World's First Bacteria Killing Robot

This world's first bacteria killer is a smart travel CleanseBot which can be used to kill germs, bacterias, dust mites, or stop the spread of airborne viruses in different areas. This product can be used to kill germs and bacterias in hotel beds, light switches, television remotes, phone screens, and other surfaces with the most germs and bacteria. It is portable to carry and easy to use when traveling, to keep you safe from the hotel environment which is known for a high rate of germs and bacterias. You can also use it in your home, to sanitize toys, cell phones, keyboards, car interiors, tablets, and other messy areas like toilet seats, pillowcases, and the bathroom. This smart robot with artificial intelligence comes with 18 built-in sensors, uses 4 UV-C lamps to flush away 99.99% of germs and bacterias on any surface.

Why You Need This Device

According to a statistics report, most public places like hotels and hospitals environment have a higher amount of germs and bacterias because different people use amenities and facilities in these places. A lot of people have been known to fall sick after traveling or visiting the hospital. The only way to avoid contracting germs and bacteria when you use such places is by using this smart portable travel CleanseBot.

 It can easily fit into any backpack or suitcase, just the size of a cell phone, very light to carry about. 

It keeps your bed safe, helps you not to worry about germs, mold, bacteria or dust mite when you sleep.

It keeps you safe from contacting germs and bacteria or falling sick when you travel.

It helps you keep your home tidy and keeps your family safe from germs and bacteria.

It comes with an extra power bank and a portable charger that allows easy charging.

How the CleanseBot Works

This cleansing device can be used in different modes, which allows easy usage and effectiveness. These are the different stages of using the device;

Under Blanket Mode

When using CleanseBot on a bed, remove the cover and place the device underneath the blanket of your bed, press the power button once if you want it to run for 30 minutes or twice if you want it to run for 60 minutes. The CleanseBot will cleanse, sanitize and disinfect both sides of your sheet and blanket at the same time. To cleanse the top of the blanket, put the device on top of the comforter and turn it on to continue sanitizing, it can climb over lumps and bumps on the blanket or mattress.

Handheld Mode

There is a beltlike attachment to the upper surface of the CleanseBot, slide your fingers through it to have a firm grip of the device and clean with ease. Move it slowly on any surfaces needed that needs cleansing, it will only use the bottom UC-V lights so your eyes will be protected from mess and chemicals.

Power Bank Mode

CleanseBot is integrated with Li-ion cells and a power management system that allows a handy portable charger with a 3700 mAh battery to easily charge any device connected to it. You can plug any device you need to cleanse and go about doing other things, its battery power is twice that of a normal battery.

The smart travel CleanseBot is multi-purpose, can be used when you travel, in your home, office and other public places to get rid of germs and bacterias. It is the only travel-friendly compact smart robot that uses UC-C light, the future of cleanliness, health, and protection for you and your family while traveling anywhere in the world.