Where To Go for drinks in Dublin?


As I love this city and I’ve lived here long enough I want to tell yours where to go for a drink?
I want to say that yesterday I discovered a very good spot for cocktails. I and my friend saw that place Alfies and decided to try it as we didn’t have a lot of money. We walked in and the host was smiling and asked how was our day and we were impressed, then we walked upstairs to get cocktails and the staff was making jokes and so funny which made us enjoy time even better.


I don’t know if either you are a tourist wanting to grab a few drinks or you have just moved here to study or live I want to start by talking about the best places to get cocktails and first on my list is ALFIES on South William street. The cocktails there are 5 euro but some particular is 7 euro which is a good place to go if you don’t wanna spend 10 euro on one cocktail which is pretty good when you are trying to save some money for something like another cocktail or food. I want to recommend going there as staff are super friendly and are making sure you are comfortable and enjoying the night which is what you want when you are going on a night out or to have a chat with your friend, boyfriend, girlfriend e t c


Next on the list is Sams bar in Dawson street. Sam’s is the place to go if you want to wear a fancy dress and enjoy time with your boyfriend or some girls I would definitely recommend it. The drinks are not as cheap as ALFIES but the place is like a castle inside and one cocktail depends on which one you like are around 10,12 euros.
I want to say that I have been going to leaving room so many times that I can’t remember how many. I go there as the smoking area is inside and when I drink I can’t stop smoking. I usually order a pitcher of cocktail for 24 euro at night. And I love it as I really don’t like the taste of beer and it makes my night.
The place to go for cocktails that are at a pretty decent price is leaving room. If you don’t wanna get dressed and just want to find a lot of people it is the place to go to. During the day it is not busy so you could come to chill with a few cocktails with girls or have a few beers and watch football. When the clock is at 9 o’clock this place is becoming busy and becomes a nightclub and the prices for cocktails goes up as well as beers. You can get a pitcher of the cocktail before 10 for 12 euro

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Temple Bar Pub – Traditional Irish Music


I would definitely recommend if you are visiting to visit once temple bar pub. It is good to see as it is like Dublin’s monument if you go to Dublin and not visit temple bar were even in Dublin? It is busy all the time there so I would recommend not going very late
These places are very good to enjoy, and it doesn’t matter if you are going with your boyfriend or with girls or yourself. You are going to enjoy and have fun and will know how people have fun in Ireland and you will meet good people and realize that Irish people love tourists. I go to the places when I am going out and I never regret it as I always have fun. I hope this article was helpful and that it helped you to understand where to go and have fun in Dublin, Ireland

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