Norway: Cold hearted scandinavians?


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Are the scandinavian people really cold hearted? Are they hard working? How the Preikestolen looks like? And how’s Stavanger night life?

From Sola Airport to Stavanger city it’s about fifteen minutes drive by car. I was lucky enough this time that I didn’t have to take bus or taxi. But no worry, you can take the airport bus to city every fifteen minutes.

Brown sings?

It’s very easy to follow brown sings leads to every important sights or “must see”. I left my bags at my friends apartment and went away to have panic attact at every roundabout as the right women. What does it means? You have to blink to right even if you obviously going left, but it has to be, because you want to get out from roundabout by right exit? How the other people knows which one I mean? And why they are not the same rules when you are passing next one?

Swords in rock

First I went to see Sverd i fjell (Swords in rock). The swords are about ten meters tall. And even there you can enjoy breath taking view and beauty of the norwegian nature. And it’s still nothing compare views outside the city! Feed the swans, see the broken chain not far away and take the road to heart of city Stavanger.

Mansion and Royal residence Ledaal, which I could see inside, because of some wedding. Good luck to them!
It was little bit cold, so I went to Norwegian Petroleum museum, where you can explore how gas and oil are created. You can enjoy even if you are not child anymore. You can choose norwegian, english, german or polish guide and don’t forget to take the card and play the game how much did you learn! You can scan your answers to the questions in the room and see how much you know. And if you got all of them right.. well.. you can see by yourself!
Next interesting part might be to try emergency tunel, dress the suits you have to wear if you want to go offshore or try the underwater divers work. Try to hear your friend like you are many meters under water!

Stavanger oil museum


See the color street where every building has a different colour.

And now to the very heart of the city. Stavanger cathedral. It’s the Norways oldest cathedraland it’s situated just in the middle of square, where the best norwegian night life starts and where the ice melt.

Stavanger catherdral

Norwegians are great company and everyone, even the smallest baby or old lady in the supermarket, speak very good english.
And their hearts are everyting, but deffinetely not cold! They are gold! I met lots of people, but everyone was willing to help you with everything you ask. They can show you their nice city, invite you for a drink or home party.



Night life?

Night clubs usually open around 11 pm and I am still confused about them. Somewhere they let you in in the age of 18, somewhere 21 and you can even find the places above 30. They are even selected by the kinds of alcohol they are selling. I do not think it’s neccessary to learn their law. You can just take a drink and have some fun!
But you can be sure that it’s very very expensive. Maybe it’s the reason why all norwegians I met have home bars completelly full of bottles of alcohol any kind.
And the best thing? You can never experience totaly drunk guy hitting on you, because security never let them in or take them out immediately.


After you wake up do not forget to have brown cheese for breakfast and you can go exploring outside the city!
Infinitely, most beautiful, views in the end of the world, amazing cold beaches, waterfalls you look at with great respect, lots of sheeps, caws and famous Preikestolen.

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Spectacular nature!

I have read on the internet that it’s two hours long way to Preikestolen from Stavanger. I guess someone forgot to mention that it’s two hours long way to even get under the mountain. But it’s worth it. Your trip starts at ferry. I recomend you to come really early, because they are long cubes.
Maybe it was, because I was to lazy to wake up earlier, but I deffinitely think that going there in the middle of season it’s not worth the way, because you might find yourself in one big lane coming up the mountain.
I was lucky enough that just few other people went with us so I could enjoy the views to the fullest.
The way up it’s sometimes really tough, but everyone can make it. I went there just after I cured torn ligaments and it was just fine, if I am not couting the little moments of pain when I was jumping down the rock, because… Well.. Just clever me.
Sometimes it might be very cloudy on the top of the fjord, but it worth to wait a while for the view.
When I visited Norway for the first time it was in June and I don’t even know what I was thinking while packing. Summer dressed, leggins and just small jacket? Norwegians told me that it’s summer there! And even with propes clothes hot chocolate was great idea and then me and my purple lip could go back down.




Refsnes beach. I dare you to swim there! It’s so windy! But you really feel like in the end of the world, where all your problems dissapear. Hear the seagulls, write you name on the sand, touch the water. The weather it’s the same in June or October. Wind and cold. But everyone’s saying that in 1997 you could swim there, because it was proper summer!




Waterfall Manafossen is about fourty minutes driving from Stavanger. Sometimes the road might be closed, but they put the sign down, so you do not have to go up to see it. Clever Norwegians.
Town I live in is Prague and it’s know as city of thousand spires. And I am sure that Norway is the country of thousand waterfalls.
Manafossen is just a short walk. And it’s the higest waterfall in the Rogaland and even most beautiful.
Water is falling down from 90 meters and the sound in the nature is just amazing.




After you come back it’s just time for next thing Stavanger people like and it’s their hockey. I am not sure if it’s the best hockey ever, but what I am 100% sure is that they have the most amazing fans. They are all one big family and they are happy if you become one of them even for one night.
But trust me, after the experience it’s never just one night. And their hockey anthem I can hear in my head till today.


And now it’s time to hit the road back home. See you next time!



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