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While traveling you have to be ready for everything. And if I’m saying everything it means-everything! Not just weather, and currency. As well scams, they want to rip you off at every step you do, hidden places that probably you would never find and many more. So, If you hate being ripped of, or you’re like me and you like to be ready for everything, you will thank to have those apps with you.

Here are apps that I’m using during my travels, and you can download them all for free.

1. Trover

Discover the best places around you. Even though you’ve heard about great places to go from other travellers, or you think you have been and seen all great places in a country/city you’re at. Believe me it’s  because you haven’t use this app. Trover is kinda Instagram type app, you can share pictures of great places you’ve been and you think people would like to go. You can discover new places around you, or simply check amazing spots to visit in your next destination. Explore by categories like- “What’s hot”, “Epic road trips photos” etc., places to visit, activities, history and culture. Try it and you’ll love to travel.

2. Google Maps

Every one knows Google maps, so I think there’s not much more to say that- definitely you’ll need it, if you don’t want to be lost!

3. Google translate

Very useful. In the newest version you can record someone’s voice and app will translate it right away to any language you need. You can as well scan signs on the street or menu at restaurant if you are not sure what are you about to order.

4. Foodspotting

Thanks to this app you can find good foods all around you. Find type of food you are graving for, new plates you should try whatever country/city you are at, or which is the best plate at the restaurant you are at right now. All posted with pictures, so you actually know what are you about to get.

5. XE currency converter

Are you sure that you trust to the currency change places? Even tho they are saying “Best rates” or “Lower commissions”? I don’t trust them at all! I’m always using XE converter to know what amount of money I should really get. It’s very useful especially at the beginning of your stay in the country. I’m always lost with currencies for the few first days.

6. WhatsApp

You know, I know, we all know-it’s a must. It is so much better to be in touch with your friends and family while you travel. My mom is always so happy and less nervous when I text her a bit every day…

7. Skype

Who doesn’t know it. For me it’s definitely a “must have” application, especially if I’m traveling for a long time. I know WhatsApp it should be enough, however “face to face” with your family is priceless!

8. Momondo

Very good app with cheap flights and hotels. I like it and I’m using it since been a long time. They have good prices and you can buy tickets for multiple destinations etc.

9. Wephone

Great app to make cheap phone calls. Actually it’s not free free, because you need to put some money on it to call, but the rates are so cheap that for 5 bucks you can talk hours and hours with your friends or family, doesn’t matter where are you. I put 5$ and I could talk with my parents  for over 20h calling from Asia to Poland! That’s awesome. Whenever you put money on app, it shows you how long you are able to talk for. Price depends as well if you call to mobiles or stationary phones. The difference between other apps like Viber or Skype is that another person doesn’t have to have the same application. Imagine that your grandma has no idea about Skype or Whatsapp…it’s perfect, just call like with normal phone.

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10. GoPro

If you are using GoPro during your travel, this app is a must. Transfer all files to your phone or computer, view or share all pics from your phone. On your computer you can edit photos and movies. Really useful. Lot of fun.

11. Couchsurfing

Great if you travel on a low budget. Become a member of this community and find your “new home” everywhere you go. It’s great to stay few days with local people and for free. Other plus is that they always show you around and take you to the places that not every tourist would find. Love it!

12. Helpx

This actually is not an app. However, if you plan to travel around for a long time, I suppose that at some point you’ll have to work. Thanks to this site you can find places where you can volunteer, in exchange for food and accommodation. That’s good, if at some point you want to safe some money and gain some experience at the same time. Places like hostels, teaching english or even being a member of a crew on a sailing ship is a big experience. You can meet a lot of great people and have loads of fun! Fee to become a member is 20€ for two years.

13. Sound massage

How many times did it happened to you to be at noisy hostel. Where everyone is partying making noise and not letting you to sleep. Yeah one would say “Take a private room”, but you can’t because of your budget. This app is perfect! Just play some nice rain in the pond, summer night, or quiet wave sound and sleep like a baby. Get the app here and say bye to sleepless nights.

14. Gogobot

A great app. It’s the best city guide for activities, restaurants, and hotels. Localise, and notifies you about events going on in your current place. Where to eat, sleep or activities to do. You can as well do the worldwide search, to plan what to do in your next destination. Very very nice and helpful to integrate with locals and visit places in different way than typical tourist.


and last but not less important…


15. Candy crush

You can’t even imagine how many hours of my life I spent in buses or planes during my travel. This game literally saved me from being bored all those countless hours. If you still don’t have it, you should!


I hope you enjoyed my article. Safe travels!

Big thanks!! Take care!

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