Travel Bag Buddy – Travel Organizer & Secure A Bag

Whether you’re a digital nomad, you travel for business, or you travel for leisure, the boring parts like lugging your bags around the airport are likely to be the same. It doesn’t matter whether you’re heading to a board meeting in London, a festival in Croatia or a beach break in Bali, the getting-there part always threatens to be a massive hassle. Queues may be long and airport meals may not really cut it, but luckily the Travel Bag Buddy can help out with some major irritations during your tedious airport hours. How you ask? Well…


It Makes Carrying Your Luggage So Much Easier


Let’s say you’re heading on a weekend away. You don’t need a lot, right? A wheeling hand luggage bag, and then, of course, your handbag or rucksacks for those essential in-flight extras and those possessions you simply can’t be further than an arm’s length away from. It doesn’t sound like too much really, but let’s remember you’re likely spending hours in the airport. There’s frappuccinos to be fetched and duty-free shops to scour for a bargain; hauling luggage around is always a pain.


Enter, the Travel Bag Buddy. This small device simply and easily attaches your smaller, secondary bag to your rolling luggage. It holds your two pieces together with a strap of strong elastic, eliminating any need for annoying luggage cords. What’s more, you can also attach your coat or jacket to your luggage with no problem at all. No need for those constant back-glances at your rolling bag to check your precariously balanced possessions are all in order: The Travel Bag Buddy is taking good care of them, leaving you with a free hand for making phone-calls and sipping those vital airport coffees.


You’ll Never Forget Your Essentials


The second useful element of the Travel Bag Buddy is one that hits particularly close to home. For me, a pretty disorganized traveler, the phrase “Wait, did I leave my passport at home?!” tends to cross my mind once every five minutes while waiting for my flight. It’s the same story with my train tickets while waiting at the station and even my purse while waiting for my bus. This panic-inducing thought is guaranteed to leave me rifling through my luggage, throwing possessions around in apparent mayhem until I finally get my hands on my would-be-forgotten item.


You Can Easily Access Your Documents for Check-In


The beauty of the Travel Bag Buddy is that everything you need can be right at your fingertips within a few seconds. The handy RFID organizer element of the Travel Buddy Bag attaches neatly to your secondary bag and can be easily removed then reattached when you go through airport security. With this organizer at the top of your luggage, you are guaranteed to know where your tickets/passport/foreign currency/Identity cards are at all times and your travel anxiety is sure to be completely minimized.


Security and comfort while traveling are always my main priorities. How can I get excited for my holiday or properly prepared for a business trip while constantly flapping over where I put my documents, or feeling pain in both of my arms from carrying too many heavy bags? The Travel Bag Buddy gives you fewer things to worry about and helps your travel experience go smoothly. All is left is for you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the trip.