PUERTO PROGRESO: an unknown Mexican beach

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an unknown Mexican beach

Have you ever heard about the Golf of Mexico? or Yucatan? what about Puerto Progreso? yeah that last one, probably not. The main reason is because most of tourist don’t take time to find about new places to visit, if it’s not the famous Cancun where everybody has gone.. You won’t go, if it’s not Los Cabos where thousands of people pay a lot for luxury, Yo won’t go. And that’s a shame cause I need to they’ll you, I’m sorry, but you’re missing lots of beautiful places in this country.

If you want to know a little bit more about Mexican beaches, you’re reading the right post, I’m going to introduce you a beach that is not as famous as Cancun, Los Cabos, Playa del Carmen or Cozumel, but you can find the same amount of beauty in this place.

I’m talking about Progreso, a little beach town you don’t want to leave behind.






Some panoramic views 1. From the beach 2. From the pier 3. From the lagoon





Puerto Progreso is the “Gate to Yucatan”, many cruises stop there so tourist from all over the world can get the chance to walk over the clear sands, get a swim into the blue, warm water and enjoy the magic of a historic little beach town, full of color, amazing gastronomy and fun people.

The town is located in the southeast Mexico, in the north of Yucatan, 30 min. away from the capital of the state, Merida.

The weather is mostly warm and a little humid, January is the coldest month, and May the warmest. On average, 27 degrees (if you’re planning a summer trip, please don’t pack many sweaters)





The most popular way to visit Puerto Progreso as a non Mexican traveler, is to arrive on a cruise, and there are a lot of options out there! This are some of them:

  • Carnival Cruises
  • P&O Cruises
  • Pullmantur Cruises


If you’re visiting Merida City and want to spend a little time on the beach, you have 3 options:

  1. Rent a carand drive: for about 300 pesos you can rent a car a whole day and enjoy driving around.
  2. Take a taxi: taxis are a little more expensive considering they only take you there and take you back, but they are an option. I just recommend not to take the airport taxis, instead, look for the white or yellow ones, if you can read “taximetro” on it, take it! On this taxis you pay for the distance you travel and not a higher standard price.
  3. Take the bus: there’s only one bus covering the rout, its called AutoProgreso. You take bus downtown Merida and you arrive on the heart of Progreso.They have departures every 10 min. all day long starting 5am and ending 10pm. and all for 100 pesos approx.




If your plan is staying more than just an afternoon, you may want to know where can you get a room. Let me help you:

  • STAY IN A HOTEL : if you’ll be there for less than a week, I recommend you to look for hotel room. depending on your budget you can look for a in town hotel, most of them are cheaper cause they’re not on the shore and probably won’t have much services such as wifi or cable TV, If you have a higher budget you can look for a on shore hotel, they’re a little more expensive but you’ll have a pool, air conditioner, and maybe some meals included.
  • RENT A HOUSE OR AN APARTMENT: if you want to stay for over a week, you may want to rent, it’ll be cheaper and will give you more comfort. There are lots and lots of properties on rent, but try to reserve yours way before your arriving date, so that there is availability.



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There are lots and lots of things you can do in Progreso, I’ll leave you a list of the most popular activities:

-Swimming on the beach
-Walk on the Malecon (big sidewalk next to the beach)
-Banana rides
-Wave runner rides
-Fishing ride
-Fly kites
-Boat rides
…and much more!!


On the left. Me fishing, and a little view of the malecón. On the right. Me on the beach, on a wave runner and on a boat ride.

On the left. Me fishing, and a little view of the malecón.
On the right. Me on the beach, on a wave runner and on a boat ride.


If your visit is on Spring Break or Summer you can go to the Local Fair, where you’ll find games and attractions for all ages, you can buy clothes , toys, crafts and more. You can also play “futbolitos” with the locals (table soccer), they’re very competitive but mostly friendly and is all fun with them! If you want a snack, you can buy churros or a “marquesita” a kind of crepe but instead of folded, its rolled, and crunchy (sounds weird but I promise, It’s delicious).


And talking about food..

Come on! This is Mexico!! Mexican gastronomy is a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage, and you may think Yucatan and Progreso are just a hidden corner, but the food.. OOHH!! THE FOOD!!

As we’re talking about a beach town, you’ll find a lot of seafood restaurants, this are some of the most popular dishes:

  • Pescado Frito (fried fish)
  • Ceviche (It can be fish, snail, shrimp squid and any variety of ceviche)
  • Coctel de Camaron (shrimp cocktail)
  • Tacos de Pesacado (fish tacos)
  • Pan de Cazon (Cazon bread, the cazon is a fish and the bread, well is not bread, it’s torilla)
  • Camarones al Coco (coconut shrimp)


But if you want to taste some typical Yucatan gastronomy you can go all the way back to the beginning of the malecon, next to the grand Pier, you’ll find this big restaurant called Eladio’s and there you can find amazing dishes like Cochinita Pibil, Papadzules, Relleno Negro, Queso Relleno, Chile Relleno, Brazo de Reina, and more.. the most exciting thing about this restaurant is the fact that you only have to order a beer or a drink and they’ll give all of this foods FOR FREE!! little portions of course, and then you can ask for the main dish (or you can just keep ordering drinks and the food will keep coming free.. It’s true I swear!)




So what are you waiting for?? Are you ready to take your suitcases and go for an adventure? Puerto Progreso is waiting for you!!

For more info about Progreso and other interesting places in Mexico, keep reading my blog and you can also visit this page:

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