The White Cloud. Our Smallest Tenkara Rod

When less is more, size really does matter. Our newest creation, the White Cloud rod, is a prime example. Let’s show you how. At 8 ft long, our shortest White Cloud Tenkara Rod Co. lineup has been specially designed for small rivers and tight streams so you can get fish from unimaginable spots and have fun at the same time. Can you believe it? 

Simple, manageable and practical

This makes our new Tenkara rod a great creative present for kids. They will stay focused and interested, far away from phones and technology. You will share awesome moments doing something together and having fun in nature. Since the White Cloud doesn’t have a reel, kids won’t have to worry about the line and they will find the process of casting perfectly enjoyable. Tenkara is so simple and light that it will help them feel the loaded line and get better results. What a great way to introduce your love of fishing to your kids. Don’t be surprised if they end up getting more fish than you!


Learn how to become a better fisher!

If you love fishing, you know how frustrating it can be not to catch what you deserve. The White Cloud ensures the highest sensitivity to the loaded line. Even when fish may fight against the hook, the rod structure makes easier to react in the right way at the right time. You – or your kids and friends – will be able to create incredible fishing memories. 

Our newest addition to Tenkara Rod Co. is a wonderful tool for teaching and learning how to fish, especially to young and inexperienced people. Becoming a great fly fisher is now a simpler task thank to this 8 ft long rod.

Upgrade your fishing experience wherever you go

The White Cloud is also perfect for adventure. Its size and functionality make it easy to pack wherever you go. Whether you travel by car or bike, hitchhike or go camping, running or even backpacking… it’s small and light, easy to clean, fun to use. 

Perfect structure, easier to use

Tenkara will definitely change your fishing experience. Made of soft carbon, it allows bending in perfect balance so you can play the fish until you get it. Its action helps to master the mechanics of fishing. Focusing on fly presentation will turn you into a better fly fisher. And the best thing is you can develop your skills while having fun, believe it or not. 

How many times have you seen fish out of your reach but can’t get there with a bigger rod? Tenkara has now developed the precise magic stick that will make all your fishing dreams come true.

Anybody can make something complicated, but real creativity consists of taking complexity and making it simple. Level up your fishing experience by using the White Cloud Tenkara Rod lineup. Keep it simple. Take it with you wherever you go. You will reach tighter spaces and smaller waters like never did before. Fish will not be able to hide from you anymore. 

Easy, small, creative. When less is more, size does matter.