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During my time travelling Australia I have somewhat disappointingly found a lack of people who have even thought to venture to Western Australia during their time in Australia. Most opt straight for the East Coast and maybe into the centre to catch a snap of the famed ‘Uluru’ with a few stragglers that may venture elsewhere. This I see as a bit of a shame because Western Australia has a lot to offer that is overlooked by too many travellers. I myself have only spent just over 3 weeks in Western Australia but I intend to return to Perth in the near future and take a road trip along the coast right up until I leave the state and enter into the Northern Territory (and carry on till Cairns but that’s another story).

During my time in Western Australia I tried to pack in a fair bit but still feel like it had way more to offer! During my visit I ventured to …



A lovely clean, welcoming and sunny (if very windy) city that has a lot to offer and is a great gateway for day trips to Rottnest Island and Freemantle. My decision to start off my year in Perth was an easy one as it cost less money for me to fly there from England and then fly to Melbourne, than it did to fly straight to Melbourne so I thought why not check it out on route! There’s plenty to do to keep you busy from Kings Park (great for a day out, get a picnic going!), the zoo, aquarium, some nice art galleries and museums and a decent shopping scene with bars and restaurants to rest your tired feet and lay down your recent buys.


Rottnest Island

Absolutely loved my mini trip to Rotty! I opted to stay overnight rather than go for a one day trip so that I wasn’t feeling like I had to squish anything into the day. Rent yourself a bike for Rottnest Island and go on a cycle to its many beautiful beaches and go on the hunt for a Quokka sighting and your kept happily occupied all day. After this, if you opt for an overnight stay like me, it’s great to find a nice beachside restaurant to get some grub look out to sea to the distant city lights and watch the little Quokkas come into their own scrounging for food. Some people even stay a bit longer and rent out lovely beachside apartments; for me an overnight stay was enough as after that it all got a bit samey but if you’re after a peaceful place to chill out with no traffic noise and calm scenery surrounds then that might be the right shout for you.





Fremantle is a nice little town not far from Perth and you could easily fit a day trip in from Perth without having to rush yourself at all; just take the train and you’ll be there in no time! The prison is a definite must if visiting Fremantle and a variety of tours are available to suit your budget and time frame, but all offer the opportunity to see parts of the prison and learn of its history. Other hotspots to go visit (and free!) would be the Round House, Shipwreck Galleries, E-shed markets and the not so free but still worth a visit Maritime Museum. There are also a crazy amount of places to grab a bite to eat so you will not be lost for choice at all and might even have to get yourself more than one dinner from wanting to try it all out!




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Margaret River

Rent yourself a car in Margaret River if you want to make the most of it, otherwise you’re a bit stuck. I stayed in a hostel in the centre of the town so there was a lovely walk in the local nature reserve within walking distance, and a couple of bars that did good food, but other than that you’re not going to get up to much without a set of wheels! Famed for its wine it would be worth giving a couple of the wineries a little visit and treat yourself to a nice fancy lunch with some beautiful views. I have to say though that the wineries were not the main attraction to Margaret River for me, for me it was the Caves! There’s a few caves to choose from, all with their own charm and selling point and I would strongly recommend visiting at least a couple  to get an idea of the difference between them and the true ranging beauty they all have to offer. A great little stop off as well that need only take an hour or so from your day is to visit the ‘Eagles Heritage Raptor Wildlife Centre’; filled with an interesting array of rescued birdlife they centre also puts on display shows for visitors that are well worth a watch and entertaining for any age!




Western Australia is definitely somewhere I will be visiting again in the future as I only saw such a tiny portion of it and from what I saw fell in love with it! Hearing tales from locals who have travelled further north than Perth has done nothing more than leave me making plans of places to see and new experiences to take on. One thing I really wanted to do during my first visit but had to postpone till a future visit was to visit the Ningaloo reef which is a true beauty and if visited at the right time of year a possible swim with the migrating whale sharks is on the cards! Further research on my part is definitely required before I know my exact route for my future road trip but even initial searching has done enough to excite me about the possibilities and opportunities that this great state offers to those that seek it.

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