Tropicfeel – The Ultimate Travel Shoe

Who never dreamt of traveling the world with a unique pair of shoes? A pair of shoes that can take you to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, snorkel in the Caribbean sea, wander the streets of Tokyo, trek into the Amazonian rain forest, and dance all night at a Thai Full Moon Party.


A dream made reality

It might sound impossible, but a group of 4 Spanish travelers and entrepreneurs made it, by deploying a tactical platoon of creativity and using the latest 3D Mesh Technology (3D materials that adapt to you, breath and let the water go through while absorbing as little as possible). To ensure the highest standards, they have partnered with Cosmo Fabrics and use their materials and patented treatments like Agion® and Combat™ to provide anti-odor, anti-bacterial and quick-drying treatments in a vegan-friendly and environmentally responsible mode. The Tropicfeel Monsoon Sneakers were born, and after a successful crowdfunding campaign, there are now available on the market.


Designed by travelers for travelers

When traveling, high are the chances you will spend most of your waking hours wandering around, might it be in New York City or the Himalayas, so the number one requirement we all share when choosing a new pair of shoes is that they must be comfortable. The Tropicfeel Monsoon Sneakers’ heel counters, which play the fundamental role of providing the shape and structure to the heel, are foam-free: they have been replaced by an elastic for a better fitting. The removable footbed is perforated EVA. EVA stands for “ethel vinyl acetate” and is a man-made material that is considered to be foam. It provides your feet with a high comfort level of cushioning and drainage, assuring breathability and preventing bad smell, whether you are wearing socks or not. The soles are made of a full non-marking rubber piece, allowing you to walk on wet rocks without the fear of slipping. They are also very easy to put on: thanks to the elastic shoelaces, you can easily slip them on.


A multifunctional pair of shoes

Apart from being extremely comfortable and breathable, form-fitting, anti-odor, and non-slippery, the Tropicfeel Monsoon Sneakers also are also water friendly: the fear of broken glass or of poisonous sea urchin will never stop you from snorkeling again. And if you wish to do a trek through the jungle surrounding the beach shortly after, nothing will stop you: your shoes will be dry in no time and ready to take you on the paths of nature's wonders. In the evening, you might want to treat yourself to a nice restaurant. Once again, you won't feel out of place: the Tropicfeel Monsoon Sneakers also have the voguish advantage to be extremely stylish. They are available in 4 different colors and possess the ultimate detail: the shoelaces matching the elastic counter heel color. And when the party gets started, their light weight will allow you to show the world your dance moves.

Say goodbye to the multiple pairs of shoes jumbled in your backpack and say hello to the Tropicfeel Monsoon Sneakers!