Santo Domingo: A walk on the city streets

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When you think about Dominican Republic the first thing that comes the everyone’s mind is: beaches! We do in fact have the most beautiful beaches you could think about, with any kind of sand, any kind of water and any kind of views… BUT, if you are thinking about coming to the Dominican Republic I have to tell you that you can just walk around the streets of Santo Domingo and you will be able to find a lot of things to do and a lot of beautiful places to see and visit.

The first thing that I like to do when I go to any city or town is walk around in the street to see how it really is. In Santo Domingo you can see the autumn leaves fall in the middle of winter and you can have the most cloudy weather and 20 minutes after have the most shiny sunniest day you have ever seen. Some people could say that’s a disadvantage of living on an island with a tropical weather, but I would rather say it is an advantage because you can have it all in one day and won’t even have to move.

Santo Domingo Streets 1


Stopping by at Plaza de la Cultura

If you are a fan of museums you can go visit Plaza de la Cultura which is located in the middle of the city and has access to all kinds of transportation, including the metro ef Santo Domingo. Inside of it you can find 3 museums to visit, even if they see ghost like I swear they have impressive content, from nature of man and animals to the history of the indigenas of the island, and those are: Museo del Hombre Dominicana, Museo de Historia y Geografía and Museo de Historia Natural. It doesn’t stop there, in Plaza de la Cultura you can find El Teatro Nacional (The most important theater in Dominican Republic) and if you want to just sit and enjoy the nature you have a lot of green places there, or else if you want to have a drink you can stop by at Cinema Café, which also usually has life music on the weekends.

Metro Santo Domingo

Plaza de la cultura santo domingo

Museo de Arte Moderno Santo Domingo

Visiting La Zona Colonial (Colonial Zone)

If you don’t want to stop there or if you already passed by and want to leave or if you just simply have another day in the city, the best place to go is la Zona Colonial! There is not only plenty of beautiful places to see and visit, but a lot of cultural activities and story to see on the streets of it. As you walk but you can enjoy of seeing the constructions made by the Spanish on the times of the discovery of the island. The Colonial Zone remains with walls and street made on the years of 1500. In Dominican Republic we have not only the first church built on America, La Catedral de Santo Domingo, but also the first street on America, Calle las Damas… Can you imagine walking on the first street made on America and then stopping by at the first church? And there is a always a plus: you can rent a bicycle to travel along the city! And for those museums lover I mentioned earlier you will have a lot of options to do, from the history of Columbus to political history of Dominican Republic.


Zona Colonial Santo Domingo


Don’t go around thinking that because the Colonial Zone has so many historical ways it means it is a ”boring place”, that is a no-no. If you are one of those person that enjoy sitting around and listening to people play music on the street, and maybe see the little kids playing around while having a drink or eating something you have several parks to sit and enjoy, like Parque Duarte of Parque Colón. One of my favorites is Parque Colón, near by you have a ”Colmado” (a store) where you can buy a lot of cheap stuff, meaning cheap beer and food and then just sit on the park (which is in front of the first church of America) and enjoy after a long walk on the streets of la Zona Colonial.

Catedral Santo Domingo


By the time the night hits everyone will be amazed by the beauty of the streets at night (even I keep getting amazed everytime), at that point you can go to El Alcazar de Colón, which is a big plaza with the most beautiful view of the you could ever imagine. At the other side of it you have a port that sometimes has ships on it, you can sit on the plaza and enjoy the view or you can sit on one of the bars and restaurants they have in there.

Colonial zone at night

alcazar de colon

alcazar de colon

beer market santo domingo

But in case you didn’t pass by on a Thursday night there is no need to worry because you will most likely find places that have live music, one of my recommendations is la Casa de Teatro, there you will not only find live music but also theater plays made mostly by Dominicans, and you can also enjoy of drinks and food if you might. And for those who love theater you can also find the Teatro las Mascaras y Teatro Guloya, both of them do regularly local plays that any theater lover would like.

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And to end this tour with the typical stuff that you can find in La Zona Colonial we can not leave behind the ”Bonyé”. The local cultural music of Dominican Republic is merengue and bachata, in the Bonyé you will find hundreds of people of all ages that gather together in las Ruinas de San Francisco to enjoy the live historic music played in there. You can find people dancing or just enjoying the music and sharing the joy of the dominicans! Bonyé is definitely a must if you decide to visit.

And now that you know all of this, wouldn’t you like to have a little walk around on the streets of Santo Domingo?


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