Treasure of the green land

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Why did I choose to travel?

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Honestly, aren’t you feeling all what I am feeling when you visit a new country? There are so many things to explore out there, and the most of us waisting their times to keep complaining or saying ”Is easy for you..”. Why would it be? I am not different form any of you. Maybe the only difference is that I think positive and I am trying to realise what I want to achieve in my long term goal. You just have to stand up one day and say ”Fuck it! Now is my time to enjoy!” Pack your bag, quit your job (or have one for which doesn’t matter if you keep moving), buy your one way tickets and just go. Try to survive in a complete foreign environment. That is a real life challenge! Learn languages, get into different cultures so you understand other religions, other people, their thinking and view for the life.

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As small as Eyeries is as beautiful it is with a small hills around, green land anywhere you look, and the atlantic ocean is my favorite. No other nature in Europe is as wild and as stunning as this place I bet. The West Cork area is also called Wild Atlantic way. I can say the wild might be because of the nature, weather but also maybe because of the roads. The roads are crazy tiny, two way, bouncy and the people drive on the other side as in the most part of Europe, also they drive quite often drunk and very fast. I am quite happy here because my idea was to be away from the most of the people, have time for myself, avoid stress and enjoy my days.

Horses by the neighbour farm

For most of you such a small village might sound boring, but here are so many things to do or see that mostly you did not even get the time to got bored. I goes for running some days, and on my way I meet cows, sheeps, horses. Or go for a walk in a total empty land with no human impact, no cars no buildings, nothing. This area is perfect for artists who want to write books or want to make some paintings or some different kind of art. You need to have a water proof equipment for sure if you want to spend some time outdoor and wont need any fancy dresses because here is nowhere to use.

Close by beach

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Since I am here I traveled all around in other places of Ireland and so far I could only say that I am in love with this nature, I just know I cant live in a village for too long because I need also a social interaction around myself, but this place is a perfect experience for me just to know how does it feel living isolated from the most of the world.

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