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Hi, everyone!

I have been living in Sydney for the past 7-8 months now and would like to share some information with you all. As the title suggests, this post will be about Sydney’s culture, food and people. I will try my best to break it down into separate categories. Feel free to skip out certain sections that may not apply. Enjoy!

Sydney culture:

One of the first things I noticed when I first came here was how dynamic and multi-cultured Sydney is. The city is made up of people from all over the world- working, traveling, studying- I love it!

Coming from a design background, I could not help but notice how much art surrounds the city. The talent and creativity is amazing. Has anyone else noticed the “graffiti” walls in Newtown or Bondi Beach? The many designs of each building and architecture? The buskers performing not only outside Pitt Street Mall but the ones outside train stations and street corners too? There is so much going on all at the same time. Night markets, art galleries, theatre shows, live performances, firework displays. This is the first place I have been to that has a firework display for the public EVERY WEEK! And the best part is- Sydney makes time for all of this even despite how busy everyone’s schedule is. There is always time for fun after a long and busy day.

Sydney People:

Perhaps I come from a not-so-busy city in the UK but everyone here always seems to be in a rush. I could be wrong, but the amount of times I have seen people racing to cross a traffic light or try to squeeze on an already full bus is beyond me. There is one street in CBD where you can cross the road in six different directions (the normal 4-way AND the additional diagonal paths too). Why is everyone always in such a hurry to get from A to B? I’ve almost adjusted to this busy lifestyle and often find myself rushing around now too.

Just like everywhere else in the world, there are different types of people. I am very lucky to have met a bunch of crazies who have more than welcomed me to the country. Initially, I was afraid that I would not fit in or that people would make fun of my British accent but instead, the people I have met have made me feel so comfortable and dare I say it- I feel at home.

I have met friendly bus drivers (who even laughed at how bad my sense of direction is- woops!) to chatty customers who wonder “Why Australia?”, recommending me places to visit and friends who share the same love for food.

The vocabulary here is slightly different, and words are often shortened.
A simple: “Hi, how ya goin?” is preferred over “Hi, how is it going?”/ “Hi, how are you today?”.
“Good afternoon” is shortened to “good arvo!”
And “thongs” means “flip-flops”.

It is safe to say that I am still learning the Australian lingo, and may even return back with a different accent but one thing is for sure: I will never get used to calling my shoes, thongs.

Sydney food:

The majority of my friends and Instagram followers will know how much of a foodie I am though I have cut down on spamming my social media with food images (I think!) so of course, I have tried out various food places despite traveling on a “budget”.

After being in Sydney for over 6 months, I have learnt that just because a restaurant is rated highly on the internet does not mean that it lives up to its reviews. I mean Tripadvisor is great for when you have limited time in a certain area, but it definitely does not beat recommendations by the locals. I’ll avoid mocking restaurants and their services but instead share a few of my favourite experiences so far.

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1) Local Mbassy

If you are missing home and looking for a good full English breakfast, this is the place to go! I have only been here twice, but can say that I have enjoyed the food and service on both occasions. Their prices are very affordable and the portions are very generous too. Will definitely be making another visit soon!

2) Chef’s Gallery

A very chilled out and authentic atmosphere where we were able to watch the Chef’s make the food right in front of us; the best part was being able to taste the goodness in every bite! Slightly pricey but definitely worth it. I recommend booking since they were pretty packed when we arrived!

3) Mamak’s

Still the best Malaysian food I have had so far in Sydney. Their roti’s were so fresh and cannot be matched. Every time I walk past this restaurant, there never fails to be a queue but I can say that the 30 minute wait does not disappoint for sure!

4) Grill’d Healthy Burgers

Living across the road from Grill’d means that I have been here on a few occasions now and each time, their burgers tastes as good as the first. I can only compare to 4/5 other places which is not a lot considering how many burger places are plotted around CBD. Will definitely be looking to try out more after seeing some pretty impressive images from friend’s Instagrams, but this place definitely satisfies my burger cravings.

5) Hurricane’s Grill

If you can, try to reserve an outdoor seat- the Darling Harbour view will always be incredible whether for a romantic date or a friendly catch up. For $50 (approximately £25), you can order both steak AND ribs served with a choice of sweet potatoe fries/ chips. Perfect option for big eaters like myself who wants everything on the menu. Service was pretty quick considering how busy they were and food was delicious too.

Thanks for reading, and hope that you find this post useful!
Have a lovely week ahead!

Keep smiling, keep inspiring.
Love L x.

Local Mbassy

Local Mbassy, told you it was good!

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