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When me, myself and I want to run away and chill for few days we just book a ticket and leave apartment, city, country. This time I went back to Vienna, Austria. Since I had just couple of days off this time I wanted to visit “Hogwarts” library and see pandas. Well, who doesn’t love Harry Potter and “It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die” bear? Everyone I know at least. That was the basic plan. So the road trip begins.



Do you know that feeling when you are on the bus, plane, train, leaving your town and it feels like all your worries are left behind? Best thing ever.

So I put my superstars on the ground of Vienna and the adventure begins. First thing first, food. If you are a meat lover, than wurst is the right thing for you. You can find it wherever you go it’s on every corner, if I can recommend with curry is like peace of haven.

The biggest impact on me was that there’s so many people wandering around, all colors and different cultures just passing by, riding bicycles, even unicycles that was strange, just rushing to catch next train and vanish. I can see that metro station is well organized but believe me a friend by your side who knows it all is the best thing possible if you have just so little time to run Vienna. Or you need a freakishly awesome plan before your trip.

My trip was more sightseeing than educational so prepare yourself for loads of me trying to describe the beauty of Vienna’s exterior and interior design, life, art…

Universitat Wien – the building is built old style, a lot look a like to Hogwarts from Harry Potter. There is many stairs, big old wooden doors, all walls in stone, green backyard, it just gives you the feeling of higher education. As I learned it’s pretty cheap to study here, so you can always look up on their site for more info.  As I said, description. The moment of me entering “Hogwarts” library, is just mesmerizing feeling. I lay my eyes on many books they keep there, all sorted from A to Z, on two metal floors which goes around the library. In the middle are long tables for students to study, with those green lawyer lights. It just push you to study, or sit there and drink coffee it’s that satisfying just being in that room. On the way out I remember one window, that floor goes in square shape and it looks like that scene from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows when Harry looks for the lost diadem.

WU Vienna University Of Economics and Business – I am a student of economy so seeing this university got me to think twice “why don’t I study economy over here?”. It’s a complex of five and more buildings all in different shapes and colors. Main building is domino like, black and white, with lounge rooms, audio rooms, libraries, coffee houses. I didn’t enter in others but the shapes were amazing, there is space building which is made for case studies and it’s place for students to go and learn there.  Something that looks similar to huge cottage is place for lunch, there is how I would like this building to be called “sunrise sunset” building because of it’s color. Being on this complex, sitting in oddly shaped outside furniture made me feel like “I would be proud to be a student in this place” so I encourage all future economy students, explore WU university, it looks like a dream place for you to study abroad.


So, for the first day:

  1. Universitat Wien
  2. WU
  3. Prater

You can manage this in one day and even see some fairs if there is any if you ever visit Vienna.


Get up, dress up, drink coffee than go and do stuff. Maybe eat something if you must.but, go out.

The ZOO – is placed in yard on the right side of the Schonbrunn Palace. Entrance for adults is less than 20 euro but if you look younger you could probably pass like teenager, try to, but don’t blame me afterwards. This was my big wish actually, to see panda. I never did before. Complex is huge, on the entrance take your map so you can follow cages and animals, rhino will say you welcome first. Zoo is always a surprise  so I will tell you that you can expect moist rainy forest which is really something to see, tiger is beautiful, jelly fishes are the most elegant, most colorful definitely flamingo, dangerous pelican he even wanted to bite me, and so on. If you love insects, there are those too and grasshoppers are so ugly that I can’t describe it. But yes, you can see them too. I got 2 wishes to become truth that day when I saw two gorgeous sleepy pandas and koala hugging the tree. It was one of the “it’s so fluffy I’m gonna die” moments. Many more animals awaits for you to find them, so grab your bags and visit Vienna zoo.

20160520_130230 20160520_130702

Schonbrunn Palace – when you go up in the zoo the exit leads you to the top of palaces yard where you can see panorama of Vienna. There is big fountain, small lake, cut grass around you just calling you to sit on it and chill. Vienna Philharmonic was setting up their stage in the bottom of the fountain but unfortunately I didn’t have time to listen. Maybe some other year.


Dancehall Workshop – we all dance. When we go out we dance, some of us dance in supermarkets when they hear good song, on the street with their headphones, but we all dance. Most of you have never been to any dance workshop but it’s great spent few hours of your life to listen to great music, learn about dance, culture, dancers who will teach you something, and main thing, have fun. Dancehall is coming from Jamaica, I’m a dancer and I don’t dance this style but it’s upgrade when you learn something new. But I had so much fun. Workshop was held by Kasia Zabka Miazga aka. Froggy and Joanna Gula. Those girls are from PolishMafia dance crew, you can look them up on facebook if you have time.

So, for day two:

  1. Schonbrunn Palace
  2. Zoo
  3. Dancehall Workshop

You can find online or on some social network if there are any workshops it the city where you are staying if you are up for it, but it is refreshing and I believe that something like this would be great “when was the last time you did something for the first time” experience for the most of you.

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This is the time that I wanted to spend with my friend, and catch up with my old dance buddy and yes at that moment she was living in Vienna so we went to visit her. Na Nu lives in gorgeous penthouse with a partial view over the city. When you climb up it’s like you are in the American movie, bbq on the roof, you can sit on chimney, sunbathe, drunk coffee, enjoy in sunset and this visit was the perfect ending of my visit to Vienna.

If you are up for shopping you must go to the Mariahilfer strasse, anything you can imagine is there, Cartier, Tiffany’s, H&m, for me the best of all marvelous FootLocker.

Soon it was time to pack my bags and go… as far away as I can go. Or at least, go home.

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