Zip Top Containers Stand Up, Stay Open & Zip Shut

Planning to pack up for your next holiday adventure? This may just be your chance to save yourself.


With experiential travel on the rise and every bit of the planet getting scoured for that ‘ hidden gem-of-a-place’ or ‘another-off-beat destination’; do we even realise that we are unknowingly littering these otherwise pristine places with our favourite brand of disposable garbage?  Why don’t you step back and take a moment to surmise your regular supply of plastic travel kits, zip lock bags and the numerous packaged essentials?  


Plastic waste especially in the food storage industry is not only the result of disposable plastic bags but mostly due to inferior quality plastic packaging or containers that can no longer be used once the lids get damaged or lost. Plastic garbage takes years to break down. Millions of land and marine animals die when plastic lands in their natural habitats.  So now,  here is how you can save yourself; or better still, here is how a tiny step can get you closer to saving the planet. 


Zip Top Containers


Not just your regular ziplock bag, the Zip Top container is portable, safe and endlessly reusable. These ultra-versatile newbies in the market are sure to intrigue and delight the travelling consumer. 


Ideal Storage Solution 


The zip top, when pulled apart, becomes a wide open container that stands tall, stays open and can be easily zipped shut back again. Excess air can be pressed out which makes it quite practical as It fits snugly into tight spaces. The fact that it does not require any lid makes is a game changer for many items while on-the-go and ensures its reusability with brownie points. 


Premium Material 


With no hint of any harmful chemicals, these Zip Top Containers come with a plastic-free guarantee and 100% assurance of pure platinum silicone. The tough yet safe material makes it not just the rising kitchen-superstar but also traveller’s new best friend.  Pop it into the Microwave or place it inside the oven;  the container plays its role perfectly. Even in the deep confines of the Freezer, this container’s thickness prevents ‘freezer burn’ while it adapts to any change of temperature with its ability to flex and expand. Cleaning is a no-brainer as these containers stay open for easy wash access in the dishwasher as well.


Surprise Yourself


It is never a dull day with Zip Top Containers as you discover ingenious ways to make use of it. With 8 different shapes and sizes to fit any need,  its versatility challenges your imagination to get creative. Fill it up, store in it or carry just about anything that you want to in these smart, eco-friendly and trendy containers. 


So hold on to that packing and invest in your tomorrow first. Think of all the animals you may actually save as you set out this time for yet another incredible travel experience. Travel Safe!