Paradise in NZ

The One and Only, New Zealand:

  • New Zealand’s first capital, Russell.
  • Ride the ‘Great Dunes’
  • Visit Cape Reinga AND do the hike
  • Camp
  • Surf
  • Snorkel with LARGE Snapper.



With a population of only 4.2 million, its easy to get yourself off the grid in the youngest country in the world. New Zealand has plenty on offer, but the Far North really show cases the beauty that can be found in this country. Deep blue water and white sandy beaches it is simply paradise.

Goat Island snorkelling:

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With our kit on; snorkel, fins and wetsuit we jumped in. The water was surprisingly warm and beautifully crystal clear. As soon as we swam out about 20m we came across the most magnificent sight of HUGE Snapper, Kina and seaweed. After about an hour of snorkelling and exploring the reefs and fish we set off on our next stop Pakiri beach. Pakiri beach is an isolated beach located just up the road from Goat Island, it’s off the grid with not many people around. We got out of the car, threw round a frisbee, went for a swim and just simply enjoyed the sun and salty air.

Snapper Snorkel, Goat Island.

Russell exploring:

Once we were finished up in Pakiri beach, we headed to Russell. Luckily I have family living there and they let us shower and sleep for a night. Russell was the first capital in New Zealand and has become a nice small touristy town with quaint shops and plenty of sights to see. Catching the ferry across to Russell is the easiest and best option.

Surfing Elliot's Bay, Russell

To the Cape!

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We made it to Te Paki sand dunes and were blown away by the views and the HUGE dunes we were about to conquer. A steep hike and a few short breaths later we made it to the top. We carried a surfboard up with us and slid back down the dune on the board. What a great adventure! After a few runs up and down we set off on a little stroll across the top of the dunes. They seem to just go forever and ever. It felt like we were in a mini Sahara Desert, really random in New Zealand!

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Great Dunes
Shredding the dunes!!

With another quick slide down, we continued on to the Cape. We arrived at dusk walked to the light house took our photo and enjoyed the sunset. Once the sun went down the rain started and tonight we would be camping… We drove to the camp site, took out our gear and set up our tents, at this stage only drizzle. As soon as we were washed and ready for bed, sleeping on the hard cold ground, the rain really set in. I think I got about 4 hours sleep that night because I was certain our tent was going to crumble under the heavy rain. Luckily in the morning everything was still intact, although very wet BUT the sun was shining. We drove back up to the Cape and went on an hour long hike down to a hidden beach. We saw no one for the 3 hours it took us to walk down, hang out and walk back up the track. It was a wicked beach with rugged surf and bright blue water that I certainly recommend every one who visits Cape Reinga walk down to this off the beaten track beach and experience serious isolation.

Surfing Ahipara:

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Kayaks in hand we headed down to the harbour jumped in our rigs and set off for a paddle around the bay and a quick fish by the mussel farms.  The sun shining, the blue water beneath us and fishing rods in hands, I’m not sure how New Zealand can get any better.

We are lucky to truly live in paradise.

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