Tarkarli: A road trip to the hidden paradise


Routine means boredom. Being in the IT industry, I hardly find time on a particular day to simply chill or relax. IT requires overtimes, physical and mental stress and makes life monotonous. Vacation is a must to keep you refreshed, to keep the spark alive.

For the same reason, my friends and I planned a trip this Christmas. We wanted to go to a place where we could just go and relax, away from the daily routine and work. That’s when we got to know about Tarkarli beach and decided to visit the place.

Boat ride at the Arabian Sea

Boat ride at the Arabian Sea

Tarkarli – Where is it and how to reach?

Tarkarli (mostly known for the Tarkarli Beach) is a village in Malvan (in the Sindhudurg District) in the Indian state – Maharashtra. The village has beaches that attract tourists. The beautiful white sand and clear water beaches are the perfect place to relax, enjoy sunrise and sunset and also to go for some fun-filled adventure.

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Where to Stay

Tarkarli is situated at the coastal line. So, people prefer to stay at the sea side. We chose the Sea Pearl resort. Since we went during the season (October to December), it required advance bookings. But if you go off-season, the best of hotels are easily available at a minimal rate. I absolutely loved the stay. The Sea pearl resort is a beach resort alongside the back waters of Arabian Sea, with sea facing rooms, seashore, coconut trees, and large and small boats that cruise over the waters. It offers various water adventures. The resort is around 2 KMs from the Devbag beach which is more famously known as the Devbag Sangam. The Sangam is a famous tourist attraction because it is the point where the Karli River meets the Arabian Sea.

What to do at Tarkarli/Malvan

Like I mentioned above, this is a place where you can just go and relax without any disturbance from the outside world. If you just want to spend some quality time with your loved ones, Tarkarli is the place for you. It is also a honeymoon destination. With that being said, this place offers all kinds of water adventures for the youth and sightseeing for the elderly.

The narrow roads, open fields, sea side resorts and greenery will make you feel like you are driving in the woods. The sunsets and sunrises are an absolutely blissful sight. The list of points at Tarkarli are:

  • Sangam – The Devbag beach is around 5-6 kms from the Tarkarli beach. It is the end of the city and symbolizes for the Sangam. “Sangam” literally means a point where more than one things meet. The Devbag Sangam is the point where the Karli River meets the Arabian Sea.
  • Tsunami Island – It is a naturally emerged Island on the delta of Karli River. This is a beach cum island which is famous for water sports. There are various water rides – boat ride from the devbag beach to the island, dolphin ride, jet skiing, banana boat, bumper ride, water scooter, and parasailing – that you can do here.
  • Tarkarli Beach – This beach is the best to sit back, try your hands at sand art – sand castles and enjoy the sunrise and sunset.
  • Sindhudurg Fort – A fort on a small island surrounded by the Arabian Sea on all sides. A 50 rupees boat ride takes you to the fort and brings you back to the city road. We could not visit the fort because by the time we reached there, the last boat that goes to the fort had already left. The last boat leaves at 5:30 PM and we reached at 6:00 PM. So, if you do not want to miss visiting the fort, you have to be there before 5:30 PM.
  • Kunkeshwar Temple – Lord Shiva’s temple on the beach. This temple is around 46 kms from Tarkarli. It is an exotic view and a must visit.
  • Rock Garden at Malvan – The rock garden is a beautiful garden alongside the sea.
  • Scuba Diving – In the Indian state of Maharashtra, Tarkarli is the only place that has an international scuba diving training center. We did scuba diving at the Tarkarli Beach – it was actually an experience of a lifetime.

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The Itinerary that we followed –

Day 1:

We started from Pune at 2:00 AM on 25th December and reached the Sea Pearl at around 12:00 PM.

Since it was the first day, we preferred to relax and go sightseeing. Most of us enjoyed at the resort beach waters for about an hour, just after freshening up a little. After the fun in the sea waters, we got ready for the day and went to the Devbag Sangam. The Devbag beach at the sangam is a nice view. After spending about an hour at the Sangam, we left for the Tarkarli Beach to enjoy the sunset there. Sitting at beach and watching the sun set is nothing but “Bliss!” We chilled out at the beach till late in the evening and then left to enjoy the sea-food (Bluefish and Pomfret) for dinner. Post dinner, we geared back to the resort.

Day 2:

The second day of our trip started early in the morning. It was full of adventure. From scuba-diving to plucking-coconuts-from-trees-and-having-coconut-water to water-rides to bonfire and to top it all, getting-our-car-stuck-in-sand-and-enjoying-the-struggle-to-get-out, we did it all!

Since the best time to spot fishes in the corals is from 9 AM to 12 PM, we left for scuba at 8 in the morning with the first batch of people being taken for adventure. The boat ride till the actual spot in the middle of the sea where scuba is done was immense pleasure. We enjoyed the adventure and returned around 12 PM. Now was the time when we went for snacks back to the resort and plucked coconuts from the beach trees. The next adventure, after snacks, was the water sports at the Tsunami Island. We went back to the Sangam and took a boat for the Tsunami Island. Banana ride, jet skiing, water scooter, bumper ride and parasailing were the activities we did.

The fun in the waters was more than enough for the day. So, we went to our room, freshened up and got ready for some sightseeing. We headed to the Sindhudurg fort and rock garden. By the time we reached the fort, the last boat that takes you to the fort had already left. So, we went to rock garden.  That’s when we got our car stuck at the beach. It took us about 1 hour to get the car out. The whole struggle was too much fun.

Since the plan was to have bonfire on the resort beach, we got dinner packed and went to the resort. I am sure everyone can imagine the fun of a bonfire on a beach where you can hear the sound of sea but cannot see the waves. It was a long night which came in no time.

Day 3:

The third and the last day of the trip was reserved for the visit to the beach side Shiva temple. At around 10 AM, we checked out of the hotel and started for the Kunkeshwar Temple. After the visit to the temple, the road trip back to Pune started. The beautiful and a very memorable trip came to an end at 11:30 PM on 27th December.


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