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Puerto Sagunto; City Beach Town

Puerto Sagunto, Valencia, Spain is a small beach town around 30km away from Spain’s third largest city, Valencia. Puerto Sagunto is the port town of Sagunto. A newer town in Spain established in 1902 when people all over Spain flocked to the area as the town of Sagunt built multiple factories creating jobs for many jobless Spaniards. Today, Puerto Sagunto is a popular summer destination for Spaniards seeking a relaxing day by the seaside. Puerto Sagunto is lined with a 1.2km white sanded beach with multiple restaurants, cafes, and parks.

Puerto is the perfect place to spend a day or weekend trip to relax by the beach and bask in the never ending sunlight that shines down on this town. In the summer the town of Puerto awakens. The beaches are full of vacationers baking in the sun, patios are full of Spaniards indulging in food and drink, and parks are filled with laughing children and dogs! In the winter months, however, you are hard pressed to find many people on the beach taking in the sun and the beauty of the Balearic Sea’s green, blue, and turquoise waters in peace.

Puerto Sagunto has 3 main things to do:

  • Beach
  • Food & Drinks
  • Market


The beach is located at the end of Av Camp de Morvedre opposite of Sagunto. As mentioned above, the beach stretches for 1.2km along the Balearic Sea. During the summer months, the beach is lined with wooden board walks, contains pop up bars on the sand, play structures, volleyball and football nets, washrooms, a wheel chair accessible area, and designated swimming areas. By the end of September, all amenities are removed. Remaining is a vast, clear area of white sand with the play structures and sports nets remaining. There is a beautiful formation of rocks on one side of the beach that creates a popular fishing spot. Also popular for sitting and watching the waves crash against the rocks. It is not hard to spend a full day at the Puerto Sagunto beach swimming, relaxing, playing, drinking, or eating!

Puerto Beach

Food & Drink

Puerto Sagunto has multiple options for Food & Drink. For such a small town you would wonder how they all stay in business! However, enjoying food and drink with friends and family at a local spot is a custom in Puerto Sagunto. Whether walking along Av del Mediterrani (the beach side avenue), Av Camp de Morvedre (the main road from the highway, through the town, and straight to the beach), or throughout the streets, squares, and plazas of Puerto Sagunto you are bound to find a small, local establishment perfect for tapas and a drink at all hours of the day during the summer season. Note: In the winter months many restaurants and cafeterias have reduced hours or sometimes aren’t open at all. To be safe, I advise you to stay along the beach as these places are generally open until later hours and on Sundays.

I invite you to indulge and relax at some of my favourite places.

Top Recommendations

Sea Food: Pulperia Terra Meiga

Located along the beach on Av del Mediterrani, 115. Some of the best seafood Puerto Sagunto has to offer with great views of the sea in the outdoor seating area. Seating so close to the Sea and food so fresh you feel as though you were just out catching your own food without all the hard work!

Italian Pizzaria: Restaurante A Mi Manera

Located at Carrer de Buenavista, 7. Small pizzeria that makes phenomenal pizzas. Thin crust, wood burning oven, fresh authentic toppings. Amazing flavours.

 Tapas: Bambu.

Located at Calle Alicante, 1. Traditional Spanish Tapas. Great quality, the owner’s mother and wife do all the cooking! A popular place for the surrounding squares.

Restaurante Picaflor

Cuddled in Calle Isla Cerdena, 29 is a uniquely decorated, cozy, and welcoming restaurant called Picaflor. You must try the Patatas Picaflor. They are an original twist to the popular tapa “Patatas Bravas.” Almost like a North American hash brown on a stick with an excellent garlic/”spicy” sauce. A must try!

Dinner: Restaurante Pizzeria Piccoli

Located at Calle Astrius, 4. Pizza, pasta, and Sangria. A bit of a fancier place, compared to many others, with great service. Another popular place to eat along the beach especially at night – a date night #1 pick for the area.

Dessert: Heladeria Veneta – Gelato Italiano

Veneta is nestled on the main Av del Mediterrani, 105. It is home to Spain’s #1 Gelato Flavour – Galleta de la Abuela which can translate into “Grandmother’s cookies. ” Gelato comes served in cups, cones, on warm croissants with drizzled chocolate sauce, on waffles, and many more. A must visit for dessert!

Drinks: Cocteleria ALOHA

A colourful, relaxing, Hawaiian themed juice bar located on the main Av de la Mediterrani, 99 across from the beach serving delicious alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails. Great place to relax and meet friends while drinking fun, fruity, mixes!

There are a few discos around the beach. However, many residents take the train or bus into Valencia if they are wanting to spend a late night out dancing with friends at the discos. A couple popular places in Puerto Sagunto include Gauthier  and Soho Beach Club.

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Every Thursday and Saturday morning from 9am – 2pm there is a local market in the Town Hall square. This market draws residents from all over town. The market includes fresh fruit and vegetable stands, a freezer area with fresh fish and meats, stands selling purses, wallets, shoes, slippers, sheets, blankets, and towels, underwear, pants, shirts, dresses, belts, scarves etc. Anything you want, I bet you can find at this market. As in any market, you will have the market sellers yelling things to you in Spanish. Don’t be intimidated, they will not hassle you into buying their items if you are simply just taking a look at their products. Remember, a little bartering is always acceptable! I bought a wallet for 2 euro at the market. It has lasted me for 6 months so far and has no signs of breaking down!

Puerto Sagunto Highlights

  • Easily accessible from Valencia via train (Renfe) or bus (AVSA)
  • 1.2km of white sandy beach
  • Abundance of cafes, cafeterias, and restaurants
  • Weekly markets
  • Small town with slow paced living

Streets of Puerto Sagunto

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