Why travelling alone is good for you?


Why are we afraid of going to another country alone? Many of us only want to travel with our friends, our family members, because we are afraid of the new environment, we are not sure whether we can cope with the language difference and we are afraid of getting in the situation that we don’t know how to handle it. And of course we also want to share the experiences and the memories with each other. Usually these are the reasons that we don’t want to or afraid of going abroad alone. But have you ever thought that going abroad totally by yourself can also give you a wonderful experience and memories? Here is a few reason why it is good and a few tips how to prepare for this kind of adventure!

You have a freedom

Have you ever had an experience like you would like to see this place more and that more, but since your friends or family members weren’t really interested in it and you guys didn’t have a lot of time, so you just left without visiting your place? And then the reason is “there is nothing interesting to see there…” . In this situation you also didn’t want to leave alone because you didn’t want to ruin the harmony of the group. If you have experienced this before, then you should try to travel alone!

Actually I am also a kind of person who doesn’t like to accommodate to others while travelling, because there are places I’m not really interested in and there are places that I can also stay there for a whole day. That’s why I decided to go on a trip totally by myself to Brussels, Paris and Murcia. The freedom that I could experience was amazing. I could go anywhere I wanted to, with the speed I wanted to. In a day I saw almost the whole Paris. I could do anything without accomodating to the others. I could organize my day, I could eat wherever I wanted so to taste the local foods.

You find nice people everywhere

If you think that people are hateful, then travelling alone will prove you the opposite. When I travelled alone, since I was there by myself, of course, I also wanted to have someone that I can talk to or rely on when a stress situation arised. That’s why I gather my courage and talked with the locals. I asked a man, how to get to the Manneken Pis and he showed me the way getting there so precisely and he was kind.

I realize people around us are actually nice and helpful, the question is whether we recognise them or not. I learned how to trust people when in need, and just telling you this was a hard thing for me, since I hardly believe in people. But when I overcome this feeling I feel more relieved, because I know I am not alone anymore.

You’re not controlled

You have a freedom to do what you didn’t dare to do at home, in your country. In an environment that you know noone, you are more free than ever to try out new things that you didn’t dare to do before. There is a quote that says „What happens in America stays in America”. So relax yourself, be creative and let your dreams come true, do or try out things that you have always wanted to. Of course only do what is NOT considered as a crime!

You get to know yourself better

Have you ever felt like you feel so good with many people around you, but then you also feel exhausted and stressed? It is because you don’t give yourself a „ME TIME” to organize your own life. Travelling alone can actually help you to reflect on yourself, on your actions and on your personality. It helps you to clean your head, so you will be able to concentrate on your work better when you get back to your daily routine and you will know what you really love and want to do. More than that, in a strange environment you will automatically pay attention to you intuition.

When I was in Brussels, I walked for 5 hours straight. I didn’t really know where I was going, I just found a street that looked interesting so I go that way. I arrived at a new places then I was going to return, but I still listened to my inner voice and kept going along that way, and then turned to another street that looked fun. This way I got to places that was so wonderful and exciting and at first I didn’t plan to go there.

This is how intuition works, it makes you surprised, but actually satisfies you and gives you what you really need at that moment.

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How to prepare for it?

Here are few points how I prepared for my trip to Brussels, Paris, Murcia by myself. I recommend this to those who travel alone for the first time. Since this was my first time going to the world totally alone as an ordinary girl, I was freaked out, so I needed to know everything about that city the more detailed the better.

Know where your places are situated

If I don’t know where the places are and how to get there I get frustrated, so I searched on different websites related to that country like how to get from the airport to the city and back. I used Google Maps to search how to get to the accommodation from the bus station. Since I don’t have car, GPS or mobile net, I took photos of the maps with my phone and I looked at it until I memorize everything (just kidding, it’s just happened that way since I looked at it so much). Of course by the time you get there, you can also ask from the locals.

Go through the prices

Read more about Hungary

So before you go to a country check the prices there: the transportation, the meals, the price of the accomodation.. etc

Find your ACCEPTABLE accommodation

A good tips: when you are searching for the accommodation DO NOT go for the cheapest one, unless it’s a place that you are comfortable with.

In my case I only stayed in Paris for a night and a day, so I booked the cheapest room for three people in hostel. I only stayed in the hostel for 8 hours, sleeping took 5 hours, because the room and the bathroom were so tiny, the bed was uncomfortable and the fact that I wasn’t alone I couldn’t sleep well. So in the morning I got up as soon as possible and then I left right away.

For this reason I tell you DO NOT go for the cheapest hostel, but go for the one that can make you feel comfortable and is near to places that you want to visit.

Know the weather of the country

When I arrived in Brussels in June, I was totally surprised by the windy, cold and boring weather there. The temperature was approximately 15-18 degrees. Of course I didn’t bring any thick sweater and since I am afraid of cold, it was really chilly.

So remember to check the weather of the country that you are going to visit and prepare for it, so you won’t be surprised by the time you get there. If you want to go for sure then always bring with you a flip-flop/slipper, comfortable shoes, a thick hoodie, comfortable trousers, a raincoat and socks.

Let’s have fun!

So I just want to remind you that most of the time, you travel to relax, to experience the change around your environment, to give yourself a time to think of yourself and to explore the country. Give yourself a freedom to do what you didn’t dare to do before. Allow yourself to stay in your dream place, to eat what you have always wanted to taste.

And once again if you have ever felt like you couldn’t do what you wanted while travelling, then I encourage you to hit the road by yourself. Believe me, in your way if you need you, will find your travel partner, you can make new friends. The most important part is that you will find yourself in the world that welcomes you to explore it.

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