Why Algarve (Portugal) Is A Good Choice For A Honeymoon?


Algarve is a south Portugal region. Never mind the season, you can always find some tourists there. Algarve is rich of astonishing beaches, beautiful nature and delicious food. While travelling around this region cities you will find out that people here are more than friendly and most of them speak English very well. If you are looking for a place for your honeymoon or a romantic trip, Algarve might be a perfect choice for you.

Enjoying a perfect day at Armacao de Pera beach.

Enjoying a perfect day at Armacao de Pera beach.

A perfect place for couples

Walking around in some south Portugal cities you will see quite a lot lovebirds. The reason why this is happening might be the diversity of this region because you will find a lot of places to spend time together alone and also you can go to clubs, pubs and party all night if you want. You may also meet a lot of cute older couples walking around holding hands and smiling to each other. Maybe it is one of the reasons why this region is so neat, civilized and relaxing. Nature landscapes here is very beautiful and different from other countries so you would definitely bring back some amazing photos together. You can start your morning with a breath of fresh and bit salty oceanic air, spend your day at the beach sunbathing or catching the big waves and end your evening at the restaurant sipping wine on an ocean coast. It is a one way of spending a relaxing day in Algarve, but there’s so much more to do here. Recommendation would be to rent a car if you can and do some exploring around together. If you do this, don’t forget to turn on the radio and listen to Portuguese music, which will help you feel the spirit of Portugal.

Just married and happy

Incredibly beautiful nature

Ponta da Piedade

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Boat trip to the caves

Things to do in Algarve

Bars, pubs and restaurants

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Active leisure and extreme sports

There are a lot of choices if you like an active leisure time. In cities  Olhão, Bensafrim, Portimão, Mexilhoeira Grande, Almancil, Lagos you can order a special excursion – horse riding alongside the beach or up to the mountains. Also you can try scuba diving between the caves or start diving lessons. Nevertheless there are two aqua parks in Algarve. One of them is called Slide&Splash, which is the biggest aqua park in Portugal and one of the biggest in Europe. If you like water and adrenaline you should definitely try this one and spend there at least four hours. For those who like extreme sports you can try windsurfing, surfing or swimming with the standup paddle, but remember that the ocean water is very salty! In Algarve they also offer cycling tours and riding the ATV motorcycles. By the way you can visit the Parque Aventura (Albufeira) – Adventure Park. The park is full of various climbing tracks and you can “fly” between the trees. There you can ride a skateboard or play paintball together. 

Having a great time at Slide&Splash!

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Other things to try in Portugal

If you are living not in south Europe, the Portuguese cemeteries might seem very interesting for you. They are old and people are buried in crypts with family names on it. It is quite an experience visiting it. If you want a really romantic trip – save one night and watch the stars. You can even take a bottle of wine, a blanket and go the beach to look at the sky and listen to the waves. The other thing you should try is seafood. Do not hesitate and try it – it’s really good. You can have small portions which are a bit similar as Spanish tappas. You can try calamari, squids, prawns, oysters, scallops and other things. Actually, you don’t have to go to the restaurants all the time to try these things. You can buy it in a shop and cook it yourself if you have a kitchen in the place you are staying. Sometimes it may seem even better experience if you cook dinner together and eat it at the balcony by candlelight and glass of wine.

Our homemade dinner

If you really are on a honeymoon and find yourselves in Algarve, there is no doubt that you will have a wonderful and unforgettable time here. Although the most important thing is not the place, but the feeling. Wherever you are, try to enjoy every moment of it and just forget everything. This is one the most romantic things of your life. Just look into your lover’s eyes and feel the love – everything else will be perfect.

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