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dense forest, part of forest research institute next to granny's place

dense forest, part of forest research institute next to granny’s place

The weekend was approaching and it was a golden opportunity for me to escape to anywhere away from my dwelling place i.e. New Delhi, India. The place we chose is located in Dehradun (Doon) named Sahastradhara. My mum, brother and i booked a taxi and packed our bags by friday night eagerly waiting for saturday morning.


The next day we woke up at 5am and left at 7:30am from my residence. Doon is the capital of Uttarakhand which falls under the northern region of country. The distance between my residing place and my destination is approximately 250km and takes 6 hours to cover. We preferred NH 24 route for the same and got stuck near Ghaziabad , reached Meerut in few hours and stopped at a restraunt  called Cheetal Grand near Muzzafarnagar. You will find endless hotels, restraunts and dhabas (tiny local eateries) on the highway but you must visit the ones situated near Muzzafarnagar as they are well rated. After gulping delicious food we resumed our journey passing by cities like Roorkee and Chutmalpur on our way. Finally, we completed our journey and went to my maternal grandparents home at Ballupur in the city.

On reaching Doon

Ballupur residential area is just next to Forest Research Institute. The dense forest over there keeps the climate delightful. Three hours were enough for eating and relaxing, we then moved to the terrace around 5ish to watch the sunset. It was captivating to watch sun descending in between the beautiful hills of mussorie on one side and staring at that wild forest consisting of neverending lofty dark green trees on the other. The cool breeze, a sip of masala chai(flavoured tea) and biting pakoras (indian fried snack) further glorified me internally.


Sahastradhara is located in the outskirts. It is approx 15km away from the main city. It took us almost 45 minutes to reach there. If you don’t own any vehicle then you may visit the place by three wheeler and city bus. The route includes the mix of plain and twisted hilly roads. You will get to experience the best of both worlds and witness spectacular sights that you won’t be able to keep your hands off your camera. The moment i stepped out of the car i literally sighed with a feeling that now i can comfortably wander without any time restraint. There was this ropeway activity which we decided to keep it for the end. We started strolling and headed towards the heart and soul of the place i.e. the spring.

Sahashtradhara trip

Sightseeing spots on the way to Sahashtradhara

Sahashtradhara means ‘THOUSAND FOLD SPRING‘. The water here is stupendously magical known for it’s medicinal properties and curing skin problems. This automatically influenced me to try nature’s healing therapy so i jumped into the water to rejuvenate myself. Sitting on a rock with half legs submerged in water and continuously gazing up in the sky is one of the best feelings a person could experience there.




  • One must visit this place with their family especially children as they get really excited by seeing such spots.
  • People must be careful while visiting it during the rainy season as the water flow and density increases at times resulting into a mishap.
  • The starting point of water is a bit filthy. It gets cleaner and better with distance so walk for few metres and then get into the water.
  • If you aren’t carrying any extra clothes or are in dire need of garments then there are small shops offering the same that would suffice your needs.
  • You may carry a flying disc or a ping pong ball for playing. This may add up to the entertainment and enjoyment quotient making your trip much more interesting
  • There is an otpion of amusement water park named joyland for all these people out there who are very conscious and particular about cleanliness, safety and other similar things.
  • There are numerous restraunts and dhabas(local tiny eateries) lined up along the water body for snacking up. Try them once.

Then came the point i started starving and unfortunately i had to step out and select a worthful place out of so many options to eat. I ordered maggi from a roadside stall and then a cup of coffee. I had an interaction with the localites. They were really humble, innocent and helpful indeed. A localite can enlighten you with immense information than a book can. Accidentally i too belong to that state so it wasn’t a problem in communicating with them . The ropeway ride was still left. It was about to get shut in sometime. We handed over Rs 900 for everyone’s ticket without giving a second thought to it.

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Cable Car Experience

one of the snaps being clicked from the platform above

one of the snaps being clicked from the platform above

Initially the ride wasn’t that exciting but after reaching a certain height the view that we were getting to see was really fascinating. The trolley dropped us to this place consisting of restraunts, adventure games and a temple. There was this open area type platform from you can click snaps, enjoy and feel the ecstatic beauty of nature. It looked as if someone had painted that scenery.The place was about to get closed for the day so we just ordered a cup of tea and went down through the ropeway, walked for few minutes and kept clicking unlimited pictures.

A glimpse of Sahashtradhara from the top

A glimpse of Sahashtradhara from the top

The time had arrived to bid goodbye to such an amazing place, we returned back to granny’s place. The next morning we woke up at 4am in the morning boarded the bus to get back to the same busy life. The bus journey was all about rewinding those precious moments, discussing and checking snaps of that wonderful unforgettable site.

The saying is true ‘Wherever you go,go with all your heart’

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