Sula wines- In the heart of India

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India isn’t what you call a wine country. Total wine consumption here is 1/8000th of France! That doesn’t mean you have no Quality wine here. Sula Wines constitutes about 70% of total wine share of the country. They have a beautiful vineyard which is a perfect getaway. One can comfortably spend an entire day here or stretch it to a long refreshing weekend. In this travelogue, I will share a day’s trip to Sula Vineyards.

The Where of it

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Travel Option


From Mumbai, the distance to Nashik is approx. 180 km which takes a good 4 hr. drive. We started off early at 7-30 am. It was a group of 9 college students looking for some fun! The route is beautiful, peppered with greenery and a distinct lack of urban life. Before you get off on the highway, make sure to get some food for the hotels and stops are few and far between. At every restaurant, you will definitely get the staple Maharashtra breakfast, (Missal pav, Bhajiyas, Poha etc.). It is suggested that you eat the local cuisine here. They are experts at these preparation and asking for something else will bring you surprises, and not usually a happy one.



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The great grape stomp!




One of the fun parts of a vineyard, apart from the wines of-course, is the grape stomping. Out came the wooden container in the warm sunshine besides a garden. The area is made specifically for this activity. The tub contained some pre-stomped grapes and they would have been few days old for they were smelly! However, 5 of us (that’s the limit per session) cleaned our feet and in we went for a good 15 minutes. The worker bought fresh grapes at regular interval and thus began a hilarious show, attracting fellow wine lovers! We played train right inside the barrel, put on songs (cellphones, duh!) and danced way. We had almost falls but not really. We even had a round of Garba in the tub! (A Gujarat dance form, performed in a circle, includes lot or twirling!). The same routine continued for the rest of the gang. It was superb fun!

The wine and Cheese!




After this, we cleaned ourselves and headed for lunch. Now there are few  exotic restaurant around the wine yard with exorbitant price chart. This meant that we students didn’t dare to step inside. We went to the beautiful deck overlooking the vineyard to enjoy some wine. The interior of the main deck is beautifully done with barrels and wine bottles making up the major focus. The wooden décor sets the right tone for a relaxed, grown-up feel. We took a corner table, overlooking the landscape and settled to enjoy.

It was close to 3-30 pm now, and yes we were hungry but decided to satiate ourselves with some appetizers and amazing wine. We orders a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and Chenin Blanc and a platter of assorted appetizers. It turned out to be our lucky day as there were some cheese enthusiasts returning from a long trip abroad. They had bought back some exotic cheese and decided to share it with everyone on the deck!

Looking back at the time, we went through the 2 bottles of fantastic wine and a platter of deliciously weird cheese. Light headed and happy we went on to buy couple more bottles from the shop and decided to head home.

Around Sula Wines:

Lake side fun.



En-route, there is a lake which you can’t miss. This is another attraction where you can spend some quality time. We played few games, waddled into the lake and had a great time.

Finally, at 6 pm we left from Nashik and were unbelievably hungry. This wait was rewarded with one of the best meals of my life! A humble hotel by the name of Akshya on the Mumbai Nasik highway became our savior! We attacked like a heard of hungry bears and the food was beyond compare. The traditional and simple of Sev-tomato sabje, dal fry, besan ki sabji, paneer fry, roti and rice was our choice of food. If you do find yourselves there, try their thecha, that’s traditional Maharashtra preparation of spicy condiments. It is hot enough to burn a hole through your tongue but as they say, a little bit won’t hurt!

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Stay Option:

For those looking for more luxurious retreat, try Beyond but Sula a 30+ room hotel by Sula. They have wonderful spas, pool, restaurants and provides a lovely wine yard experience.

A piece of advice: For those who really love wine and have been to world class winery, come here with an open mind. There may not be as much gloss and glitter here but the wines and sinful, the view is mesmerizing and the rustic feel of the journey will make it memorable.

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