Where to go for spring? Top travel destinations near and far


Spring is waiting next door!

Are you one of those lucky Southern hemisphere people who are sitting right now on their balcony with a drink enjoying the sun? Or even one of those impossible guys sitting on a beach drinking some fresh coconut all year round? Well then stop reading, this is not for you! Or better, continue reading to actually understand how lucky you are ūüėČ

However, this is for all of us who are fleeing from the rain and humidity, fighting grey snow from yesterday and feeling like it has been like this- forever. Because, honestly, snow and cold weather is only cool when you have time for it and live on the top of some cute mountain in some cute cabin.

Ladies and lads, do not worry though, there will be an end to this soon! And in the meantime you can plan for happier seasons to come. Here comes a quick inspiration while spring is shyly, very shyly looking through my window:

1) Heidelberg, Germany

Spring In Heidelberg

Spring in Heidelberg, not Japan! ūüėČ

Heidelberg is a rather normal-sized town within Germany, but that is the only thing normal about it. No other city in Germany on such a scale is in such good state of preservation, which makes it completely irresistible. The cute houses, the small streets, the ancient architecture, the living student town.. it is all real and waiting there for you. And spring, spring only adds to its inherent charm. Apart from being a city, Heidelberg and nature have an intimate relationship. The city is located between hills full of trees and flowers and it gets even more romantic when everything around you is growing and blooming! Roam about the city, walk into the hills and visit Philosophenweg and the Castle, drink some local wine or beer and wait for my next feature on Heidelberg and its picturesque surroundings! ūüôā Plus: You will notice lots of things that you will not be able to see in summer, be surprised!

Heidelberg Castle

The ancient castle in the midst of a dense forest

2) Azores, Portugal


A whole view only for you

¬†This is my personal favourite and has been for a surprisingly long time. The Azores are¬†just so full of magic, nine different islands- nine different worlds, lovely people, in the middle of nowhere, still well-preserved, sustainable tourism ¬†and nature you thought you could only dream of.. Why spring? Yes, it is not the most obvious choice. The Azores aren’t tropical at any time of the year so it is safe to in summer otherwise you can still catch some bad weather and rain. Nevertheless, I promise now, the toughest storms are¬†over and if you except a bit of rain here and there you will see the most colourful results in this natural paradise. The national symbol, the Hydrangea, starts blooming everywhere and all¬†is so green! Since it is spring you might well enjoy all of this without any tourist crowds anywhere!¬†Plus: there are low-cost flights now, oh yeah! AND check out the website of their government, some useful information there: Regional Government A√ßores

Azores Dawn

Mystic atmosphere in spring

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3) Athens, Greece

Athens is a beautiful city, we all know this. It is packed with history, blessed with hundreds of monuments and has a wonderful alternative scene and street life with cute coffee shops, great hostels and diverse shops. However, there is one problem I realized the other day about the birthplace of Europa: it was way too hot and there was no other view but mass movements of tourist groups. Well, the fault was mine I had decided to go in August! Opt for spring and enjoy a more laid back atmosphere with less people on the street, less for of skin cancer and wonderful temperatures from at least March on. The city seems to be more clean-washed from the winter and you actually get to see local life! Plus: Prices for hotels. hostels and flights are cheaper too!


Street art and trees blooming

4) Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is so cute once it wakes up from its hibernation. The faces of people who seem to be breaking out of some winter shell (it is very dark in winter so..) and getting all excited about it are priceless. Generally, people are told to go to Northern Europe in summer because the weather will be the most agreeable. You can figure out what happens every year: all tourists pour into the city between late June – early September. Let me make a case for going to Copenhagen in spring! Yes, it is Northern Europe, but no, it is not exactly Norway. Copenhagen is fresh and beautiful in spring and locals take¬†whatever they get. Thus, you will see everybody on the streets (many in T-shirts) and it is just as alive as in summer. Take a jacket as you might not¬†be able to get into the spirit right away, be assured you will love it though. Take a big suitcase too so can take back some wonderful Danish design items or just indulge into perfect cupcakes, food and coffee at one of the many beautiful caf√©s, bars or restaurants that go from classy, clean and elegant to romantic and princess-like with every shade in between. You have to love Copenhagen for its diversity, you will meet people from all over the world living there. A symbol of Copenhagen’s open mind and open heart is the curious, autonomous neighbourhood¬†Cristianshavn or Christiania.¬†Make sure to check it out. Plus: again, off-season prices here and there. It will help because Copenhagen is not exactly a low-budget travel destination.


Celebrating Copenhagen, capital of a small, perfect country

5) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Last but not least (depending on where you at now)! You ask why? For a simple reason, it is carnaval time, the beautiful city is booming with even more beauty and it is (still) summer and good for a walk without suffering, but temperatures are already mild!

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