The World's Best TRAVEL PANTS With 15 Features – BauBax

<p style="caret-color: #000000; text-size-adjust: auto;">If you're looking for&nbsp;<strong>comfort</strong>,&nbsp;<strong>practicality&nbsp;</strong>and some&nbsp;<strong>fashionable&nbsp;</strong>travel pants, we've got you covered! From the authors of the best travel jackets, here is now what all adventurers were looking, and asking for. After taking the project to different countries in the search for the best fabric materials, we finally found the secret ingredients. Here are some of its best features and the reasons why you should get yours now!</p>
<h4 style="caret-color: #000000; text-size-adjust: auto;">The Perfect Fit For Every Trip</h4>
<p style="caret-color: #000000; text-size-adjust: auto;">For those who love to adventure, these pants will bring you cosiness and all the protection you'll need, all year round. Available in neutral colours for you to mix and match, they'll keep you warm on winter and fresh during summer &ndash;thanks to the Bamboo Viscose and the Merino Wool&ndash;, keep in it cool and fancy all day long. Feel free to exercise, go running and/or hiking, you'll be surprised how well they adapt to your body and all kinds of activity. They're water, stain and smell resistance (for up to 3 days). Best part, they're machine washable and dry as fast as you can say "I love travelling".</p>
<h4 style="caret-color: #000000; text-size-adjust: auto;">Stylish travel gear</h4>
<p style="caret-color: #000000; text-size-adjust: auto;">For women and men, there are 4 different styles &ndash;from chinos to leggings&ndash; that will give you not only an awesome look but protect your skin from UVA radiation. Can your jeans do the same? Of course not! But these pants will, and with less weight. The materials used were chosen particularly in this design, to prevent bacterial growth, and avoid all those concerns travellers usually deal with. That's the reason we took off to the bamboo farms of Sichuan province in China, the Merino Sheep Farms in New South Wales, Australia, and finish off in South Korea, where we created the fabric capable of doing all these wonderful things.</p>
<h4 style="caret-color: #000000; text-size-adjust: auto;">From Traveler To Traveler</h4>
<p style="caret-color: #000000; text-size-adjust: auto;">We understand the needs while moving, like being afraid of losing the passport, bills and coins, or don't want to carry a huge bag all the time to keep everything in a safe place. For that reason, we added up 5 functional pockets. With 3 zippers included, stop worrying about your phone or papers falling on the street without you noticing. You could just relax and enjoy the journey, just how it's supposed to be! Knowing that all your belongings are safe and approachable every time you need them.</p>
<p style="caret-color: #000000; text-size-adjust: auto;">It wasn't an easy task, but we're glad to tell you, we did it! After asking the community "What would you have in your travel pants?" The ideas and excitement emerged in order to give you the best gear for every expedition. And even if you're not travelling to a different place, but your work requires a lot of movement through the city, you'll find them really helpful and probably more comfortable than your daily pants. That's how convinced we are of the greatness of our products. Think about it! They're the perfect gift for everyone that loves being outdoors exploring, and having lovely lifetime experiences while seeing the world.&nbsp;</p>