Top 10 Places to Visit in the Blue Mountains

In Australia

Blue Mountains Top Attractions

The Blue mountains is a very special place located near Katoomba, west of Sydney in New South Wales that will instantly take your breath way. With beautiful natural attractions, bushwalks, aboriginal culture and antique and iconic shops; the Blue Mountains has plenty of activities that you can experience and witness, to keep you occupied for days upon end! This colourful, world heritage listed place can offer you an inexpensive holiday that you will not forget. I have had the pleasure of experiencing the inner beauty that is offered in this area numerous times, and thought it was fitting to offer the top 10 places and gems (in my opinion!) that you need to explore and undertake, or at least consider when visiting the Blue Mountains.

10. Paragon Cafe:

Reportedly Australia’s oldest cafe, the Paragon Cafe, has a distinct, wonderful and warm art deco feeling to the place. The menu is simple but effective, offering amazing burgers and providing a step back in time due to its historic nature. You are definitely paying for the historic experience as the site has remained virtually untouched since its opening. The feeling you receive when you enter this piece of history is something that needs to be experienced.

9. Papadino’s Katoomba:

This local restaurant provides an inviting atmosphere with delicious food at affordable prices. The staff are very welcoming and the authentic Italian food is cooked to perfection. It is fantastic for families as the kids are able to play with dough (which later gets cooked for you) whilst waiting for the meals. The main attraction is the fact that Papadino’s boasts the best pizza in the whole of Katoomba. It’s definitely a rewarding experience, especially after a day of hiking and bushwalking.

8. Scenic World:

This offers a unique experience that produces some breathtaking views and comfortable bushwalks to witness the scenery of the Blue Mountains. The facilities allow you to spend as little as 20 minutes or up to the whole day exploring the vast natural attractions. The walkways are beautiful and aren’t crowded, with trees and shrubs growing over the boardwalk, providing a legitimate and natural feel. However, to experience the breathtaking views, the cableway, skyway and railway accommodates some amazing aerial views of the Three Sisters and the mountain tops as a beautiful attraction. Although it is expensive, it is vital you get there early as the facilities attract huge crowds by midday.

7. Jenolan Caves:

Visiting these amazing natural caves provides a truly breathtaking and memorable experience. The tours, although very pricey and large in groups, allow you to appreciate earth’s beautiful formations such as the stalactites and stalagmites. It is a bit of a drive from the blue mountains, but it is well worth it, if you arrive early and undertake a few tours such as the River Cave, Lucas Caves and the Orient.

6. Blue Mountains Chocolate Factory:

This little Gem is located roughly 5 minutes away from Echo Point and the Three Sisters. Although slightly expensive the handmade chocolate is absolutely amazing, and is something you must taste whilst in the Blue Mountains. There is a huge variety of different flavours in all different shapes and sizes; so the choices are endless. It also offers an outdoor heated area which is great to relax in, with one of their famous hot chocolates. 

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5. The Cat’s Meow:

This quirky store located in Leura sells antique furniture, decor, homeware and wall art over 2 different levels and 5 rooms, offering an exciting experience due to the huge range of products. Even just perusing the store is a memorable time that I highly recommend. The feeling that resonates in you when you visit this store truly captures the inviting and welcoming feel that the Blue Mountains’ offers.

4. Moontree:

Again, this iconic and unique store is located in Leura offers a wide range of interesting products (candles and homeware) that merely browsing provides one with an awesome experience. Each visit is a constant surprise with the vast array of new, innovative and creative products that allow you to immerse yourself within the store. The staff are friendly and always willing to help and the quality of products needs to be seen to be believed!

3. Leura Cascades:

Putting a few hours aside this is a truly rewarding and pleasant experience that provides amazing scenic and picturesque views of the mountains at the various vantage points, as well as the adventure down to the bottom of the cascades. The gorgeous views are well worth the giant staircases through the magic provided by the natural attractions such as the rainforest. Just before entry there is also a huge grassy area that is perfect for a picnic, whilst providing some informational boards that highlight the historical presence of the impending bushwalk. It is important to note that those with mobility issues should be careful, as there are a heap of staircases.

2. Wentworth Falls Tracks:

By far my most favourite hike in the Blue Mountains is in Wentworth Falls; that is very very special experience that rewards you with amazing scenic views that need to be seen to be believed. No picture can justify the beauty that is encapsulated when undertaking this hike. Make sure you dedicate most of your day to completing this. The walk truly demonstrates the beauty of the deep valley of Wentworth falls as you make your way down to the bottom of the waterfall which provides you with picturesque views of the rainforest and the waterfall. For example, Valley of the Waters is best done in the morning and will take you roughly 2 hours, but is breathtaking when the mist forms over the valley.

1. The Tree Sisters at Echo Point:

As the most iconic and well-known place to visit in the Blue Mountains, the Three Sisters is something you MUST experience if venturing to the mountains. It is a family friendly area that offers spectacular views and nice walks to various vantage points around Echo Point that allow for anyone to witness these awesome views. Again, there are some nice cafes and surprisingly affordable gift shops around Echo point, which add to the experience. The Three Sisters provide an insight into Aboriginal culture and history through the famous stories and myths, enhancing the memorable experience. The rock formations truly need to be seen in person; you won’t regret it. This is something you cannot miss and allows for numerous opportunities for some unreal photographs due to the amazing views, that you will treasure forever. It is also important to note that it does get busy during the day, so if you want to witness these natural wonders, arrive early in the morning.

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