The World's Most Stylish Heated Vest With Wellon Fill – Pave

<p>Low temperatures problems? Do not panic. Every traveller in some moment had problems with low temperatures. Prepared or not prepared, used or not used to travel, in cold days and nights, it is always a great idea to have the best clothes that you can afford.</p>
<p>This new brand that I will talk about, PAVE, thought about these complicated moments, a vest where you will have the possibility to stay warm, relaxed with temperature drop and still stylish using it. Let me explain more about this new heat padded vest.</p>
<h4>What is PAVE?</h4>
<p>You will definitely need PAVE in your closet, it will maintain you warm and stylish. It was developed by fashion designers, they created a vest thinking in style first and after they mixed with technology. It is a slim and lightweight design different from another normal jacket in the market. They offer beautiful and modern colours like ivory, beige, cool and dark grey, black and pink, and with these colours you can do your own clothing mix.</p>
<h4>PAVE's technology.</h4>
<p>Now let us see more about their technology, it is a vest that you can wash normally in water even with heat lines. It is easy to charge with USB and this single charge will last 6 hours (incredible), so you can use it, continuing, for 6 hours without any problem and control it just with a touch, there is a button in every vest where you can adjust 3 different temperatures.</p>
<p>One important point to mention too is that you can take it anywhere because it is compact so it is easy to carry with you. This point is excellent for travellers, we always need more space and travel in winter, with so many clothes in our baggage is difficult and exhausting, our space is limited and we need something smart as this vest.</p>
<p>Continuing talking about the technology used to develop this vest, it is important to talk about the temperature that it can reach. With their double heat lines method, PAVE include lines through the pockets, back and neck area and this assure temperatures, in just 45 seconds, of 50 degrees. It is really amazing their power. It is equipped with a carbon heat plate and heat-insulating negative-ion carbon coating and these two details are responsible to maintain and generate warm in all conditions.</p>
<p>They are animal cruelty-free because they use wellon (an artificial material) for manufacturing all their vests and they do not use goose down filling. This material can retain 97% as the goose down filling but it is more affordable, more fitting and lighter. So, it is safe too for people who have animals hair allergy.</p>
<h4>A must-have vest.</h4>
<p>An amazing vest, waterproof, compact and you can put it in your luggage with no problems, with a perfect mix of technology and style, where you can use every season of the year because you can control the temperature that you want inside. It is easy to wash, take with you anywhere and you can choose a beautiful colour that fits in your own style, as I said it is really a must-have and every traveller dream.</p>