Zagreb: 5 must-see places to visit



I always say that I’m a very lucky girl because I live in Europe and have a chance to visit many countries very easily, but even though I was blessed enough to visit a couple of cities and one country this past few weeks, I have decided that for my first post I will write about the city I come from and the things you just have to see when you come here.
If you don’t have enough time to go through the whole post (i recommend you do), here’s a quick list for you:

  1. Christmas market (during December)
  2. Old town
  3. Flower square and Tkalčićeva street
  4. Medvedgrad
  5. Jarun and Bundek lakes

Christmas market

Zagreb, as a capital city of Croatia, is the most populated one and during the winter most visited one thanks to the Christmas market. This year Christmas market in Zagreb was elected as the best one in whole Europe by Europian Best Destinations. This was a major victory because everyone wanted to come and see it and they were not let down. If you want to visit Zagreb, and you should, try coming during December just so you could enjoy the Christmas market and it’s wonders. On the main square called Trg bana Josipa Jelačića there’s many decorations and little wooden stands where people are making hot dogs and fritters, cooking wine and more. A lot of different smells from making so many delicious things are in the air and you just feel like you want to eat everything they are offering but you remember your diet and you…well you forget about it in the second and buy those fritters with Nutella on them and eat it with no regrets! All of the lights, fake snow and Christmas trees are making a special environment while walking from one stand to another. But if you start walking towards the main train station you will see real magic happening. Couple of minutes after the main square you will ran into a park called Zrinjevac. There you see Christmas lights on every tree and more stands where you can find candy, handmade things, more food and more wine. Passing through that and continuing towards the main train station you are coming to the best part of Zagreb Christmas market – the ice skating rink called Ledeni park (Ice park). It’s huge and it’s the most visited place in December. The line to get in there to ice skate is long and to be honest It was waaay to long for my patience so I didn’t went ice skating but I’ve watched people and even though that doesn’t sound fun at all trust me it is. Just hanging around it gives you pleasure because you have music playing, people laughing, eating more of those fritters and hot dogs and drinking wine.

Old town

Upper town (Gornji Grad) is another place you must visit before leaving Zagreb. It consists of old buildings, churches, museums and two high schools. I went to one of those highschools and I’m happy I got the opportunity to spend almost every day enjoying the view. The best way to get there is taking a funicular. It’s a less than a minute ride and while you’re going up there the view slowly starts to show. When you get to the top you can see the downtown. If you have any chance of being there at noon, at exactly 12:00 you will have a loud surprise. I won’t tell you what it is because I want you to get surprised! If you walk few meters you will get to the St. Mark’s church which is special because of it’s specially designed roof. While walking to the right back to the main square you will pass through Stone Gate (Kamenita vrata) and see a picture of Saint Mary and people praying. The picture is very old and it was the only thing that survived the big fire in 1731. Another thing you must see is Zagreb’s famous cathedrale. It’s also really close to the main square and you have many ways to get to it. While you’re approaching it the Gothic style cathedral becomes bigger and bigger until you come right infront of it and notice how huge it is. What makes it so special is that it’s the biggest sacral building in Zagreb!

Zagreb cathedral

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Flower square and Tkalčićeva street

After all the sight seeing you would be doing at the Upper square you would need to rest, and the best way to do it is at Cvjetni trg (Flower square) or Tkalča (Tkalčićeva street). They are famous places where you want to go for a coffee or late night drinks. Both are full of cafes, bars and clubs and they’re practically at the main square. Flower square is packed with people sitting there and drinking their morning coffee’s and enjoying the sun during warmer times and Tkalčićeva street is more packed at night were people are drinking before going clubbing. Popular History club is located there and if you want to have a good time you should definetly visit it. You can always ran into a foreigner there because is the most popular place among foreigners. They are really welcoming there and you have a biiiiig chance of getting a free drink just because you’re a foreign person! And just to mention it, best way of meeting new people here is to go clubbing. Since Croatians love partying and meeting foreigners you will have the best time going out in many clubs Zagreb provides. Make sure you click here for more information!


Medvednica is a mountain and Sljeme is it’s highest peak. If you like skiing you definetly want to come here during winter so you can ski or watch famous skiing competition called The Snowing queen (Snježna kraljica). However, one of the most visited place here is Medvedgrad – Old town that has the most beautiful view of whole Zagreb and taking a picture there is a must! It’s not only famous for it’s beauty but for the story that goes around about the evil queen who used to live there and torture it’s citizens. It goes that far that the local people living close to the mountain are saying she sold her soul to the devil and cursed the town. Pretty freaky right?
If you’re into hiking, Sljeme has the best hiking trails and nice rest areas where you can eat and ask local people working there to tell you more stories about the Black queen.


Jarun and Bundek lakes

Last, but not least, places I want to tell you about are Jarun and Bundek lakes. Since Zagreb is a city located in central Croatia it doesn’t have a sea. However it does have two lakes where people can swim and enjoy their time before going to the sea side. You can come here and roller blade, ride a bike and swim or you can simply sit down and enjoy the view. There are many cafés and clubs at Jarun and they have a beautiful view towards the lake. Jarun is pretty famous among teenegers because of the clubs, but beaches also. There’s even a nudistic beach there so don’t be surprised if you see anything unexpected! On the other hand, there’s a lot of festivals going on at Bundek so make sure you check here to see which one is going to be when you will be here!

Put Zagreb on your bucket list!

That would be all of the places I thought you would want to visit if you ever decide to come to Zagreb. Everyone fells in love with it’s old architecture and extremly welcoming people so I recommend you putting it on your bucket list right now! Like I mentioned before, Croatian people are very welcoming and they get excited when they hear someone speaking a different language so make sure you plan your trip to Zagreb and you won’t regret it!

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