Vessi: The 100% Waterproof, Extremely Breathable Knit Shoe

<p>Everybody loves to travel and collect new experiences. And everybody likes to be 100% comfortable while doing so. Traveling light and having the right gear with you is the key to stress-free travel. Being a traveler myself, I find nothing more satisfying than having a compact backpack with all my essentials. Essentials which will keep me covered for all types of unpredictable weather. There is nothing more annoying than going to an amazing destination, but not being prepared to enjoy the amazing atmosphere. This was when I realized the importance of having a great pair of shoes. Shoes which are comfortable, snug and weatherproof.&nbsp;</p>
<h4>Why Vessi?</h4>
<p>Have you ever wandered off on the path less taken, landed upon a beautiful scenery where you have to cross a tiny stream to get to the other side? And when you do, you end up with wet socks? Well, with Vessi shoes, you can say goodbye to wet socks forever! These shoes look as good as sneakers but have all the positive qualities of all other shoes rolled into one. Think – your most comfortable and warm pair of socks, your trusted winter shoes, and gumboots. With your Vessi shoes, you can now be prepared for all types of weather, wherever you go!&nbsp;</p>
<h4>Choose from a variety of colors!</h4>
<p>Available in three awesome colors (all black, carbon blue and dusty rose), your Vessi shoes are made for rough and tough use, while keeping your comfort at the highest priority.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Firstly, they are a 100% waterproof. By this, we mean that the entire shoe is water resistant and not just the topmost layer of the shoe. The shoe is made with a patented material which is waterproof. But even while being waterproof, it gives your feet the freedom to breathe. Perfect for the monsoons and winters, the Vessi shoe has your back at all times of the year, no matter where you are.</p>
<h4>Easy to clean</h4>
<p>The Vessi shoe was created by keeping the fast-paced, low maintenance lifestyle in mind. If your shoes get muddy and mucky, fret not! Just give them a quick rinse with water and you're good to go! Heading over to the beach and don't have your flip-flops? These knit shoes will make sure that no sand enters them, giving you sand free feet and zero discomfort.</p>
<h4>You can even go sockless!</h4>
<p>If you are in a hurry and forget to wear your socks, that is completely fine with these easy-going pair of shoes. As comfortable as wearing a sock, these shoes won't give you smelly feet thanks to the built-in antimicrobial soles which make sure sweaty feet are the least of your problems.</p>
<p>And here's the best part – these shoes are what can be described as compassionate fashion. A 100% vegan-friendly, the Vessi shoes give compassion and sustainability a whole new outlook. Now you can wear your vegan pride and compassion on your feet while making sure your feet are happy, comfortable and well prepared to take on the world.</p>
<p>This shoe is truly a shoe of the future. Made to resist and take on all types of weather, it molds according to your feet and gives them the best comfort that they deserve, on the move, while you continue to live on all your adventures. It is truly an explorer's best friend.</p>