Rishikesh – Perfect Gateway for a Solo Traveler

                                           “Rishikesh – Perfect Gateway for a Solo Traveler


Rishikesh, a place with serene natural beauty and soothing environment which will en-grope you so hard in his hands that you don’t want to leave that place. Rishikesh is also known as the yoga capital of the world and has been able to attract thousands of traveler. Rishikesh has a lot to offer for every kind of traveler be it adventure, meditation centers, beautiful natural beauty, spiritual tours etc. Rishikesh offers a in-budget trip to every traveler and travelers who are planning their next trip can keep Rishikesh in their mind.

Things to do in Rishikesh:



There are many sacred temples in Rishikesh which would offer high spiritual zone to everyone and many followers visit these temple in sake of their religious beliefs.

There is this famous temple “NEELKANTH”, which attract thousands of followers from different zone of the world. As per sacred knowledge, this temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and it offers high spiritual environment which help people during their soul searching journey. It is advised to visit this temple during the Hindu festival “MAHASHIVRATRI”, as the festival is prominently celebrated in this temple and the foreign traveler can attain knowledge about Hindu culture and tradition during this time.

Meditation Centers:

Many meditation centers resides in Rishikesh and they offer a lot to every kind of traveler. There are some of the Hindu ashrams and religious centers like “Gita Bhawan”, and “Swargashram” located in Rishikesh. Many traveler during their solo trips visit this place and spend their days in these centers in order to find inner peace, balance and stability in their life. Many foreigners spent their days residing in these ashram in order to find inner peace.

“Baba Ramdev”, a very prominent figure and everyone is familiar with this name has also opened a Yoga Center in Rishikesh. As you know, Yoga being the most popular art form which helps many people to recover, reconfigure and bring balance in life.”Baba Ramdev’s” Yoga center is the most visited place in India and able to attract thousands of Foreign travelers .

 Ram Jhulla:

“Ram Jhulla” is an iron bridge which connects the two sides of the holy river “Ganga” and that bridge use to fascinate many Indian traveler. It is one of the sacred bridge that is built 25 years ago but use to fascinate many Indians as it is built over the holy river “Ganga”.



Rishikesh inhere many adventurous sports activities like white water rafting, bungee jumping, cliff jumping, paintball center etc.



Shivpuri is a place which is 20 km far from Rishikesh, it ventures many adventurous sports activities. Many traveler and group traveler used to visit this place in search of in-budget adventurous fun. There are many camping facilities available in Shivpuri and you can spend your time living in the arms of the beautiful and serene environment and these camps offer free food to their guests.

The white water rafting is one of the famous adventurous activity being done by many travelers and groups. White water rafting was always in “Preeti Chaudhary’s” bucket list and when done on the holy river  “Ganga” which is 200 ft deep, makes it very special and memorable which “Preeti Chaudhary” wants to cherish.

Cliff jumping is also a major practiced activity by the traveler. Cliff jumping on the holy river “Ganga” also creates a memorable spot in your heart. When “Preeti Chaudhary” remembers her cliff jumping scene and it makes her very happy.

Shivpuri also inhere many beautiful and soothing trails where most of the traveler wants to do trekking. The travelers can get a memorable and cherishable moments by trekking in the arms of Rishikesh. Shivpuri offers high amount soothing and refreshing environment and makes it hard for you to leave that place.


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There is this famous restaurant “Chotiwala” which is old and offers authentic Indian food. Many families who used to spend their vacation over there in Rishikesh, always visit this restaurant as it has been in their bucket list. This restaurant is also a favorite spot for foreigners as it offers very flexible and responsive services to the customer. You can try different kind of food in this restaurant and which is served under the budget also.

The traveler during their solo trip if opt for camping, then that is the plus point for them as they will be served freely by the camping instructors. The food offered at the camping is also rich and healthy in taste. You get a chance to enjoy your food in a refreshing environment with scenic beauty.


When To Go

You can plan your holidays in Rishikesh whenever you want and the services in Rishikesh are always open. But, if you are visiting Rishikesh for adventurous activity like white water rafting and cliff jumping then it is advised to visit that place between June to September.

The time between June to September is the summer season time in India and the adventurous sports technically run during summer season only. Traveler would be able to enjoy at their fullest during this time and can enjoy the refreshing nature also.


 Shop For souvenirs

Rishikesh is one of the sacred and holy place in India where you can shop for souvenirs and can buy the khadi clothes also. Foreigners can shop for traditional and religious clothes and they can also get consecrated things in this place.

Many different Hindu god scriptures would be easy to buy in this place which can be kept as souvenirs. Many Hindu believers and followers think that keeping a god souvenirs always help them in finding their right path in life and it always help to guide them about the right.


So in all, Rishikesh is a nice place to visit once in life and the trip is also covered in budget.
It can give a very special memory to the traveler who start their first trip with this place.
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