answer is, The Bahamas is a part of the enchanting Carribean! The next important thing to know is that the Bahamas is not just one place: it consists of 700 islands, though only 30 are inhabited. Visitors often want to know, “Who does the Bahamas belong to?”. The Bahamas is its own country, having gained independence from Britain in 1973. It is an English speaking country and the national currency is the Bahamian dollar. Beautiful Beach in the Bahamas Why is the Bahamas a Good Vacation Spot?   The world-renowned Atlantis Hotel That’s easy! It’s in the Caribbean and you just can’t go wrong with this region! The beaches are breath-taking, the people are friendly, the alcohol is strong, the music is invigorating and the history is rich! Specifically, the Bahamas is known for several things: Good Food- it’s that good that the USA has birthed a popular chain in its honour: Bahama Breeze.  In particular, the islands are famous for the Bahama Mama drink and its finger linking conch fritters. Atlantis- a world-renowned ocean-themed resort; complete with a water park, casino, shopping district and one of the planet’s most expensive hotel rooms! Junkanoo- this centuries-old cultural festival is held 3 times per year (summer, Christmas and New Year’s Day). It is said to be one of the most fun-filled carnivals in the world, showcasing local music, costumes, and dance. Animal Sanctuary- if you’re looking for exotic animals, they are plentiful here: flamingoes, an indigenous hummingbird, The Bahama Parrot, and iguanas. Pink Sand Beaches- yes, there is such a thing! The Bahamas is one of the few places on earth that offers this rare phenomenon. You can find a 3-mile long pink sand beach on Harbour Island. It’s even been voted one of the top 10 sand beaches worldwide! Family Friendly- there’s Atlantis, unique animals and a museum dedicated to pirates, so kids are sure to have a great time. With its romantic charm, the islands are also ideal for destination weddings and honeymoons. Wonderful Weather- it’s warm all year round with temperatures varying between 21-32°C. Several Vacations in One- the fact that the Bahamas offers you quick access to 30 islands (many of which offer unique attractions) makes for a very rich and diverse visit. All-Inclusive Resorts on Paradise Island, Bahamas A section of Atlantis, the top All-Inclusive Resort on Paradise Island We already looked at what makes the Bahamas a great destination, now we will zoom in on one particular island: Paradise Island. What I loved about this location is that it […]
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