The northeast region of Patagonia Argentina , El cóndor


Sports and Wildlife in Patagonia

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I arrive to this part of the world for an invitation to know the atlantic side of la patagonia argentina, i didn’t know anything about the place, about his weather, or land or anything, i just jumped, and i have to said that i’m not regretted

How to get to Patagonia?

i take a bus in buenos aires at 19:00 PM. the bus its very nice, have two floors and the chairs are really comfortable, they’re almost like beds, in the bus they give me a warm meal, with milanesa, and some wine, i fall sleep, when the sun knock my window in the morning I saw the patagonia landscape, yellow grass with little spots of green, small trees, all plain without any mountains, they offer me a coffee (an ugly one) with some kind of cake, When I got off the bus, they were 07:00 am.

I arrived Viedma, the capital city of the province Río Negro, an small city with 10.000 people, the city It is located on the banks of the beautiful and big river (The river has the same name as the province Río negro), we prepared for our trip, we enlisted the tent , fishing rods and left.

The Patagonian Experience

I started traveling a road almost straight line to infinity , it was very hot , about 35 degrees and began to dusk, when on the route we began to see animals ,crossing from one side to another , brown hares running with young, skunks who remained still with the passage of the car,we watched some birds like ostriches that only smaller , called rhea, was fascinated , this seemingly dry land was full of life.

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We arrived after 30 km . At a place called Condor , a seaside town , small with about 1000 inhabitants and many houses for rent, in one of these houses we stayed, was two blocks from the beach .

( in the place there are many options for the night , camping, hotels, apartments or houses)

The beaches here are huge when the tide is low , it seems that the sea disappeared for a moment and give way to the ground between low tide and sea are 6 hr , then the sea recovers but given extension seemingly endless beach , the left side of the beach if you’re looking at the sea , is the mouth of the river (rio negro) on the Atlantic sea, here say it is the home of Franciscan dolphin, I never saw it, but people say that entering the spring, are seen jumping.

One of these days we decided to try their luck fishing, and we did ! almost anywhere on the long beach it is suitable for fishing, very early and even late at night lots of people fishing for either local restaurants or for their own benefit , between what can be fished are : corvina , silverside , gattuso , shark, striped …

In the summer (December to early March) this seaside town awake.

In its long beaches of fine sand and rocky cliffs you can found the world’s largest colony of Burrowing Parrots , has deployed more than 35,000 nests along 12km. of Cliffs that overlook the Pacific Ocean , take a walk along the beach has another meaning with thousands of parrots chattering and fluttering while the sun goes down at sea.


If your intentions are not going to see the more than 100 varieties of birds that roam the area, you can also enjoy a sport like windsurfing, kite surfing , sand yachting , all disciplines are favored by the unpredictable Patagonian wind , I can not say that I have the courage to do these things, but if you do, you can be sure than some local are willing to teach you.

sand yachting

On site you will find 3 0 4 supermarkets , several restaurants , it is important to remember that the winds can be very strong so if you go camping is very important to make sure to bring a good tent , durable. At dawn even in summer can do a little cold, I do not think it advisable in winter camping because the temperatures hover between -4 and 7 degrees.

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the water of the ocean its cold, but offcourse, what you can hope in a place when you can see sea lions, and once in a while if you’re lucky , the southern right whale.

after we spend two or three days in el condor, we take our car with our tent and again take

the route, when we’re leaving the town we saw a lighthouse, was constructed in 1887, and is one of the first lighthouses in Argentina, you can get in and see the beautiful view on the top,everything seems endless, the beach, the sea, the sky, the cliff.

After 10km we got a A perfect beach to do some surfing, the place its perfect because the water crashes in one big rock and make awesome waves.

keep in mind that this place is very remote , and there, not rent surfboards , so if you like the surf or wind sports is Important bring your things.

To sleep there, you have to camp in the top of the cliff, and again this place do no have shops or cellular signal, but its a safe place, at night the sound of the birds, the dance of the sea and the amazing sky are going to make you feel like your in the best place of the world.


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