The start of traveling the world!


The start of traveling the world!

An undefined feeling…

At some point in your life, things become different for you. Maybe you are starting to dislike getting up every morning to go to your job. Probably you are annoyed by the daily discussions about the same boring and stupid (micro) problems which are only exist in your near environment. To stuck in your frame and comfort zone with all the included advantages and securities don’t satisfies you anymore. Yeah, for some of you this will sound crazy. Deep in your body and mind a voice called excitement is raising up and yelling at you. Excitement to explorer new parts of our blue planet. You can’t compare it with the couple of weeks called vacation which you get offered from your 9-5 job. It is a serious voice for which you need time to get to the core of it.


Awaking Interests about Travelling

Suddenly you get more aware about other countries and cultures. You start to read travel blogs, make researches about country or city names you have never heard before. And than it will happen. At the beginning you realise that something wired is going on deep in you. A strange feeling which keep you thinking outside the box all night long and you will start saying to yourself: “I have to change something”.

But do you really have to, or do you want to change something?

Clarity is the key in this situation. This strange feeling comes from the inner voice deep inside you, based on new thoughts and desires and the fact that you are no longer satisfied.

A feeling to leave, not to runaway. A feeling to experience new things, not to leave your past and present life.

It’s nothing what you have to do, it’s more about what you want to do. You want to take and explorer a different way in your life. Take your time to rest and write down all your feelings, desires and thoughts which are going on in yourself. As a result, you will get a big picture about yourself. To reach your big pictures you can get in contact with friends or people who have been already travelling to foreign countries. It often takes a lot of time to get (more) clarity about your actual situation. You will know this moment of clarity immediately when it appears in your life. Finally, there is only one thing left to do, the famous FIRST STEP. It doesn’t matter in which direction you make your first step, it’s all about the action and that you take the chance to make this step.

If I may quote Steve Jobs:

“I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?” And whenever the answer has been “No” for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.”

I know guys, not everyone is a friend of Steve Jobs or the work he has done. And yes, you read this quote often in relation to a business topic. But there is so much truth in this quote. Ask yourself following two questions:

  • Why do you keep going with your daily things if you are no longer satisfied?
  • Why do you discuss the same topics day by day?


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Follow your desire!

The needed clarity about the core go your feelings and actual situation can you get from asking yourself one specific question:

What do you desire?

At the first glance the questions appear a bit boring or easy to answer. Take a couple of minutes and sit down to answer these questions and you will see that especially the last question will bring you to stumble. To figure out what is going on deep in your body and your subconsciousness may take a lot of time and becomes to a big challenge. Fear will come up in your mind and you start to think about how things will work out. Your family, friends and colleagues may start to talk to you and try to influence you. Especially if the never had experienced a similar journey in tier lives. Be aware that you can’t travel without scarifying important things of your life. During your journey you will be away from your family, friends and your familiar environment.

Yes, it could be and maybe it will be hard for you. That’s the price you have to pay to experience new things and to conquer our world with your eyes and mind. You can plan the beginning of your journey to have everything organised for the first couple of days. Fix your flight and accommodation. To travel the world doesn’t necessarily mean to travel solo. Ask your family or friends, maybe someone will join you. Or sing up for travel blogs or websites to find other like-minded people who also want to start a journey. You can share and discuss your thoughts and concerns. Together it’s easier to make a research about the countries you want to visit and further to organise all needed steps like booking flights and accommodations.


Don’t give up, be true to your feelings.

There will be always like-minded people. You only have to find your guts to make the first step to start your journey, otherwise you will never know if all the time you spent, thoughts and conversations you had, researches and sacrifices you made are worth it. You will never satisfy this feeling which appeared deep in you. The only thing which will be left is the chance that you may regret in the future that you haven’t made the famous first step.


Be Grateful!

But be always aware about your personal situation. The majority of inhabitants of our beautiful blue planet called “Earth” hasn’t even the possibility to get in a similar situation. If you are one of this lucky people, be grateful. Be grateful even if you don’t want to start to travel and try always remember that their is someone else outside in this world who will never have that feeling to even have the opportunity to travel the world.

Everyone has to make this decision by his own based on his experiences and feelings, his actual mood and way of life. But one question should definitely help you to find out in which direction you should make the first step, even it’s not about travelling.



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