<p>As an avid and frequent camper, I am so excited about the VSSL Camp Supplies – the world's most versatile compact camping tool – for about a hundred different reasons. Probably my favourite place in the world to be is out of doors, under the stars, exploring nature under vast African skies, where life is simple and the clutter and 'stuff' of life are eradicated. One of the essentials to remember when living out of a tent is that there is no room for excess amounts of 'stuff'. You take only what you need and enjoy the benefits of the simple life, which is why I fell in love with the VSSL Camp Supplies at first sight. All of your camping essentials – over 70 items – in one small, versatile kit. I swear I am salivating!</p>
<h4>Indestructible, waterproof flashlight case</h4>
<p>The kit itself is contained in a case which doubles as a flashlight, made from indestructible, lightweight, waterproof military grade aluminium and comes with a lifetime guarantee. If that isn't enough to get you excited then I don't know what will. You can chuck that thing in the lake and it won't break. Sit it down in the snow, leave it out in the rain… no worries. I have made countless nighttime mad dashes to the outdoor latrine from my tent, rushing through the rain. The VSSL flashlight can handle it and so can I.</p>
<h4>Small, lightweight and organised</h4>
<p>One of the most important things about preparing for a camping trip is to organise how you will take the essentials without using much space. Each item is carefully considered. Will it take up too much space in the bag? Is it too heavy? Do I really need it? With the VSSL you never need worry about those things again. All of your essentials are packed and ready to go inside the flashlight case. It's too easy. It makes me shed tears of joy.</p>
<h4>Food, fire and purified water</h4>
<p>Want to go fishing? The VSSL includes a fishing kit, including hand-line, hooks and bait. After catching your delicious fish, use the waterproof fire starters and matches to get your fire going. Need kindling? Both the extremely sharp razor and the wire saw (used in military packs around the world) will help you cut firewood and kindling. Thirsty? The water purification kit allows you to collect water from the stream and purify it. There are all your meals taken care of!</p>
<h4>Ropes and razors</h4>
<p>I have often found myself hanging wet clothes on tree branches or the side of the tent to dry… not ideal, but the VSSL comes with 25ft of marine grade rope which you can use to hang a dry line anywhere. My children often live the outdoor life with me and regularly go swimming or run delightedly around in the rain. Trust me when I say that I get excited hearing that a dry line is included in the pack!</p>
<h4>Number one camping item</h4>
<p>My number one, top, essential camping item which I absolutely refuse to leave home without is multi-purpose tape. You can fix pretty much anything with good, durable tape. From broken tent poles to wounds, multi-purpose tape is always the go-to item and I always double check that I have it when we go camping. The VSSL Camp Supplies doesn't let me down on that item either.</p>
<h4>Be prepared</h4>
<p>Apart from all that, the VSSL Camp Supplies includes over 70 essential items, from a can opener to a mini first aid kit, gear ties and bamboo cloth just to name a few. You will be prepared for anything!</p>