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Goa has to be the most popular beach destination in India.It is famous for nightlife,water sports,beach shacks and cheap booze.I love that place from bottom of my heart ,it has a different vibe ,instantly puts any person in a party mood.India has been very lucky to have  beautiful coastal line,boasts some serene beaches ,some are still waiting to be explored and still untouched.

In this article I am going to share my experience of visiting one of those not much explored beaches.This small village is known as Tarkarli.It is just 3.5hrs drive from Goa.Once you enter the village one can feel a vast difference between Goa and this small village situated in interior part of Malvan.One get glimpse of a typical Indian village.No vehicles , pretty small houses surrounded by palm trees,white sand & blue crystal clear water ,one can find fishermen ready with  boats and fishing nets .



By Road


546 km

Approximately 14 hrs

By Train

Mumbai-Kudal (10 hrs)

1 hour drive from Kudal station

By Flight


2.30hr drive from Goa airport



Between October – March


There are few hotels and MTDC resort (which has really cute houseboats).I had gone during summer vacation so most of those hotel were full so we decided to stay another village known as Devbaug (literally  means garden of god)which is next to Tarkarli.We had rented 2 rooms in a house.Most of villagers rent out rooms to tourists.They charge minimum rent and the best part is if  you tell them in advance they provide you with home cooked malvani(maharastrian coastal style of cooking) food.Rooms had all basic amenities,outside had a hammock and dining table.

Most of these houses are situated next to the beach ,so just jump and hop tada! you are on a beach .It is like having our own private beach for free.And there are so many exciting things to do snorkeling ,Scuba diving,fishing or sleeping on a quiet beach listening to the waves and enjoying salty breeze in your hair.

Local people are welcoming and affectionate.They treated us as their guests.Every morning we woke up to piping hot cup of masala tea.They had arranged instructors who took us for scuba diving.If you need anything just let them know they would arrange that for  you.




As mentioned earlier you can request local people to cook authentic malvani food for you.If you are visiting during Summer you will get to taste ”Mango:The king of fruits “.For breakfast one should try Bhurji paav(which is Indian styled scrambled eggs) ,Or for lunch you can go to any restaurant and have fish thali or chicken thali.You have to try khekda masala(crab),Tisrya masala(clams),Kombdi masala(chicken),fried fish, Wada and Soul kadhi.

11150233_10153279664949469_6551660905530947008_n11011762_10153279677874469_4925872495539631806_nchicken thali

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My mermaid moment

It has to be scuba diving with my childhood friends.I am water baby,I meant I love water but I can’t swim.So I was terrified about scuba diving.But it was on my bucket list from really long time so gathered all my courage and jumped into the deep blue sea.Twice I came up on the water surface because I panicked,midway I just forgot my breathing technique.Then finally third time I was at the bottom,touching corals and fish had my mermaid moment.

For scuba diving they take you deep into the sea if you are lucky then one can spot dolphins in this area.Just after a month of my visit to Tarkarli there was a news that local fishermen had spotted a fully grown Whale.I wish I would have gone a month later,I have never seen a Whale in my whole life.

While chit-chatting with our Scuba instructors we got to know about an island called ”Tsunami Island”.This Island has come on surface after Tsunami hence the name.This is covered by tiny little crabs.One can enjoy water sports like banana ride,Jetski,Bumper ride,Speedboats,Parasailing.


A walk to remember

Imagine 5 girls going on a road trip to Goa and Tarkarli. We all are childhood friends,we know everything about each other.So there is formality no awkwardness no hard feelings only pure friendship and lots of sarcastic taunts.My most favorite moment in trip was sitting on moonlit beach with my people and having heart to heart conversation.Only 5 girls on a beach at midnight and few dogs who were wondering what were we doing at beach ? Those moments were so previous ,now days when do we get time to sit on beach and pour our heart out or to admire the Moon.For our surprise we had full 3G connection on the beach.


I would advice people travelling to Goa do take a time out and explore these interior places.Get taste of authentic coastal Maharashtra.Let’s find a beautiful place to get lost.



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