The Wonderful world of tasmania

In Australia

I don’t exactly know why i chose to go to Tazzie, i think it was something in the name it sounded exotic and exciting. And to be honest i really wanted to see a platypus. Once i got there I was really happy I took the plunge to go a little off the beaten track.

Getting to Tasmania, and getting around.

Now to start with you have to get there, you’ll either need to fly or get a boat. Unless you already have your own car i would suggest flying, its pretty cheap especially if you have a look on skyscanner.

In my opinion the only way to explore tazzie is with a car or camper-van. There just ins’t the public transport, and even when there is you wont be able to get to all the secluded spots….which in my opinion are the best.  My trip was done on a shoestring so I opted for the cheapest 5 seater camper I could find! This will give you the ability to be totally flexible and have some of the best campsites with the best views. There are many campsites all over tazzie…..however being on a shoestring i didn’t go to a single one i just freedom camped. Now this can be frowned upon but as long as you leave the place as you found it i think all is good.

Planning your trip to Tassie.

Now another important thing to consider before you begin is which travel guide to buy. You may think that the internet is far better than a guide book, even that they’re old fashioned. But Aussie has expensive internet with no signal in many places. I bought the Backpackers Ultimate Guide, or BUG. It was brilliant unlike the lonely planet it is small and gives all the necessary info. But on my travels round tazzie we had 3 guide books, and all contributed different things. So have a look around and see what suits you.

Arriving in Hobart

When i arrived in Hobart i was amazed by its charm, it was like visiting your home town, it was small but had everything you could need. The hostel I choose( the pickled frog) was an instant hit, not just because it was painted bright green.  It was a lovely place to stay, it had the right atmosphere and enough communal space to easily make new friends. I didn’t stick around too long in Hobart as i was keen to get on the road….but first i needed to find some travel mates.

As any one who’s traveled round oz will tell you gumtree is amazing. It has a communal area where anyone can post a advert looking for people to share rides or to club together to hire a van.  I’d pre arranged travel buddies but when i got there they’d already left. So i had another look on gumtree and found a new group. I ended up with a dutch guy, and a guy and girl from the USA.  They were great and luckily we had exactly the same ideas about travelling….and it involved a lot of walking, which to be honest is the only way to see tazzie.We ended up going to Tasman, Freycinet, Walls of Jerusalem, Cradle mountain, south bruny and douglas apsey national parks.

The sex museum

This was the first place we ventured, i was pretty skeptical but was really impressed when we got there. It is called the MONA and had only just opened, it  was the most bizarre wonderful collection of art i’ve ever seen. It was built by a guy that wanted to give something back to the community so he bought a heap of art(75 million worth) and built an awesome space to house it and the best part it was FREE. If your in Hobart you have to go here.

Top places in Tazzie

  • Wine glass bay (Freycinet)

This was such a beautiful spot it had great vistas and many beautiful walks. The white beaches and blue water are still fresh in my mind today. Its also a pretty special place as i tried my first ever G and T there.

  • Walls of Jerusalem

This was a pretty big walk, especially since we had no map, wet weather gear or tents….all of which are suggested. But i’m so glad we went the views were incredible and even though it was a bit of a climb it was well worth while. The best thing about this walk were all the snakes. Till this point i had only seen 2 snakes in ozzy and i’d been here for 6 months. On this walk i saw 4 and 1 was bigger than my arm!

  • Cradle mountain

I love this place the water is so clear and the walk is stunning. It is one of the most popular walks in tassie, and i suggest doing it on a clear day as you really wouldn’t be able to appreciate the views otherwise.

  • Honeymoon bay and the bay of fire

There’s no walk here and the water is freezing but these places are just awesome. They were empty and serene and definitely the place for a quick wash.

  • Pieman river

This is where an adventure began. The idea was to go in search of the elusive platypus. So we looked up a canoe hire place at the mouth of the pie man river, ditched the camper and paddle up river for a day. We had supplies of a tent, beer and a wooly hat or two (bought from the canoe hire guys wife….can’t recommend them enough). We had a lovely day paddling along supping on a beer or 2 (even if it was light beer….never send american to buy alcohol in oz). We found a lovely tea tree pool on the way and had a little dip, unfortunately this happened to be rather leach infested.Luckily one of the guys had a lighter and burnt it off. We camped up had a fire and woke up at 4 for a bit of platypus spotting. Now all was going swimmingly till the morning, it was supposed to be any easy paddle on the way back down river. Unfortunately a storm was brewing and the previously calm river was more like rapids. Luckily the other guys in my group were pretty good at canoeing (unlike me). We struggled against the elements for 4 hours, with each wave threatening to capsize us and eventually made it. All in all though a good adventure and a free bit of white water canoeing!

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The tree people

I had never heard about this before. The american girl insisted we visited these people in the woods. All i knew was that they were hippies trying to save the trees. And to be fair they were, quite a few obviously just liked the idea but a few t really impressed me. They were camping there to block the logging trucks. One of the leaders took us on a tour and showed us what the logging companies did. I was shocked; they had levelled the whole forest, they took any tree of value and burnt the rest. This is very destructive and the native forest takes years to recover. Some of the trees they cut down are 100’s of years old. Seeing this really made me think, i have a lot of respect for these people and i almost stayed.

To sum up

Go to tazzie you will not be disappointed. It is absolutely stunning, you will be spoilt with views, walks and the people are lovely. There was so much wildlife we spotted snakes, echidnas, wallabies and wombats.

One thing though….it is freezing so i suggest visiting in summer.


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