VALUSU | Most Useful Smart Luggage, Backpack & Duffle Bag!

<p>When I first came across <strong>VALUSU</strong> smart bag, my reaction was "Is there anything they didn't think of?"Could you ever imagine that your travel bag will have weight sensors, GPS tracking, a battery pack, wireless charger (!)? All mentioned above is not even half of the smart features of this magic bag.</p>
<h4>Safe and stress-free trips with VALUSU smart luggage, backpack &amp; Duffle bag</h4>
<p>If you are a frequent traveler, you know the importance of a good quality spacious carry-on suitcase. The good news is that in addition to quality and space, with VALUSU SELECT you get 10 smart technological features to make your travel bag priceless. No more worries about a bag being stolen, no more stress for the luggage being overweight and no more uncharged smartphones. Let's look into this in details.</p>
<p>The product consists of carry-on luggage, a comfortable backpack, and a duffle bag.</p>
<p>The SELECT&nbsp; carry-on suitcase is designed to fit in an airplane cabin bag according to required measurements.&nbsp; It is equipped with a power bank placed in a special compartment at the back side of the bag, which contains dual USB output ports, a micro USB input port, and Wireless charging. A special battery module case allows removing the power bank without opening the baggage to comply with airplane safety regulations.&nbsp;</p>
<p>By request, a GPS tracker can be added to your SELECT carry-on luggage, which allows you to focus fully on enjoying your trip with no worries about losing the suitcase. The 3G GPS location tracker is an optional feature since carry-on luggage is usually always with you and it is quite understandable that manufacturers didn't include it in the basic package.</p>
<h4>VALUSU app</h4>
<p>How cool is to manage a suitcase through the app on your mobile phone? Let's look at parameters you can set with it.</p>
<li>set the distance: Valusu app allows to set the desired distance at which notifications will be received in case the bag is out of that range.&nbsp;</li>
<li>weight sensors: girl-travelers understand the problem of fitting everything we need in one carry-on baggage. Usually, after doing that we keep worrying about the weight, often it results in taking some items out of the bag, putting in a handbag, etc. No more hassle. The weight of the bag can be checked right on the phone with one click.</li>
<li>location tracking: the app will illustrate the exact location of your suitcase with real-time updates.&nbsp;</li>
<p>The app works with both Android and iOS platforms and will be available for free download.</p>
<h4>SELECT PRO/GO travel&nbsp; backpack and duffle bag</h4>
<p>For those who enjoy traveling light, Valusu suggests choosing between SELECT PRO/GO travel backpack or a duffle bag. Both of them are technologically driven as well. The backpack will fit all essentials including documents, a laptop, and a camera which can be placed in specially designed pockets to keep your electronics undamaged. If you forget your SELECT carry on luggage anywhere, you still can charge your phone on your backpack. it is also equipped with a USB port.</p>
<p>A duffle bag is perfect for a short trip to pack a pair of shoes and some clothes. A removable shoulder strap allows you to carry the bag in different ways. Anti-theft protection and charging complete the smartest bag in the world.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Wherever you go, VALUSU bags will allow you to travel with style and comfort, forget about stress and focus on your work or holiday fully.&nbsp;</p>