The 10 Must Sees of Bhopal, India


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So Hello all you backpackers.

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The 10 Things you Must do :

  1. New Market:Often called the heart of Bhopal, new market is a place of daily rush from morning till evening. You want a product, you have it in New Market. You want to have the best samosa(a kind of fried indian snack) in the city, New Market. The place sees a huge rush in the evening and almost a fight for parking spaces, so I would suggest taking a two-wheeler there would be better. New Market has enormous shops for food, fun, clothes, accessories, utensils, electronics and what not! If you come to Bhopal, spare one or two tourist spots and give that time to New Market! Its worth it. 🙂
  2. 10 number: Another super-important location of Bhopal is the 10 number market. Geographically situated quite at the centre of the Bhopal, this place is on the rocks for youngsters. The best food, like literally the best food is what it is in 10 number market. A complete favorite hangout place in Bhopal! And if we talk about clothes, 10 number market beats even New Market, as it has shops updated with fashion to the marks
  3. Sagar Gaire: Situated in the most famous 10 number, Sagar Gaire is a must for every foodie, and every non-foodie also for that matter. The most popular hangout place for people of every age, mostly youngsters is Sagar Gaire. From a small thing such as soups, to big things such as laccha parathas, everything made in sagar Gaire gives a blast of flavors in your mouth. Most famous for Veg Biryani, Cheese Pasta and Three layer sandwich
  4. Chicken Shwarma stall: Literally situated behind the famous Sagar Gaire, this joint is perfect for non-veg hoggers. Most famous for its chicken shwarma, which gives you barbequed chicken, wrapped in thin chapattis, with white sauce and some veggies literally dripping, and this is even better than subway’s chicken tandoori. So this place is a must for foodies. I bet you love 10 number now.
  5. Upper Lake: The grandest and the biggest lake of central India, the upper lake is situated in Bhopal. With an endless area of water, the lake also sports an island called ‘Takiawala Tapu’, named after a sage ‘ takiawala baba’. The lake has been developed beautifully by the state government with a view to preserve nature. Sustainable development is seen all around. The Upper lake is the main and major attraction of any traveler who comes to Bhopal backpacking. There is a boatclub situated for boating in the Upper Lake. All kinds of attractions are developed in the area. There are food joints and also lodging facility provided by the government, by far the most well- developed tourist attraction of Bhopal.
  6. Kolar Road: The Kolar Road in itself is an attraction for all the travelers. The most local area of Bhopal, situated b/w two lakes, one being the grand Shahpura lake. The road is most known for its famous momo stalls. Around 10 momo stalls, all in one line, compete against each others for customers, and to be honest, each of the stalls’ momos are fabulous. The road is also infamous as the city’s underground people come out at night to this road and sometimes fights take place at night.
  7. MP Nagar: It wont be wrong if I say that MP Nagar is the most developed area of Bhopal. All the coaching, all the banks, maximum offices, maximum corporate workshops are situated in MP Nagar. The place is alive at all times of the day. A huge rush of students, middle-aged people is seen at Mp Nagar almost at all times.
  8. Naadra Bus Stand: It’s the old bus stand of Bhopal. During the day, the place is a proper bus-stand, but at night, the place is a red-light area, like some magical conversion in a Pixar movie! The place serves as a proper red light area of Bhopal, with Brothels and everything, and the best part, not many people of the town are aware about this part being a red-light, so you can just that you’re going to the bus stand to pick a friend and actually manage a quickie. 😉
  9. Hoshangabad Road: Funny how a city is famous for its roads. 😉 Hoshangabad road was a barren area till around 2005, but development quicken its pace after that and is now a hub of lights, sporting the very beautiful BRTS lane. The National Highway number 12 passes through Hoshangabad Road. If you travel through the Hoshangabad Road at night, the beauty of the roads, just the beauty of the roads and the yellow lights which shimmer throughout the BRTS lane will mesmerize you. Also sporting 3 malls of the city, Hoshangabad Road is soon becoming a posh area of Bhopal.
  10. Manav Sangralaya: If you sir are a history and art lover, and explore the world for various cultures, Bhopal wont disappoint you in that respect as well. Manav Sangralaya is a state-owned museum in the city. The museum truly describes the history, art, culture, tradition, and what not of Central India. A complete insight into the history of central India. The museum as alone is so big that it takes around 3 hours to have a complete look at it.


These were the 10 must visits of Bhopal(you can skip Naadra bus stop though 😉 ).  Bhopal is truly a pure delight for a backpackers souls’. With smooth roads, lush greenry and people ready to help, Bhopal is one of the best cities of Central India to enjoy a quick ride to.


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