The typical thing to do when touring – Bundeena to Otford Coastal Track (Sydney, Australia)

For anyone studying abroad or travelling, there are many sights to see and by label, things you’re ‘suppose’ to do. Me and my friend was invited to walk the coastal track in the south of SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: from Bundeena to Otford. So ideally, if you’re starting at Bundeena, you are suppose to do the following:

  • Wake up early enough to get the first train to Cronulla which is about 5.30am (or latest 6.30ish) depending from which station. For simplicity sake let’s use the station we were departing from, Central station.
  • Arriving at Cronulla, you would walk to the ferry port and try to leave at the latest, 7.30am so you could start the walk as early as possible.
  • Then from there you would trek to Watamolla, the midway point to settle and camp.
  • The next day, you then set off towards Otford and then take the train back home
  • Celebrate and tell the whole world you’ve done track!

Now that is an amazing achievement! IF; that was your goal to start off with and that’s the kind of traveler/tourist you are. That you have to do up to ‘travel perfection’, the things that are suggested to you as a tourist! HOWEVER, that wasn’t the case for me and friend.


Why we didn’t trek the whole Bundeena to Otford walk.

I was so lucky that my flatmate and I  were similar in how we wanted to do things. So even though we were invited by other girls to do the walk with them, we ended up leaving our apartment later than we were suppose to. We missed the early train and also missed the girls as they wanted to get the whole done! SO, they were stricter on their time. As we saw this walk as just something to do for that day, we weren’t all caught up in the having to do the whole walk. We initially planned to do so, but weren’t so tied up on it. Anyway, we were too relaxed to rush ourselves and ended up getting to Cronulla at around 10am – which by tourist definition; is late. But that wasn’t a problem. We still had each other for company.

Here are the main reasons why we didn’t care to trek the whole walk

  1. We like our sleep. So we weren’t willing to wake up at 4am to do the walk. Especially because we were out the day before.
  2. We didn’t have the gear or means to camp in the middle of the track. As adventurous as we both can be, since we were in AUSTRALIA temporarily, we didn’t see the need to buy camping gear etc which we would definitely not bring back home. So we didn’t plan to camp. We JUST wanted to walk.
  3. We kept stopping for pictures and video. GUYS, this track was one of THE most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life. Usually, when your on a journey or walking, there are some dull parts of the walk. But on this one… EVERY STEP OF THE WAY had a view to almost die for! So to not stop and take pictures and video would be like drinking water in gas form when you’re really really thirsty. Utterly pointless and frustrating.
  4. We saw a beach that we loved (Marley Beach) and wanted to stop and have our lunch there. We chilled and just enjoyed sitting in an empty, humongous beach that was so beautiful at the same time. With the pictures, videoing and the chilling at the relaxing spots, we would probably have to complete the track in 3 or even 4 days if we finished it. So we stopped it there and then went back.


CHECK THE VIDEO made by friend Lisanne S. All credits to her, starring us!

No Regrets.

So, the question is did we regret not doing the whole track? The answer is in the video. CLEARLY NOT!

  • We had an amazing time full of laughs because of my shaky videoing skills (you will know who’s behind the camera by how shaky it was by the way).
  • Everything was beautiful and not boring! We took a short cut to Marley Beach but didn’t know because we just saw a mixture of forest, bush, dessert, rocks and sand and thought that it was part of the track. Then going back home, we saw signs telling us that ‘this’ was the coastal track. We thought that all this time we were only making our way to the actual coastal track, when in fact we went  a different way and missed the coastal track going towards Otford! So on our way back it was just as exiting because it was different, and got on the actual track that we were suppose to do in the first place!
  • Got to see what I initially searched up before even knowing I was going to go on the walk. The Wedding Cake Rocks! I was already fulfilled from that. At that time, there were signs saying that you could no longer sit on it or walk on it because it could fall or break at any moment. As we saw other tourists sitting on it, we thought ‘YOLO’! I’m sure 60 seconds was enough to take a picture and get off without falling into the ocean
  • Chilling on the beach with my food was one of my favorite parts. Being in SYDNEY I haven’t seen a beach so empty before so we really enjoyed the stillness of the beach yet how pretty it looked. Even though it was still Winter-ish time, I even jumped in the water. It was freezing but still fun.

Overall, we loved the walk. We loved that we got a taste of the track and that even though we didn’t do what everyone is suppose to do, we enjoyed it so much! After a long walk like that, it was only right that you got to have a proper shower and bed to sleep on because boy did I sleep so good. So for the travelers and aspiring travelers out there… don’t be pressured to do things or see places that everyone says you HAVE to do when going somewhere. Yes you might miss some things, and yes you might not get to take that famous photo. But unless that was your truest goal for your trip, then don’t get all caught up on trying to see everything. But in everything, be grateful and just enjoy that very moment you’re in. That would make your trip all the better experience.

Sydney National Park Sydney Coastal Track Cliffs Sydney National Park Coastal Track

Wedding Cake Rocks

Wedding Cake Rocks

Sun setting as we sat on the ferry back from Bundeena to Cronulla

Sun setting as we sat on the ferry back from Bundeena to Cronulla


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