Perth? Where is that and why should I go?


How do you decide where to go? 

“Travel” The word itself leads to a lot of thoughts. Where should I go? What is there to see? How do I prepare myself? And the list goes on and on. You are looking for the most amazing place in the world, your next destination, either as your amazing holiday or part of your big adventure as a traveller. You spend hours searching on Google, looking on Facebook, asking your nearest friends and even end up spending all your money buying all the new travel magazines. Still you might not know where to go. And no one will blame you, because the world is big and full of must see places!

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The west coast is first of all the biggest state in Australia with of cause a lot of dessert and outback, but it is the part of Australia which hides some of the most beautiful and incredible places, where Perth of cause is the biggest city on the west coast, but also the fourth biggest city in all Australia with more than 80 suburbs. Where it’s all about unbelievable nature with big and small town atmosphere and a never ending to do list, where people are down to earth and loves having a good time! The west coast has something for everyone, whether you love spending the day on an amazing beach and enjoying good drinks on great bars and nightclubs on a night out or whether you love being active doing biking, kayaking, hiking or just sightseeing with unbelievable nature, is Perth definitely the place for your next destination, with a “must do” list of 15 of the most famous things to do and see in Perth itself, but the list can still keep going!


view over Perth from Kings Park

Must do in Perth: 

  1. Take a weekend trip to Rottnest Island and discover the most amazing beaches with great snorkeling and do a bike trip all around the island and see if you can find the happiest animal on earth, the quokkas!
  2. Perth’s great cafes with amazing coffee and cakes, and the rooftop and river bars.
  3. A fun and funky Night out in Northbridge.
  4. The best beaches in Australia, Cottesloe beach, Scarborough beach, city beach and more.
  5. Watching the sunset on one of the pretty beaches.
  6. Surf on Scarborough beach.
  7. Discover the old town atmosphere in Fremantle.
  8. See if you can spot one of the wild dolphins in Mandurah or enjoy a boat cruise through the beautiful river harbor out to the big ocean.
  9. Take a day trip to Penguin Island, and do some kayaking around the island while hiking and see if you can find the penguins.
  10. Have a lovely picnic in Kings Park with the most stunning view over Perth city and do some walking in the beautiful gardens.
  11. Feed Kangaroos and Koalas in Whiteman Park.
  12. Take a cruise on Perth Swan River close to sunset.
  13. Do a fun day trip to the pinnacles.
  14. Have an Aussie traditional Barbecue with beers and sausages on the beach.
  15. And of cause do a lot of shopping in some of the many shops and shopping centres in and around Perth Centrum.

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Perth is an amazing get away destination where you can visit in so many ways and still be satisfied. You could go on your first big travel adventure as a backpacker living in the crazy and fun hostels, having the time of your lige travelling with other traveller, working or just discovering the beautiful west Australia, or as an Au-pair seeing the Australian culture close up and live with an amazing family who you become a part off and have a good time to make close friends, or just on a great holiday having fun and doing lots of different sightseeing. Therefore is Perth a place that must not be forgotten and definitely is worth a visit!

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What to remember before you go:

When you finally decided you want to go on a plane and discover the amazing west Australia, is there just some small things to have in mind before you go. First of all to get into the country you need to have a visa, which means you need to search for a visa before you go depending on how long you want to stay in Australia for and what reason. All the details about visas can you get on the Australian government side; or just click in the visas icon above.

Another thing to have in mind if you need to drive in Australia is that you need to have an international driving license depending on what country you are from. Normally you can get them from your own government where it is cheap and it only takes a few days. Beside that is it easy and just small things as sun cream because the sun and heat in Western Australia is very strong. But most important  just you happy and excited self!


one of the beaches on Rottnes Island  enjoy the great weather on rottnest island Rottnest island




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