VASCO Premium Versatility Travel Organizers


As an avid traveller, I often find myself in a quandary when asked this familiar question,  “what is more annoying for you: packing your bags while preparing for a trip or unpacking your bags after you are back?”  I then find myself involved in intermittent sessions of quick research for all things and products related to 'packing'. 


So, it was during one such surfing bout that I stumbled upon a challenge that provoked me to investigate further; “what if there was an option available that is intended to make the ritual of packing and unpacking more convenient and fun?”


The Vasco Kit


The think tank behind Vasco’s First Premium Set of Travel Organisers have certainly deliberated over each and every aspect a traveller is faced with. Not only do they anticipate all possible situations that prelude or conclude a trip but also cover any unforeseen circumstance that may arise in between. This kit of awesomeness is ingeniously designed in keeping with the specific individual needs of a man and a woman traveller.


Get your Travel Organised


What stood out for me with this Travel Organizer Kit was the fact that it anticipates and prompts you into packing what you really need. Your essentials are identifiable in one single glance and easy to sort out. 


The thoughtfully made Packing cubes ensure that the set of 3 varied sizes sort out your bulky wear from the rest. The cubes have the option of a double compression to make your baggage roomier.  And just when you thought that a humble Toiletry Bag could not get any better, this Kit offers one with multiple, easy access open pockets to hold just about every little tub and tube. A rubberised hook allows you to hang the bag at a convenient spot and create your own private shelf just about anywhere. 


The Smart Electronic Bag is an organiser in itself and is designed to hold your phone, tablet and chargers while a handy Laptop Sleeve holds the laptop and other accessories.


A Convenient Shoe Bag and a separate Shoe Pouch takes care of your formal, casual and sporty needs. Added features of extra pockets, handle and air vent shows the clever detailing at play. The Laundry Bag is a saving grace for those awful soiled items that you cannot do without and neither leave behind.


A Chic Travel Wallet holds the needful and wraps around your wrist for extra security while on the go.  Apart from these 9 pieces, the Ladies range of VASCO’s premium organisers feature an additional 2; a Jewellery Bag for those bits and bobs and my personal favourite, the incredibly mindful Inner-wear organiser.


Travel Smart with Vasco

The Vasco Kit is not only your best bet for a Travel Organiser but also your personal packing prompter and Travel enhancer too. What's more, this premium range of cubes and bags are crafted out of top quality branded materials and is guaranteed to motivate just about anyone for a stylish and hassle-free travel experience.